Tuesday, February 25, 2014

HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episode 8-9 (2/4)

Emotions run high on this week's episodes of Emergency Couple. I wonder if this week's story line is the turning point for the drama where everything begins to get better. Beware, Emergency Couple viewers, as more secrets from our main characters are revealed.

Episode nine is the first episode of Emergency Couple where I cried. Honestly, I expect to cry when watching a medical drama, but so far, there wasn't a patient in the drama that made me feel overly emotional. From my past two reviews, I was really fond of Kim Gook or baby Gook as I call him. When baby Gook contracted meningitis and had to undergo a lumbar puncture, I felt all the pain that Oh Jin Ae (Jun Soo Jin) was feeling as a mother. Whenever baby Gook screamed due to the spinal needle being inserted into his back, I felt my heart drop. The whole scene was difficult for me to watch.

My image of Jin Ae improved drastically since I see her as a woman in love with her husband and baby. She confessed to working three part-time jobs to earn money. While I am more sympathetic to Jin Ae, I still believe her methods were cowardly. She should have came home to explain her situation or at least write a letter to her family if she cannot show up in person rather than having her husband and son show up at the Oh family home unannounced as strangers.

Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) had a lot of tearful scenes this week as he struggles with his feelings for his ex-wife, Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo). Amazingly, Jin Hee also admitted to Chang Min that she likes Dr. Gook Chun Soo (Lee Pil Mo), stabbing Chang Min further in the heart.

Two songs were highlighted this week to describe Chang Min's feelings. In the scene where Jin Hee was practicing CPR with Dr. Gook, Chang Min's imagination went wild as he watched Dr. Gook assist Jin Hee, ever so closely. The featured song during this scene is "Trap to the Future Part Three (DJ Mix 5)" by DJ Zebo or "High For This (The Weeknd Cover)" by Ellie Goulding. The song really helped me soak in Chang Min's feelings as he watches the scene. I honestly felt the hotness between Jin Hee and Dr. Gook.

In the scene where Chang Min listens to the CD mix that Kim Kwang Soo (Park Doo Shik) gave him, one of the tracks includes a super sad song, "That Person Is Leaving" by Lee So Ra. Chang Min really let his tears flow during this scene and at this point, I believe he is re-thinking what his divorce really means to him.

During the newlywed's housewarming party, all the interns had an interesting discussion about marriage and divorce. Jin Hee interestingly mentioned that a man needs five wives or should I say, a person who takes on all five roles: actress, maid, cook, counselor, and nurse. I wouldn't say a spouse needs to be all those roles, but I will say a spouse needs to be a form of support when support is needed.

Intern Im Young Kyu (Yoon Jong Hoon) also made an interesting comment. He explains that when a lock, represented by a woman, can be opened with many keys, represented by men, then the lock has lost its purpose, but when a key can open many locks, then the key is considered a master key. Jin Hee counters back by asking Young Kyu what would happen if the key doesn't fit the lock, which is why the lock should try many keys first. I don't have any opinions on this matter as both sides made interesting points in this unfair world.

In more surprising moves, Chang Min's mother, Yoon Sung Sook (Park Joon Geum), decides to formally file for a divorce. I am not sure if this is another tactical move for her since she was constantly looking for her husband to come back, but it looks like her mind is made up. Instead of worrying about Sung Sook's happiness, Sung Sook's sisters worry about Sung Sook's social status instead. Hilariously, Sung Sook also makes a Heirs reference when she believes she can have a relationship with young, handsome men such as actors Lee Min Ho or Kim Woo Bin.

More interesting bits and pieces of Dr. Shim Ji Hye (Choi Yeo Jin) and Dr. Gook's history are revealed. They used to ballroom dance together as a hobby although Dr. Gook had stopped dancing a long time ago. Dr. Shim gets a phone call regarding a kid named Ji Min at the hospital. Does Dr. Shim have a kid? I knew there was something more to her.

Young Kyu's sudden text message and video proposal to intern Han Ah Reum (Clara) was a total failure as he accidentally made his messages public. Coincidentally, Ah Reum's cellphone conveniently broke, but she wasn't eager to read those messages anyway. Young Kyu, however, remains hopeful for another chance.

Next week, relationships will be on fire as our main couple struggles with their rekindled feelings. Stay with us as Tanya offers her opinions on this week's episodes on part three of Emergency Couple.

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  2. Hi Abe's! <. Thanks for visiting Wehaiyo! The song Young Kyu was singing in the proposal is Infinite's "Be Mine" song.

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