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HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episodes 8-9 (4/4)

Baby Gook, secrets, and reconciliation are on Zombie Mamma, Tanya, and Powerz' minds for this week's chat of Emergency Couple.

Tanya: Okay, so I know I’m skipping ahead a LOT, but I don’t feel that Jin Ae is as awful as we all first thought. Definitely not a model citizen, needs improvement, but not the family-abandoning woman they made her out to be for a few episodes.

Zombie: I’m still not the biggest fan of Jin Ae but at least now we know that she genuinely cares for her husband and baby, if not really her mom and sister. That’s a plus in its own right but it only scores her a few measly points in my book.

Karen: Jin Ae definitely has room for improvement in my book. She may be a caring mother and wife, but she still needs to work out her issues with her immediate family.

Tanya: She apparently has a high enough opinion of her mom and sister that she was willing to send her husband and child to them because she knew they would care for them. I’m not a fan of the lying but at least she knows they will help.

Zombie: It took Jo Yang Ja long enough to warm up Baby Gook. I can understand the hesitancy in accepting Kim Gwang Soo, seeing as how he’s a complete stranger and all but to not have any compassion or feeling for Baby Gook… I just can’t fathom that! He’s so stinking adorable, how could you not love him? He’s a baby and he’s cute, that should make everyone love him, regardless of your relation to him.

Karen: I don’t even know baby Gook and I love him to death! Absolutely! He can come live with me for a while too! I even cried for him this week.

Tanya: Was anyone else disturbed by how real that baby’s responses were? Like they were actually sticking him?! It really upset me actually. There was just something way too real about it. I’m all for authenticity, but if they were really poking that kid I have some producers I need to punch in the face.

Karen: Yes, that scream was so real! I think they used the same sound file though because baby Gook’s screams seem to be identical. Anyway, I wonder what they did to make that scream happen.

Zombie: Maybe Baby Gook is just a natural-born actor… Moving on (because let’s face it, the very idea of that poor baby being poked for the sake of authenticity is just sickening)... Let’s talk about the developing relationship between Jin Hee and Dr. Gook. Are they not totally adorable?

Tanya: Yes and no. They are, but at the same time I already feel like it will never go anywhere so I’m not really invested in it. It’s just there to cause more drama… Hah!

Karen: I have this feeling that Dr. Gook may have started liking Jin Hee because of that sly smile in the elevator. I kept asking myself what that smile was all about.

Zombie: Whatever it’s about, I like seeing it. Dr. Gook looks so much better when he smiles! And yes, there is no way any sort of relationship between the two will ever pan out but I enjoy watching them together, in those rare moments when they’re comfortable enough together to put their guard down and simply enjoy each other’s company.

Karen: Do you all think Jin Hee took the jacket back from Dr. Gook or do you think he ended up keeping it?

Tanya: You know, I’m not sure. Dr. Gook did tell Jin Hee that it was Chang Min, but there was never any visual on the jacket again. It’s probably still sitting in his office.

Zombie: I think that jacket is meant to stir up Chang Min and Dr. Shim’s feelings of jealousy more than anything else. My guess is, Dr. Gook won’t ever actually wear that jacket, unless he decided to put it on, just to rile up Chang Min a little.

Tanya: Speaking of Dr. Shim, the phone call from America. Does anyone suspect a secret child happening here? Dr. Gook’s maybe?

Zombie: Oh definitely! I have a theory on this actually, that I wrote about earlier this week, so I won’t go there again but I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more going on with that secret phone call than anyone can possibly imagine.

Karen: Shim Ji Hye and Ji Min? Sounds too close to say that they aren’t related. I really don’t think the child is Dr. Gook’s though, because I don’t see Dr. Shim as the kind of person who would run away from a relationship. She was always so strong and independent.

Zombie: I don’t really see her running away from a relationship but if, perhaps, a relationship was shattered beyond repair… I could see her escaping the fall-out as a sort of self-preservation. Can I really see Dr.s Gook and Shim in such a toxic relationship when they get along so well now? No, but the way this drama has gone, it wouldn’t surprise me if that popped up as part of their mysterious past.

Tanya: I don’t think she would have run away, but more like a she left after the situation and maybe found out later? If they were on iffy terms, I could see hiding it from him.

Karen: Something doesn’t match up for me. Dr. Shim tries to pursue Dr. Gook openly, yet she also holds herself back to give him space so that it wouldn’t be so obvious. I don’t see them having prior ill feelings for one another.

Zombie: That’s part of what has me so confused about them. I can’t decide whether they were ever actually in a relationship or if they have just harbored feelings for each other for all these years without ever acting upon them… I really don’t know.

Tanya: That’s true. I never thought about that, but it’s still suspicious.

Zombie: While we’re on the subject of mysteries, here’s a whopper for you… What in the world is Chang Min going to do to make Jin Hee fall madly in love with him again? I mean, seriously! Up to this point, Jin Hee has been so adamantly against Chang Min in every way possible, I cannot see her falling in love with him all over again. I just can’t! I don’t understand how it’s even possible! Please, does anyone have any idea how this miraculous change is going to come about???

Karen: Chang Min needs a serious miracle to happen. He has all these obstacles present before he can even start to pursue Jin Hee: Chang Min’s mother, Han Ah Reum, and his job security at the hospital. Even after all that, he hasn’t openly shown Jin Hee that he cares for her at all. He continues to argue with her in front of others. I think he needs to start over again and pretend that they never met before. Start fresh.

Tanya: I… don’t even know. There shouldn’t be any way yet because he hasn’t proven himself to anyone (including us) but DramaLand always provides a path for impossible. That’s going to be what happens here. There isn’t a magical switch in people to make them forget the past. I just don’t see it. 

Zombie: I suppose this is part of the reason we keep coming back, week after week… We’re hoping that eventually, all of this crazy madness will finally start to make sense. I mean, at some point, it has to… Right?

Karen: As long as Chang Min and Jin Hee are working together, there will be plenty of chances for them to reconcile.

Zombie: I’m just going to keep telling myself that somewhere, way deep down inside, Chang Min and Jin Hee are still madly in love with each other and all of this time spent together, through all of the ups and downs of life as an ER intern, will be exactly what’s needed to bring them back together in the end.

So now that we’ve shared our thoughts on this week’s happenings, we’d love to hear yours so be sure to leave them in the comments below! Or you can feed Tanya’s addiction to twitter and tweet at us by starting a conversation...

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HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episodes 8-9 (3/4)

There was a lot of emotions on Emergency Couple in Episodes 8-9. Jealousy and love are flying abound!

After Jin Hee and Dr. Gook save Emma, they go on an informal date. Chang Min sees them as they return to the hospital and is instantly upset the Jin Hee is smiling at Dr. Gook and enjoying spending time with him. They openly showed affection to each other, but Chang Min starts questioning Dr. Gook because of it and that probably isn't the best idea. Dr. Gook is his supervisor after all.

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HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episode 8-9 (2/4)

Emotions run high on this week's episodes of Emergency Couple. I wonder if this week's story line is the turning point for the drama where everything begins to get better. Beware, Emergency Couple viewers, as more secrets from our main characters are revealed.

Episode nine is the first episode of Emergency Couple where I cried. Honestly, I expect to cry when watching a medical drama, but so far, there wasn't a patient in the drama that made me feel overly emotional. From my past two reviews, I was really fond of Kim Gook or baby Gook as I call him. When baby Gook contracted meningitis and had to undergo a lumbar puncture, I felt all the pain that Oh Jin Ae (Jun Soo Jin) was feeling as a mother. Whenever baby Gook screamed due to the spinal needle being inserted into his back, I felt my heart drop. The whole scene was difficult for me to watch.

My image of Jin Ae improved drastically since I see her as a woman in love with her husband and baby. She confessed to working three part-time jobs to earn money. While I am more sympathetic to Jin Ae, I still believe her methods were cowardly. She should have came home to explain her situation or at least write a letter to her family if she cannot show up in person rather than having her husband and son show up at the Oh family home unannounced as strangers.

Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) had a lot of tearful scenes this week as he struggles with his feelings for his ex-wife, Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo). Amazingly, Jin Hee also admitted to Chang Min that she likes Dr. Gook Chun Soo (Lee Pil Mo), stabbing Chang Min further in the heart.

Two songs were highlighted this week to describe Chang Min's feelings. In the scene where Jin Hee was practicing CPR with Dr. Gook, Chang Min's imagination went wild as he watched Dr. Gook assist Jin Hee, ever so closely. The featured song during this scene is "Trap to the Future Part Three (DJ Mix 5)" by DJ Zebo or "High For This (The Weeknd Cover)" by Ellie Goulding. The song really helped me soak in Chang Min's feelings as he watches the scene. I honestly felt the hotness between Jin Hee and Dr. Gook.

In the scene where Chang Min listens to the CD mix that Kim Kwang Soo (Park Doo Shik) gave him, one of the tracks includes a super sad song, "That Person Is Leaving" by Lee So Ra. Chang Min really let his tears flow during this scene and at this point, I believe he is re-thinking what his divorce really means to him.

During the newlywed's housewarming party, all the interns had an interesting discussion about marriage and divorce. Jin Hee interestingly mentioned that a man needs five wives or should I say, a person who takes on all five roles: actress, maid, cook, counselor, and nurse. I wouldn't say a spouse needs to be all those roles, but I will say a spouse needs to be a form of support when support is needed.

Intern Im Young Kyu (Yoon Jong Hoon) also made an interesting comment. He explains that when a lock, represented by a woman, can be opened with many keys, represented by men, then the lock has lost its purpose, but when a key can open many locks, then the key is considered a master key. Jin Hee counters back by asking Young Kyu what would happen if the key doesn't fit the lock, which is why the lock should try many keys first. I don't have any opinions on this matter as both sides made interesting points in this unfair world.

In more surprising moves, Chang Min's mother, Yoon Sung Sook (Park Joon Geum), decides to formally file for a divorce. I am not sure if this is another tactical move for her since she was constantly looking for her husband to come back, but it looks like her mind is made up. Instead of worrying about Sung Sook's happiness, Sung Sook's sisters worry about Sung Sook's social status instead. Hilariously, Sung Sook also makes a Heirs reference when she believes she can have a relationship with young, handsome men such as actors Lee Min Ho or Kim Woo Bin.

More interesting bits and pieces of Dr. Shim Ji Hye (Choi Yeo Jin) and Dr. Gook's history are revealed. They used to ballroom dance together as a hobby although Dr. Gook had stopped dancing a long time ago. Dr. Shim gets a phone call regarding a kid named Ji Min at the hospital. Does Dr. Shim have a kid? I knew there was something more to her.

Young Kyu's sudden text message and video proposal to intern Han Ah Reum (Clara) was a total failure as he accidentally made his messages public. Coincidentally, Ah Reum's cellphone conveniently broke, but she wasn't eager to read those messages anyway. Young Kyu, however, remains hopeful for another chance.

Next week, relationships will be on fire as our main couple struggles with their rekindled feelings. Stay with us as Tanya offers her opinions on this week's episodes on part three of Emergency Couple.

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HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episodes 8-9 (1/4)

If the reason for last's week's single episode was to improve the quality of Emergency Couple, I think it worked! I laughed more in the two episodes this week than I did in all seven of the episodes that came before. That being said, there's a lot to talk about this week so let's get to it!
right hereFirst up, it's plainly obvious that Chang Min is suffering from a massive overdose of feelings when it comes to all things related, even remotely, to Jin Hee. While I love to watch the green-eyed monster of jealousy wreak havoc with Chang Min, I'm a little confused as to why he's feeling as strongly for Jin Hee as he is. What has prompted this surge of emotions that's gotten Chang Min so riled up he's asking Yong Gyu to explain the gnarled tangle of emotions that seems to be tearing his insides apart? Wasn't it just a few episodes ago that Chang Min was attempting to have Jin Hee kicked to the curb? So why the sudden change of heart? What has happened in the past nine episodes that is so traumatic that it can over-ride the past six years of hatred? Could it be that Chang Min never really hated Jin Hee in the first place? If that's so, why did they have to endure such a nasty break-up in the first place? If love was still there, shouldn't they have been able to work things out? It hardly seems fair to begrudge Jin Hee's growing emotions for Dr. Gook when Chang Min was the one willing to let Jin Hee go in the first place.
don't get in his arms
did you save me with your familyAnd speaking of Jin Hee... At this point, I really can't see her falling in love with Chang Min all over again. I know it's going to happen eventually (next week's previews pretty much proved that) but for the moment, I can't see why she would. Chang Min hasn't really done much to sway Jin Hee's feelings for him. Yes, he was the one who saved her from being fired but we can obviously see that she's feeling more burdened by this knowledge than grateful and she has every right to feel that way. Chang Min has done nothing to prove his feelings for Jin Hee are in any way tender or loving (and yes, I realize that's because he hasn't actually figured that out for himself yet) but to expect Jin Hee to be grateful, at this point, would be absurd. I can totally see how she could misinterpret Chang Min's actions as being purely selfish; as if he just wanted to have this to hold over her head and make her feel that she couldn't have made her dream of becoming a doctor, a reality without him. At this point in their relationship, Jin Hee would really expect nothing else from Chang Min. The very idea of him doing something for her out of the goodness of his heart seems impossible because let's face it, there's been nothing Chang Min has done for Jin Hee (at least to her face) to convince her that he's anything but the awful jerk she divorced six years ago.
that lookStill, I am incredibly curious to see how Jin Hee's feelings toward Chang Min are going to change. I think I caught just a glimpse of it as she was watching Chang Min treat Baby Gook. I think the concern mixed with guilt, that was plastered all over Chang Min's face as he watched the suffering of Baby Gook, was genuine enough to pierce through the massive wall Jin Hee has built around her heart to keep Chang Min out. I'm pretty sure that moment, regardless of how small and insignificant it may have seemed, is what is going to start swaying Jin Hee's feelings toward Chang Min. I just hope there will be more moments of genuine sincerity between the two because, honestly, I think that's what they need the most to heal the breech between them.
cute coupleThat being said, there's been quite a lot of positive development in the Jin Hee/Dr. Gook relationship this week. They were such an adorable couple, walking back to the hospital after saving Emma and enjoying a meal together. It's no wonder Chang Min was jealous, Jin Hee was smiling and laughing and seemed at perfect peace... It was a sight Chang Min hasn't seen in years and I've no doubt, it hit a nerve because once upon a time, he had been the one that made Jin Hee happy. Unfortunately for Jin Hee, Chang Min isn't the only one jealous of the budding relationship between her and Dr. Gook. It seems Dr. Shim has quite a ferocious green-eyed monster hiding inside her as well and (as I was rightly afraid of) she isn't afraid to unleash it on Jin Hee whenever she's most annoyed.
so annoyedI find it funny that Dr. Shim, who always comes off as such a cool and easy-going person, is actually the ferociously jealous type. No matter how hard she tries to keep her feelings buried, it seems Jin Hee has a way of bringing them to the surface. What I really love about Dr. Shim though, is how there is so much more to her than meets the eye. This woman has some secrets, and I have a feeling they're some pretty major ones. This week, I believe now, more than ever, that Dr. Shim and Dr. Gook were once a couple. Were they married? I still haven't decided (though my first thought is to say that yes, at one point they were) but I'm convinced they were in a relationship serious enough to suspect Dr. Shim is actually the mother of a baby Dr. Gook is clueless he ever fathered. I'm also fairly convinced that this child has some serious health problems, which is what that mysterious phone call to Dr. Shim was all about. If all this is true, this is going to cause some serious fireworks between Dr.s Gook and Shim, at some point and it will either drive them completely apart or bring them together forever. Which ever way this goes, it's going to be tough on everybody... I'm just excited to see how this, and by "this" I mean this entire storyline, is all going to play out as things are finally becoming very interesting!
hmmmmNow that I've shared some of my thoughts, I'd love to hear yours... How do you see Chang Min and Jin Hee reconciling? What is going to make Jin Hee see Chang Min in a more favorable light? Do you think the relationship between Jin Hee and Dr. Gook will progress much beyond what it is now? Why do you think Chang Min is so troubled when it comes to Jin Hee? What has made him change his mind (and his feelings) about (for) Jin Hee? I'd love to know your thought, ideas and predictions so be sure to share them in the comments below!

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HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episode 7 (4/4)

Emotions are running high as Zombie Mamma, Tanya, and Karen chat about the latest episode of Emergency Couple.

Zombie: Alright, so we only had one episode this week but man, what a week it was! Were either of you expecting Jin Ae to have a husband and baby or were you as caught off guard by that as I was?

Karen: I was definitely caught off guard. Jin Ae is very immature, but I would have expected motherhood to change that!

Tanya: I knew there was going to be something huge, but I was NOT expecting a baby, much less a husband to go with it. I know that seems backwards, but she is a little irresponsible...

Zombie: A little? We’re talking about the girl who broke into her mother’s house, stole her sister’s wedding ring and SOLD IT to buy a guitar! A guitar! Knowing what we know now (as in, that she has a family to support) if she were that desperate for money, wouldn’t she need to use the money from Jin Hee’s ring to buy diapers or formula or something a bit more important than a guitar?

Tanya: We have established that she sucks at life, but when you’ve run away from your immediate family, as well as a your husband and baby, something tells me that this chick just doesn’t care. She’s decided to go off on her own and doesn’t want anything to do with the kid so we can’t expect her to be responsible with money either.

Karen: Or maybe the guitar allows her to earn baby food money, though I still doubt that she cares about baby Gook because she basically ditched him for something obviously better.

Zombie: I have absolutely zero positive feelings for Jin Ae, she’s a punk on every level and she only exists to make her sister’s life miserable and let’s face it, up to this point, Jin Hee’s life has been miserable enough on it’s own! At least I can see things starting to pick up a bit for Jin Hee, now that Dr. Gook is warming up to her, if only her sister would back off...

Tanya: As much as I love her tenacity, they seriously made her the butt of a fart joke. Pun intended. Go ahead and hate if you need to. That entire scene, while I’m not a fan of potty humor, the actresses totally sold it. The faces and the Jin Hee’s dance in the bathroom was actually pretty hilarious. Even her not-so-gracious exit from the room.

Zombie: Oh, that coat over her head was so funny! I’m not really sure how she managed to get out of that room intact but somehow, she pulled it off.

Karen: I agree with Tanya in that the fart was so unnecessary and hard to believe in real life. I’m surprised that her ex-mother-in-law, Yoon Sung Sook, didn’t make an official complaint.

Tanya: All they had to say at the end was, “She really did become a doctor.” That’s what sold it. Otherwise it could have been so bad. I think the shock of the situation kept Sung Sook from reporting it, but we did only get one episode this week, so there is a chance it will still happen.

Zombie: I wonder if the only person really against Chang Min and Jin Hee’s marriage, from the beginning, was Sung Sook. The aunts in that scene didn’t really seem to be all that shocked to run into Jin Hee and were mostly impressed that she became a doctor. Oh Tae Suk obviously has no problem with Jin Hee because he’s been helping her the past six years make her dream of becoming a doctor a reality and Chang Min’s uncle, Yoon Sung Gil, almost seemed interested in the possibility of Chang Min and Jin Hee getting back together. So, if all of those family members seem cool with Jin Hee then that only leaves Sung Sook as the opposition to their marriage, of course. Isn’t it always the mother-in-law?

Karen: That is an excellent thought, Zombie. Did Sung Sook cause all the problems between our main couple in this drama? Did you both see how the chauffeur was secretly smirking while Sung Sook was dragged out of the hospital by her sisters? I thought that scene was so hilarious.

Zombie: How could you not laugh at the absurdity of Sung Sook in that scene? Once again, she’s being absolutely ridiculous! Seriously! Someone needs to knock some sense into that woman! Grow up already! You’re not two!

Karen: That may be the only scene in this drama where Sung Sook made me smile.

Zombie: I couldn’t even laugh in that scene because she totally reminds me of my two-year-old when she’s throwing a tantrum and honestly, that’s never funny. Every time Sung Sook is on-screen, I just want to slap her.

Tanya: I concur with that. On the scale of obnoxious, I think she’s broken the meter.

Zombie: At least Chang Min is finally starting to show some promise in his punk-ish ways. For the first time ever, he’s finally standing up to his mother when it comes to her behavior toward Jin Hee (and there was much rejoicing) and he even called her, albeit in a drunken state, and apologized for everything. I know a drunken apology isn’t very good but at least it’s a start, right?

Karen: Yes, Tanya made a good point about that in her post this week. I do agree that it’s a start. Maybe Jin Hee will start to make Chang Min breakfast, what do you think?

Zombie: I think I can see her bringing breakfast to Dr. Gook before she brings any for Chang Min. You’ve got to have something raise the jealousy bar a little before Jin Hee and Chang Min get back together. Nothing is more classic in a K-Drama rom-com than a good bit of jealousy between the male leads. (Which I love, by the way; it makes me grin!)

Tanya: Well at least we don’t have a lack of jealousy on the female side. It’s a dogfight out there and drama is going to fly! Ah Reum is jealous of Jin Hee, Dr. Shim doesn’t like that Dr. Gook has a soft spot for Jin Hee… The only person who isn’t jealous and female is the girl-end of the not-so-lovey-dovey couple, Young Ae.

Karen: I think it’s only a matter of time before Young Ae gets jealous of someone. I guess resident Kim Min Ki has become a person who either suddenly got jealous or lovestruck. What do you think about him suddenly helping Im Young Kyu out with Young Kyu’s love letter by tying a yellow ribbon around Young Kyu’s plant, which is a gift meant for Ah Reum?

Zombie: Oh Yong Kyu! He was so absolutely adorable this week, in all of his happy-sappy love-sickness! His smiles made him just the cutest thing ever and then Dr. Kim had to come along and tie that stupid ribbon around that plant and ruin everything! I know that at this point, things aren’t “ruined” but as soon as Ah Reum finds out what that ribbon means, you know she’s going to crush all of Yong Kyu’s hopes and dreams. I feel so bad for him and nothing’s even happened yet!  

Tanya: Way to kill someone’s dreams, Min Ki. I hope that this incident will actually give Yong Kyu the courage he needs to go after Ah Reum even if it wasn’t her who tied the ribbon. He just has to think it was her… until after he gets her attention.

Zombie: Still, until Yong Kyu has all his hopes and dreams dashed, I’m going to revel in his smiles. They’re just too cute to ignore! (Who knew the villain from Monstar was such an adorable guy?)

Karen: No matter what happens, Chang Min has to officially reject Ah Reum first for any sparks to happen between Young Kyu and Ah Reum.

Tanya: That is probably true. I think it will happen sooner than we think. Chang Min doesn’t seem to get the “Let’s drag this out” type of guy, so I’m optimistic. Although, we do have to deal with his mama’s boy tendencies.

Zombie: Yes, he has those tendencies but let’s not forget, he did show some promise in that area this week. If he can continue to rebuff his mom when she attacks Jin Hee and stop her from doing any more harm to their relationship, I can see things working out between Chang Min and Jin Hee sooner than I can see Chang Min starting any sort of relationship with Ah Reum. I just don’t think he has room in his heart for anyone other than his mom and Jin Hee.

Karen: I think Oh Tae Suk needs to distract Sung Sook so that Sung Sook wouldn’t be on Chang Min’s back all the time. I’m still waiting for Tae Suk to come to the hospital.

Zombie: I think we’re all waiting for that miraculous appearance! I keep hoping Tae Suk will magically appear at the hospital and save the day but I guess things haven’t gotten desperate enough for Jin Hee and Chang Min to warrant such a rescue… YET.

Tanya: It’s going to happen. It has to happen. I think the uncle is going to call him and it’s all going to work out in the end. Otherwise, he’s a pointless character… Honestly, no one likes a pointless character.

Zombie: Which is why he has to be the hero who steps in and saves the day when things are at their worst. He has to. It’s the law. Well, I would make it the law if I could...

Karen: I guess we’ll have to watch the story progress to see what will happen.

Tanya: So, this may be backtracking a bit, but was anyone else seriously disappointed in Jin Hee’s mom? How long has she been making Jin Hee deal with things because she “just can’t handle it?” Really?

Zombie: I can’t say that I’m a fan of Jin Hee’s mom at all. She seems pretty flakey to me and I just can’t applaud that quality in a mother. A mom should be there for her kids, not be a burden to her kids. I’m pretty sure she’s a big reason why Jin Ae left home two years ago, because really, who wants to live with a mom who only makes life worse?

Karen: I cannot forgive Jo Yang Ja for not smiling at all upon seeing her first grandchild, the super-cute baby Gook! I would have been so happy even if I didn’t like my son-in-law. Yang Ja was so upset, she never even touched baby Gook. This was definitely not the response I was expecting from Yang Ja.

Zombie: That bugged me like crazy! Even if you were upset about your daughter having a husband and baby without telling you about them, there’s no reason to take your frustration out on baby Gook and treat him like some sort of parasite. He’s a baby for goodness sake! He’s the most sweet and innocent person in this entire drama. Pick the poor baby up and give him a hug!

Tanya: Well, if she’s lacking as mother, we can’t really expect her to bear the grandmother torch willingly. I was just super sad at seeing how she acted at all. Even if you are shocked, you don’t dump that stress on others.

Zombie: So really, what all of this boils down to is this: Jin Hee’s family life sucks. Her mom sucks. Her sister sucks. Her brother-in-law mostly sucks (seeing as how he didn’t even bother to go out and look for his wife, I think that qualifies as sucking) and the only person in her family life who doesn’t suck is baby Gook and her ex-father-in-law. Wow, it’s no wonder Jin Hee appears to be a stressed out ahjumma all the time! Poor girl!

Karen: I am wondering, however, if Chang Min knows about Jin Hee’s family. He didn’t seem to know that Jin Hee has a sister or seems to recognize Jin Ae. When Jin Hee lied about the reason why she was pursuing Jin Ae, Chang Min didn’t seem to react to it at all.

Zombie: I’m thinking Jin Hee has kept her family life a secret for years, not even letting Chang Min know what kind of family she’s really come from. It wouldn’t surprise me any, seeing as how she’s completely at ease lying to everyone she knows, about her relationship with Jin Ae. Maybe that’s another reason why Chang Min and Jin Hee’s marriage failed. A lack of communication is lethal when it comes to relationships; maybe this was just part of it.

Karen: When are we going to get some flashbacks? I can’t wait!

Zombie: Once again, it all comes back to our need for more back-story. We need details people! Lots and lots of details!

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