About The Author:

English Name: Karen Yoon-Kung
Chinese Name: 尹龔寶翠 (wan5 gung1 bou2 ceoi3 in Cantonese) / 尹龚宝翠 (yin3 gong1 bao3 cui4 in Mandarin)
Korean Name: 윤공캐런 or 윤공보취(Yoon-Gong Kaerun or Yoon-Gong BoChwi)
Japanese Name: カレン (Let's just leave it at "Ka-re-n")
Italian Name: Carina Yoon-Cungi

FIRST K-DRAMA EVER SEEN: Full House (Cantonese dubbed)

About Wehaiyo!

Thank you for visiting Wehaiyo! Wehaiyo is a casual blog where I will place all my opinions and reviews on Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Hong Kong entertainment.

What is Wehaiyo? Wehaiyo is based on the Korean term, "위하여" (pronounced "wihayeo" or "wihayo"). It is a Korean expression which means "for the sake of", "in behalf of", "in order to", "for the purpose of" and is a drinking expression used when toasting one another. Happy, isn't it?

Since Wehaiyo isn't totally about Korean entertainment (although it often is since Korean entertainment is my obsession right now), I hope to also write about Chinese entertainment, especially in the realm of Hong Kong entertainment so I changed the spelling of "ha" to "hai" to make the name a bit more Cantonese. While I predominantly watch HK entertainment, I won't limit myself to only HK entertainment. I plan on writing reviews on Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese, and even Singaporean entertainment in the future.

Lastly, I am an American who speaks English so I decided to change "wi" to "we" to indicate us: my relationship to you. Let us journey into the Asian entertainment realm and collect our thoughts on our favorite TV dramas, movies, music, celebrities, variety shows, and whatever else that entertains us.

Perhaps, I can totally change the title to English to mean, "we high, yo!" because that's the feeling we get when we immerse ourselves into the entertainment world.

I have written reviews for the website, Dramafever, as a drama club reviewer for three dramas: I Hear Your Voice, Good Doctor, and Unemployed Romance

I have also written two articles for an Asian Entertainment magazine.

Lots of the news and information I take is from other websites. I, of course, will credit my sources.

Sometimes, I might dive into other types of Asian entertainment on this blog, but I mainly keep to Korean and Hong Kong entertainment. Nowadays, there's a lot of great entertainment out there so I might just change the focus of Wehaiyo if needed to fit my passion.

With this blog, I do not delve into the learning of the actual Korean or Chinese language though I will provide an English translation whenever possible. If you want to learn Mandarin Chinese, please check out my CantotoMando blog (see below) or any of my other language blogs.

I use a lot of other Youtube links in this blog and the videos get removed often. I apologize in advance for all the videos that are removed after I posted it on my blog. I will try to find another video to substitute it if I can.



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I hope you will enjoy my blog. Wehaiyo!


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