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M-Pop Song Spotlight: 外人 (Outsider) by 黃俊焰 (Jean)

I first encountered the song, “Outsider,” from a Facebook posting. One of my Facebook friends had published it on her timeline so I watched the entire video. My Mandarin comprehension skills are still bad, but I was able to follow the story through the video. There were two guys and one girl who were friends. The girl ends up liking one of them, but the odd man out, our main character and singer, Jean, is the one friend left to suffer even though he cares so much for her. Hence, he is the “outsider” in his crush’s world. The ending of the video really confused me because the girl says, “We are forever, good friends.” Does this mean there is a happy ending where not only does Jean end up with the girl, but they are best friends and lovers or is this a painful ending where after the girl kisses him, she tells him the painstaking truth, wanting to remain friends? I choose to believe in love. Why kiss Jean when she is not in love with him? She could have looked at it in two ways: One. Jean is a stalker, taking so many photos of her and hanging them up on his wall. Two. He is a romantic person who is worthy of her love even though the song’s lyrics state otherwise. The female actress is played by Stephy Chang 鄭意文 and the other male actor is played by Kevin Chin 曾錦盛.

Originally, I thought nothing of the song since I don’t understand Mandarin that well, but eventually, my curiosity grew and I wanted to understand the song’s contents. Not only will I translate the song into English, I will share my translation on Wehaiyo!. This will be my first Malaysian Mandarin Pop song translation.

Favorite Lines:
It’s hard to say what would be my favorite lines. I actually love the entire chorus section.
I especially liked:
再怎麼做 (What to do again?)
我也是個外人 (I am also an outsider)
分不到你愛的靈魂 ([I] cannot share the soul of your love)

Jean sings this part with such emotion that I do feel his pain.

像隨傳隨到的超人 (Like your beck and call Superman)

I like this line because it shows how devoted the singer is towards his crush.

再怎麼說 (What to say again?) 
也只是個外人 ([Im] also merely an outsider)
永遠都得不到滿分 ([Eternally, [I] even cannot [can never] obtain [a] full [perfect] score [from you])

Again, I feel Jean’s pain. His crush will never see him as a potential lover or more than a friend. There is no perfect ten out of ten score for him.

別說我是個好心人 (Do not say I am a kind-hearted person)
我會痛恨這個角色 (I can [would] detest this [type of] role)


既然只是個好心人 (Since [I’m] merely a kind-hearted person)
任我毀掉這個角色 (Allow me to destroy off this role)
也許 才能脫身 (Perhaps, I should free myself [from this] talent)
稱職的外人 (to competently become an outsider)

These lyrics are interesting. As a result of being called a kind-hearted person by the one he loves, Jean contemplates destroying this type of image to become a cold and uncaring person, a true outsider, in order to free himself from the pain. Being called a kind-hearted person ordinarily does not have a negative connotation, but the phrase can be used by a person, the receiver, to interpret the giver’s actions for the receiver as kindness rather than love, which is a painful feeling for the giver. I want you all, my loyal Wehaiyo! readers, to realize that what I am blogging is not for charity, but because I love you all! Does that make sense? Exaggeration? I do have a genuine interest to not only learn a language by myself, but to spread this beautiful knowledge to others (with the hopes that I am accurate.) Okay, that was an awkward example, though I think you catch my drift. If you do, please take some time to click on some advertisements on this website! If you really, really like Wehaiyo!, please consider making a donation to this website (see bottom of website). Thank you so much! I would feel your love and not just kindness!

While I am in a translating mode, I might as well translate the video dialogue as well. I’m sure non-Mandarin speakers would appreciate it. Now that I am paying attention to the video, Stephy and Yean sure do like eating ice cream. There are three ice cream-eating scenes.

Beginning/Ice Cream Scene:
Stephy/鄭意文. (Hey.)
                            我吃完了. (I finished eating.)
Kevin/曾錦盛: 然後呢? (And then?)
Stephy/鄭意文還是你瞭解我. (Nevertheless, you understand me.)
                            難怪我們是好朋友. (No wonder we are good friends.)
 看到沒? (Did you not see?)
                            這才是真正的好朋友. (This, only then, is [a] true, good friend.)

Café Scene:
Yean/黃俊焰: 甚麼啦. (What now.)
                         發了什麼財? (Emitted what riches? [Did you get rich?])
                         居然請我吃飯 (Unexpectedly treating me [to] eat [a] meal.)
Stephy/鄭意文我問你噢. ([I [want to] ask you,])
                            男生會喜歡怎麼樣的生女生啊?   (Young guys would like what kind of appearance [in] girls?)
Yean/黃俊焰不是在表白吧. (This…is not to be in [a] confession, right?)
  難不成你喜歡上我了? (Is it possible that...You like upon me? [You like me?])
Stephy/鄭意文是凱文啦. ([He] Is Kevin.)
           你覺得他會喜歡我嗎? (Do you think Kevin can [would] like me?)

Milk Tea Scene:
Yean/黃俊焰你們要喝什麼? 我去買. (What do you all want to drink? I [will] go buy.)
Kevin/曾錦盛: 照常啊. 奶茶. (As usual. Milk tea.)
Stephy/鄭意文那我也奶茶. (Then, I [will] also [have] milk tea.)
Kevin/曾錦盛: 你不是都不喝奶茶吧. (You are not at all not [don’t usually] drink milk tea .)
Stephy/鄭意文因為我喜歡你. (Because I like you.)

Ice Cream Conversation Scene:
Yean/黃俊焰你真的那麼喜歡他嗎? (You…You truly like him so much?)
Stephy/鄭意文: . (Uh-huh.)
   那你呢? 有喜歡誰嗎? (And you? Is there [someone] whom [you] like?)
Yean/黃俊焰有啊. (There is.)
Stephy/鄭意文誰啊? (Who?)
Yean/黃俊焰不告訴你! (Not telling!)
Stephy/鄭意文! (Hey!)

For all the new Wehaiyo! readers out there, I try to translate in a way that is closest to the actual meaning of the lyrics. Therefore, you will not see perfect English translations. I want to translate in a way that allows you to learn the lyrics from an educational standpoint. I always believe that a person would enjoy something more if he or she knew how it worked. If there are translated English lyrics available on the internet, I will be sure to post a link to it. I could post perfect English lyrics, but in the end, I don’t think you would learn as much from the experience. Therefore, I inserted a lot of implied meanings in brackets. If you find translated lyrics of any of the songs featured on Wehaiyo!, please shoot me an email including the URL so I can share it with all Wehaiyo! readers. All lyrics are in traditional Chinese characters. If you need simplified characters, this website seems to be an awesome tool for conversion: http://www.khngai.com/chinese/tools/convert.php

If you need pinyin romanization, check out: http://chinese.globallyrics.com/archives/1094

And now, the lyrics!


作曲/Composer黃俊 (Yean)

就這樣沉淪 (To engage in this type of sink-into-bad-habit)
借用劣等身份 (To borrow [an] inferior rank [of] identity)
感動著 (To emotionally touch)
一個人 (One person)
一個不懂我的人  (One [who] doesn’t understand me [type] of person)
當你的戀人 (To act as your lover)
我怎能勝任 (How can I qualify?)
所有情感 (All feelings)
都往心裡吞 (All go towards [my] heart [to] swallow)


再怎麼做 (What to do again?)
我也是個外人 (I am also an outsider)
分不到你愛的靈魂 ([I] cannot share the soul of your love)
只能在你寂寞時分 ([I] can only exist [during] your lonely period of the day)
像隨傳隨到的超人 (Like your beck and call Superman)
注定 只當陪襯 (To be destined, merely acting as a complement)

再怎麼說 (What to say again?) 
也只是個外人 ([Im] also merely an outsider)
永遠都得不到滿分 ([Eternally, [I] even cannot [can never] obtain [a] full [perfect] score [from you])
別說我是個好心人 (Do not say I am a kind-hearted person)
我會痛恨這個角色 (I can [would] detest this [type of] role)
卻又 重蹈覆轍 (But yet again, to “repeat the steps of an overturned cart” [going back to my disastrous ways])
誰能更愚蠢 (Who can possibly be more stupid?)


想你想多了 (Thinking of you, thought too much)
一不小心分神 (As soon as [I’m] not careful, get distracted)
失了魂  (Lost spirit [lost [my] wits])
震醒了 (Shake-woken up)
還在冬眠的傷痕 (Still in the scar of hibernation)
漂浮的眼神 (Drifting eye expressions)
你不要過問 (You don’t [have to]  get involved with [question] it)
讓這點疼 (Allow this point of pain)
藏一世一生 (to be concealed: one life, one lifetime [forever])

縱使不值得 (Even if its not worth it)
又有多少人 (And yet, there are a lot of people)
能說轉身就撤 (Who can say to turn around and retreat)

再怎麼做 (What to do again?)
我也是個外人 (I am also an outsider)
分不到你愛的靈魂 ([I] cannot share the soul of your love)
只能在你寂寞時分 ([I] can only exist [during] your lonely period of the day)
像隨傳隨到的超人 (Like your beck and call Superman)
注定 只當陪襯 (To be destined [to] merely act as a complement)

再怎麼說 (What to say again?) 
也只是個外人 ([Im] also merely an outsider)
外人怎能奢求滿分 (How can [an] outsider extravagantly request [unreasonably ask for a] full [perfect] score?)
既然只是個好心人 (Since [I’m] merely a kind-hearted person)
任我毀掉這個角色 (Allow me to destroy off this role)
也許 才能脫身 (Perhaps, I should free myself [from this] talent)
稱職的外人 (to competently become an outsider)

Sorry, I can't find a site that sells Jean's music. If you know of any site, please let me know!

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Recap: I Hear Your Voice: Episode Four

I’m back with an episode four recap of the ever-popular Korean drama, “I Hear Your Voice.” I’m glad to hear that this show is producing good ratings right now. I’m running behind on recaps so please bear with me.

I am writing weekly episode responses for the Dramafever Drama Club: I Hear Your Voice along with other writers, Jhon and June. Check out my thoughts on episodes three and four here: Episodes 3-4 and Wrap Up.

If you would like to watch “I Hear Your Voice,” you can watch it on Dramafever for free with English subtitles.

Episode four, titled, “You, Within My Hazy Memory,” focuses on Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk)’s personal investigation on his enemy, Min Joon Gook (Jung Woong In)’s whereabouts after his release from jail. Lawyer Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young) receives her next case involving a twin burglary and suffers an early-career crisis. Lawyer Cha Kwan Woo (Yoon Sang Hyun) wraps up his case involving his hearing-impaired defendant, Jo Young Sook.

WARNING: Please do not read if you don’t want to see spoilers. I am reviewing the story as it progresses.

 Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) runs up to Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young)’s front door, panting the whole time. Hye Sung, with her frying pan in her hand, yells and demands that the burglar and possible stalker come out and that she already called the police. Upon hearing Hye Sung’s voice, Soo Ha wastes no time and kicks the door open. When Hye Sung sees Soo Ha, she does not need to speak since Soo Ha read her mind, telling him that Hye Sung thinks there is somebody in her (other) room. As a brave man, Soo Ha ushers Hye Sung out of the apartment and faces the unknown himself.

Carefully opening the door to the other room, Soo Ha sees the ringing cellphone on the shelf, but nobody in sight.

A lazy policeman, who I will henceforth refer to as Lazy, questions Soo Ha and Hye Sung. Lazy doesn’t understand why Soo Ha broke the front door, but did not fight with anybody, though looking beat up himself. Hye Sung tries to explain that she has been getting texts from the newly discovered cellphone found in her home. The policeman confirms with Hye Sung that Soo Ha is not the burglar since Soo Ha looked beat up. The policeman is confused since there is nobody to charge with a crime and I believe nothing was taken either. Hye Sung states that this is a clear case of breaking and entering: Penal Code, section 319. The punishment would be three years in prison and five million won ($5000 USD) if the person is caught.

The policeman thinks Hye Sung is a total psycho and a pain in the neck. He lightly promises that they will find the owner of the cellphone. Hye Sung asks if the policeman is going to search around for the person and the policeman says they usually have policemen on patrol.

The policeman leaves to go to his car. Nosy neighbors crowd around the police car. Soo Ha runs after the policeman and tells the policeman that Soo Ha knows who owns the cellphone.

Hye Sung tries to close the broken front door, but the door wouldn’t close. Soo Ha comes back and helps her close the door. He comments that Hye Sung shouldn’t stay at home since there is a possibility that the culprit might be back. Hye Sung looks at Soo Ha’s injuries and says that they should worry about him more.  She asks why Soo Ha came and what happened to his face. Soo Ha tells her that it’s nothing.  He suggests that Hye Sung stay over a friend’s house for a few days. Sadly, I don’t think Hye Sung has any friends.

Soo Ha suddenly faints on top of Hye Sung and they fall to the ground. Hye Sung cries out, “Gumshoe!” and reaches for her phone to call 119 (the equivalent of 911 in the U.S. for emergency purposes), but she stops calling when she hears Soo Ha snoring. Is Soo Ha a narcoleptic? I’ve never seen anyone fall asleep that fast and snoring too.

In a flashback, little Soo Ha is facing the aftermath of his father’s death. At the cemetery, Soo Ha’s uncle cheerfully tells Soo Ha that Soo Ha will live with him from now on in a room shared with his two cousins. Unfortunately, Soo Ha reads his uncle’s mind who thinks that his brother should have took Soo Ha with him since three kids is already a burden for him, but now he’s going to take on four kids.

At an amusement park, Soo Ha looks for his uncle with a park attendant. Soo Ha sees his uncle holding balloons and tries to call him. They lock eyes for a brief moment, but Soo Ha’s uncle prays that Soo Ha disappears because Soo Ha’s uncle cannot take Soo Ha to a new country with him. Soo Ha’s uncle lets go of the balloons he was holding and Soo Ha stares at them.

Hye Sung puts some ointment on Soo Ha’s facial wound. Soo Ha is sleeping in Hye Sung’s bed. Hye Sung puts her hand on Soo Ha’s forehead, wondering if he has a fever. Soo Ha slowly wakes up and is alarmed to see Hye Sung. He bolts up into a sitting position, but Hye Sung pushes him back down on his back, telling him to lay there since he has a high temperature. Soo Ha obeys and Hye Sung puts a band-aid on his facial wound. At this time, Hye Sung starts thinking whether she should call Soo Ha’s parents, why Soo Ha came to her house, what was he doing that made him injured, and whether Gumshoe is a thug.

Soo Ha directly answers Hye Sung’s thoughts by explaining that he doesn’t have parents, came to ask Hye Sung a question, tripped and fell, and he is not a thug. Hye Sung zippers her hood all the way, fully covering her face. I have one of those hoods by Polham. It must be popular in Korean fashion. Hye Sung doesn’t understand why Soo Ha is always reading her thoughts.

Hye Sung tells Soo Ha to spend the night at her apartment since there are no buses so late at night, but in the morning, Soo Ha should go to the hospital. Soo Ha shrug off the idea of going to a hospital.

Hye Sung remembers their prior conversation and asks what question Soo Ha had for her. Soo Ha thinks and then asks Hye Sung seriously if she knows his name. Hye Sung swiftly replies that she doesn’t need to know since they will not be seeing each other again. Hye Sung starts to leave, but Soo Ha tells her his name and pulls down Hye Sung’s hood zipper so he can see her expression. 

Hye Sung tells Soo Ha that he has an abnormal name. She thinks the name, Gumshoe, suits him better. Hye Sung commands Soo Ha to go to sleep before leaving the room. Soo Ha tells himself that he knew Hye Sung wouldn’t remember.

Hye Sung walks back to the couch, thinking the name, Soo Ha, sounds familiar. She yells at Gumshoe to shut the lights before sleeping. Outside, Min Joon Gook watches Hye Sung’s home from outside, crunching her lawyer poster together.

In the morning, the Seo family have breakfast together. Seo Dae Suk (Jung Dong Hwan) comments on how there is so much food today. Do Yeon’s mother says it is because today is Seo Yeon’s birthday. Do Yeon’s mother gently reminds Dae Suk that she made reservations at a restaurant for seven o’clock and requests that Dae Suk come on time. Dae Suk turns to Do Yeon to tell her that he met the chief prosecutor yesterday, found out that Do Yeon dropped her case, and wants to know why. Do Yeon’s mother defends Do Yeon by saying the victim changed her testimony. Dae Suk comments that the opposing attorney is Jang Hye Sung. Do Yeon admits that the opposing attorney is the same person who lived in their house ten years ago. Dae Suk chides Do Yeon by remarking that Do Yeon dropped the case when Hye Sung is nothing but a maid’s daughter. Do Yeon drops her head and tells Dae Suk that she will not make that mistake again. Afterwards, Do Yeon makes an excuse, saying that she has a crime scene to visit that morning, and leaves. Dae Suk gives Do Yeon no reaction. After Do Yeon leaves, Dae Suk’s wife comments that rumor of Do Yeon being found underneath a bridge will start.  Dae Suk turns to his wife and says that her joke is not funny. His wife replies that it wasn’t a joke.

Soo Ha wakes up and checks the mirror in Hye Sung’s room before exiting the room.

At the same time, Hye Sung wakes up on the couch and proceeds to stand up to stretch. Soo Ha does a double-take when he sees Hye Sung’s hair, face, one pant up, and one pant down.

Hye Sung realizes Soo Ha is staring at him and admits that there is no use playing cool in front of him.

She says that it’s only because Soo Ha doesn’t have a noona (older female sister) that he doesn’t know that 99% of all women wake up with Hye Sung’s hair and face. Hye Sung urges Soo Ha to wake up from his fantasy and accept the reality. Hye Sung drinks water out of the bottle from the fridge and asks Soo Ha if he wanted any water. Soo Ha can only mutter out a "no" phrase.

For breakfast, Hye Sung tosses rice, kimchi, corn, and sesame oil together and shakes it in a plastic container. Hye Sung gives some to Soo Ha and eats sitting with one foot on her chair, a position my family calls “gangster style.”

Soo Ha manages to ask if this is dog food. Hye Sung happily replies, “Just don’t ask for seconds.”  Soo Ha eats with the rice paddle since Hye Sung only has one set of utensils in the apartment.

Looking around, Soo Ha asks if Hye Sung is missing anything since the culprit apparently made a mess in the house. Hye Sung looks around and casually tells him that the culprit didn’t make that mess.

Soo Ha’s eyes grow wide asking if that’s really how Hye Sung lives. His image of his first love who was pretty, drop-dead gorgeous, nice, smart, and the coolest girl in the world had disappeared. With a mouthful of food, Hye Sung argues that that is how Suzy and Girls Generation live too.

Soo Ha demands Hye Sung to eat or speak.

Soo Ha is attending class, intently listening to his teacher’s explanation of a poem where the writer compares losing his country and faith to his first love. According to the writer, first loves are a beautiful entity that can blind a person’s eyes and deafen a person’s ears.

The hope of seeing his first love again makes his hear beat faster.

Unable to handle the stress, Soo Ha pounds his desk and shouts, “No!”, waking up Choong Ki and alerting the rest of the class.

Choon Shim brings Hye Sung lunch and they sit outside the office to chat. Choon Shim’s business neighbor, Mr. Kim from the pizza shop, is watching the restaurant for Choon Shim. Hye Sung asks Choon Shim to hire another person to help out. Choon Shim reaches into her pocket and gives Hye Sung a piece of paper. Hye Sung reads the words out loud: Kirin Hotel at seven o’clock. Choon Shim admits that the person is her friend’s son who is similar to Hye Sung in age. He is also a lawyer and a nice person. Hye Sung asks Choon Shim incredously if this is a date. Choon Shim continues saying that the man’s parents own a sauna, he’s rich, and he’s the second son, which is ideal for women who don’t want to live and deal with in-laws that much.

Hye Sung simply replies that she has no desire to get married since she is a hidden gem in the law field. Choon Shim says that is nonsense. Hye Sung argues that Choon Shim didn’t see her in court that day. Hye Sung considers herself on a different level. She boasts that letting a skill like hers rot away in a marriage is a huge disgrace to the law.

Furthermore, she informs Choon Shim to consider Hye Sung as married to the law for the time being. Choon Shim hits Hye Sung in the head, scolding her that she’s overacting and that she barely won her first case. Choon Shim thinks Hye Sung should be humble. Choon Shim puts the note back in her pocket and Hye Sung is surprised that it was so easy to convince her mother from forcing her to go on a blind date. Choon Shim comments that Hye Sung’s eyes are shining more than if she gets married at this time. Choon Shim advises Hye Sung to get a pair of oars to get through the water before leaving.

At the office, Sang Duk is happy to receive a mound of chicken every time a case is won. Kwan Woo asks Hye Sung to have some chicken, but Hye Sung replies that she already ate a lot already. Go Sung Bin (Kim Ga Eun) is giving Hye Sung the most expensive nail treatment, which is worth a minimum of $20,000 won (approximately $20 USD). Hye Sung reminds Sung Bin that Sung Bin hit the jackpot because Sung Bin received Hye Sung’s services for free. To show gratitude, Sung Bin offers to do Hye Sung’s nails for the rest of her life. Hye Sung puts a piece of apper in front of Sung Bin and tells her to make a written promise as proof.

By now, Sung Bin scrowls at Hye Sung’s joke. Sung Bin admitted that she thought she was screwed at first when Hye Sung was assigned to Sung Bin’s case, but Hye Sung believed Sung Bin even when her family and teachers didn’t. Sung Bin wanted to know why Hye Sung believed her. Hye Sung hesitates and tells Sung Bin that she Hye Sung had a feeling Sung Bin was innocent. Sung Bin thanks Hye Sung. Sung Bin wanted to say that Hye Sung was the only one, but Sung Bin remembers that Soo Ha believed her too. Hye Sung wonders where Soo Ha is and Sung Bin says that Soo Ha originally wanted to come, but he received a phone call and rushed off.

Soo Ha is at the police station asking the same lazy policeman that was at Hye Sung’s house for answers. It must be the policeman’s lunch time because he is having jajangmyeon (brown noodles) while answering Soo Ha’s questions at the same time. Soo Ha finds out that the missing cellphone belonged to a random woman who lost her cellphone. Soo Ha ask the policeman if any prints were lifted from the phone and the policeman annoyingly says “no” and there were no prints. The lazy police officer’s attitude tells me that he probably didn’t do anything at all involving the case. Soo Ha should become a police officer himself when he is graduated by his school. Anyway, Soo Ha touched the phone already so wouldn’t his prints be all over the phone instead?

Soo Ha proceeds to press the lazy police officer for information on Min Joon Gook (Jung Woong In). Joon Gook was never questioned by the police since he has been living honestly, volunteering all over the place. Soo Ha asks the lazy policeman for Joon Gook’s address and the policeman defensively says that it is against the law to tell him that information. I wonder if Korea has the equivalent of White Pages, a book directory of people’s names and addresses? Soo Ha tries to reason that he needs to know because Joon Gook is a dangerous person.  

The lazy policeman looks Soo ha in the eye and tells him that he thinks Soo Ha is the more dangerous one.

Using a new strategy, Soo Ha asks the policeman if Joon Gook lives in Yeonju and whether Joon Gook lives near the courthouse. The policeman spits out his noodles, wondering how Soo Ha knew those facts. After regaining his composure, the policeman states that Joon Gook lives far away. Soo Ha got the answers that he needed.

Not long afterwards, Soo Ha figures out where Joon Gook volunteers and visits the location. Soo Ha must have been lucky since Joon Gook volunteers at many places. Joon Gook is working the soup kitchen line and a man tries to steal one more potato, but is caught. The benevolent Joon Gook offers to give the man two potatoes and even puts it in a bag for him. Has Joon Gook turned nice?

Soo Ha brazenly cuts the line and walks up to Joon Gook. Joon Gook comments that Soo Ha looks like a student. Joon Gook asks if Soo Ha is here because he is hungry. Soo Ha smiles and tells Joon Gook that he wants to be a volunteer. 

Joon Gook calls Manager Kim over and asks Soo Ha for his name. Soo Ha grins and replys, “Kim Choong Ki.”

At the office, Yoo Chang hands Hye Sung her new case files. The first thing Hye Sung checks is the prosecutor’s name. Sure enough, Seo Do Yeon’s name is on the file. We’re going to have another show down. Yoo Chang heard that Hye Sung and Do Yeon went to school together. Hye Sung scoffed that Do Yeon’s grades weren’t that great in high school and that Do Yeon couldn’t get a loaf of bread out of a whole bag of flour. Hye Sung believed Do Yeon went overboard again.

Yoo Chang informs Hye Sung that this is a unique case. Two brothers went into the convenience store to steal money from the register. The owner caught them in the act. One brother tried to stop the other brother from stabbing the owner, but the stabber ended up stabbing the owner and killing him. Hye Sung tells Yoo Chang that the case is not unique. The stabber would be charged with robber homicide while the one who tried to stop the killing would be charged with violent robbery. Yoo Chang informs Hye Sung that both robbers will be charged with robber homicide since nobody could tell who did the stabbing. Hye Sung asks Yoo Chang if there was any CCTV footage around. Yoo Chang reveals that the robbers are twins, who both confess to the murder. Hye Sung is in charge of the alleged stabber, Jung Pil Seung (Han Ki Woong).

Hye Sung meets with Pil Seung, who is the younger twin, in jail. Pil Seung mentions that he heard of Hye Sung’s rise to glory as a public defender who crushed a prosecutor in her first trial so he told her that he thinks he is lucky and in good hands.  Hye Sung comments that she will have to see how the trial goes to see whether he’s lucky or not.

Pil Seung explains that his brother came along with him and got blamed for the crime Pil Seung committed. Pil Seung admits he stabbed the victim. Hye Sung notes that Pil Seung has no prior criminal record. Pil Seung explains that his brother does and if his brother’s indicted, it will count as a repeat offense, a life sentence. I was thinking how Min Joon Gook only received ten years for killing someone and a repeat homicide will give a murderer a life sentence? Hye Sung advises Pil Seung not to take the fall for his brother. Pil Seung asks Hye Sung to fight the court case that way and maintains that his brother is innocent. Hye Sung reminds Pil Seung that she is his attorney and that prior record is not some mileage club where he might win a free trip aboard if he gets picked. To Hye Sung, the main issue is whether PIl Seung will go to jail for life or not. Pil Seung understands all of this and asks Hye Sung for a favor.

Hye Sung goes to the Jung home as a favor to find Pil Seung’s dog, who was recently rescued by Pil Seung.

At the office, Kwan Woo struggles to stay awake while typing. Yoo Chang notices this and thoughtfully places a mint choco can in front of Kwan Woo, commanding him to pick either sleeping or typing.

Kwan Woo explains that the closing argument for Jo Young Sook’s case is the next day. Kwan Woo pulled an all-nighter the night before as well. He comments that he needs a new brain since he can’t think of anything. I give him points for dedication, but if he can’t think, he should sleep.

 Hye Sung walks into the office holding a crate and hands it to Yoo Chang, who freaks out upon realizing that there is a dog inside the crate. Hye Sung nonchalantly tells Yoo Chang that she promised Pil Seung that she would take care of the dog until the trial is over. In panic, Yoo Chang says that a person would go to jail for ten years for robbery homicide. I guess Min Joon Gook should have robbed the Park family as well since he’s getting the same ten year sentence. Hye Sung feeds the dog with some water and tells Yoo Chang that the crime is not robbery homicide and that the prosecutor was wrong. She said she will use this angle since it worked last time. Yoo Chang informs Hye Sung that the twins trials will be tried together. Not only will Hye Sung face Do Yeon in court, but she will also have to face the other twin’s attorney in court as well. Yoo Chang says that the brother’s attorney will also seek a not guilty plea. Curious, Hye Sung asks Yoo Chang the name of that attorney and guesses Attorney Shin. Yoo Chang shakes his head and says it’s Kwan Woo. Hye Sung doesn’t think highly of Kwan Woo, who promptly drops his head on the keyboard, fast asleep.

At the church kitchen, Soo Ha and Joon Gook chop vegetables together. Joon Gook cheerfully comments that all the food they are preparing will not last a week. Soo Ha ask Joon Gook when he started volunteering. Joon Gook answers that he’s been living at the church for the past month. 

After chopping vegetables a few more times, Joon Gook noticed Soo Ha staring at him and asks if why he was staring at him. Soo Ha asks Joon Gook if Joon Gook remembered Soo Ha because Soo Ha says that Joon Gook looked familiar to Soo Ha. Joon Gook casually says no, but Soo Ha reads Joon Gook’s thoughts, which tells Soo Ha that Joon Gook thinks Soo Ha is kind of familiar. Soo Ha further asks Joon Gook if he went to the courthouse recently, specifically the District Court of Yeonju. Joon Gook starts to wonder if Soo Ha saw him there. Joon Gook raises his vegetable knife in contemplation, smiles, and tells Soo Ha that he never went to the courthouse.

Soo Ha laughs in awkwardness. He says he must have mistook Joon Gook for somebody else.

At Hollys coffee shop, Sang Duk buys Hye Sung coffee to her surprise. Hye Sung comments to Sang Duk about not making things complicated and Sang Duk changes his mind about paying, Hye Sung changes her mind as well. Sang Duk tells Hye Sung that he wants to invite everybody at the office to dinner. Hye Sung automatically says she can’t come and has to check her schedule. They both head toward the courthouse and Sang Duk convinces Hye Sung to go see Kwan Woo’s court hearing.

In the courtroom, the prosecutor states that Jo Young Sook stole 6 million won (approximately  $6000 USD) from the foundation for the disabled in Poongjandong when the director reported her as the thief. She also resisted arrest by wielding a knife at the police. Hye Sung sits in the gallery and notices Do Yeon a few seats away from her. The prosecution seeks two years of imprisonment for Jo Young Sook.

Kwan Woo makes his defense rebuttal. Jo Young Sook is worried at her seat. Kwan Woo checks his watch before plugging the USB in the desktop computer.  Sang Duk wonders what Kwan Woo will do.

 Kwan Woo tries to slowly look for the file on the computer and plays the Kara music video instead. The judge pounds his desk and tells Kwan Woo that the USB drive is below the folder where Kwan Woo looked.

Kwan Woo acknowledges the judge and plays another Kara video by accident. The judge pounds his desk twice in agitation.

Kwan Woo thank the judge and tells the court that he has just experienced life from his defendant’s perspective. He explains that nobody would listen to his defendant no matter how much his defendant tried to speak. Within 50 seconds, the judge got angry and pounded his desk. Kwan Woo explains that if nobody understood his words, he would try to speak loud and if that doesn’t work, he would speak louder until he gets angry. Kwan Woo’s defendant, Jo Young Sook, had been living for fifty years without a voice.  She gave the disabled foundation 30 million won and when she couldn’t pay her own debt that she incurred, she tried to ask the director of the foundation for a loan, but had the door slammed in her face instead. Kwan Woo agrees that stealing money out of anger is clearly an act of crime and Jo Young Sook should have endured her problems, but not a single person stopped to listen to her voice. I thought Kwan Woo’s story was touching, but I don’t buy it.

Hye Sung sits on a bench after the trial in deep thought over Kwan Woo’s words. Do Yeon walks up to Hye Sung, asking Hye Sung what Hye Sung was doing. Hye Sung asks Do Yeon if Do Yeon came to check Kwan Woo out, but to Hye Sung’s surprise, Do Yeon admits it because Kwan Woo is one of the defendant’s attorneys on the twins case. Hye Sung warns Do Yeon that prosecutor evaluations are around the corner and having Do Yeon drop another case against a public defender would make her look bad.

Do Yeon mentions that her opponent is not to be taken lightly either. Hye Sung thought Do Yeon was complimenting her, but Do Yeon meant Kwan Woo instead. Do Yeon asks Hye Sung whether she should be concerned as well.

While Joon Gook is volunteering at the soup kitchen, the director asked Joon Gook if he knew the phone number of the student who came to volunteer.  Joon Gook admits that he only knew his name and the school he attended. The director forgot to give him his volunteer certificate, which is a big help to a student with college entrance exams. Joon Gook eagerly offers to deliver it to Choong Ki.

At the school playground, Joon Gook sees Soo Ha playing ball and asks the Leader to call him. Leader asks if Joon Gook meant to call Park Soo Ha. Confused, Joon Gook asked for confirmation that the student wasn’t Kim Choong Ki.

The real Kim Choong Ki shows up and asks threateningly  if Soo Ha had been using his name. Joon Gook asks the students for Soo Ha’s cellphone number.

The lawyers are toasting in a restaurant for dinner. Yoo Chang asks Hye Sung why she is not drinking since Sang Duk is picking up the tab. Hye Sung replies that she doesn’t drink and stares at Sang Duk. Sang Duk asks if Hye Sung wants water.

Hye Sung suspiciously states that she finds it strange that Sang Duk is treating her to dinner and is speaking to her. Sang Duk replies that he only uses formal language towards people he does not respect. Hye Sung counters that Sang Duk used informal speech to Kwan Woo right away. Sang Duk argues that Kwan Woo is respectable. Sang Duk asks if Hye Sung saw Kwan Woo earlier in court. Hye Sung sarcastically asks Sang Duk why he invited her to dinner if he didn’t think she was respectable. She thinks Sang Duk should keep using formal speech towards her instead. Sang Duk says Hye Sung has good points too. Unable to believe him, Hye Sung says forget it since she doesn’t need his consolation.

A moment later, she presses Sang Duk for an answer. Sang Duk tells Hye Sung that her eyes can tell whether the defendant is lying or not.

Hye Sung desperately asks if there are any other good points. Sang Duk tells her that was it. Hye Sung argues that she went to her defendant’s school. Sang Duk says Kwan Woo dragged her there. When the prosecutor attacked, Sang Duk saved Hye Sung in court by giving her a hint.

Hye Sung suddenly needs wine. Sang Duk says Hye Sung doesn’t drink, but Hye Sung says that it's not that she can’t, but doesn’t drink.

Moments later, a drunk Hye Sung cries, asking nobody in particular why she only has one good point.  Yoo Chang tells Sang Duk  that he should have named ten points. Sang Duk claims that he didn’t know that would happen and suggests they leave.

Yoo Chang is conflicted, but Sang Duk says either Yoo Chang or Kwan Woo should take care of Hye Sung. Yoo Chang quickly gets up with an excuse to leave.

Hye Sung keeps mumbling that those eyes aren’t hers.

She doesn’t have eyes that can see through a defendant. She doesn’t see it and she can’t see it.

Kwan Woo returns from the restroom and wonders where everyone went. Hye Sung depressingly tells him that they all left and abandoned her. Hye Sung comments that she can’t see their innocence.

Her headband falls forward, blocking her eyes and she panics, thinking she really can’t see. She panics and cries, asking Kwan Woo for advice. Kwan Woo calmly fixes her headband.

Hye Sung wonders out loud what she should do since she is going crazy. She mentions that even Kwan Woo looks like a pretty boy to her and her eyes must have gone bad.

Kwan Woo leaves the restaurant with Hye Sung on his back. Hye Sung claims that she doesn’t have seeing eyes and asks Kwan Woo if that means that she should keep Gumshoe around her. Struggling, Kwan Woo asks Hye Sung where she lives.

Hye Sung continues her rant and states that if that kid wasn’t around, she cannot handle her trials since her eyes are rotten.

Her headband falls over her eyes again and she panics that she can’t see again. Kwan Woo amazingly reaches over to her head and fixes it. He still doesn’t know where she lives.

Soo Ha sits on a public bench and wonders why it is taking Hye Sung so long to come home and why she wasn’t answering her phone calls. Soo Ha runs to Kwan Woo upon seeing Kwan Woo carry Hye Sung. I guess Kwan Woo at least knows the general direction of Hye Sung’s home address. Soo Ha asks Kwan Woo if Hye Sung is sick, but winces when he smells alcohol on her right away. Kwan Woo recognizes Soo Ha since Soo Ha visited the office and asks Soo Ha why he is there. Soo Ha says he had a question for Hye Sung. Kwan Woo explains that Hye Sung is not in the right state right now. Soo Ha reads Kwan Woo’s thoughts. Kwan Woo wonders where Hye Sung lives since he can’t take her to his home. He thinks about leaving her in the office, but the office is cold. Soo Ha volunteers to take Hye Sung home and asks Kwan Woo to give him taxi money.

After the men move Hye Sung into the taxi, Kwan Woo prepares to get into the front seat when Soo Ha tells him that he can take it from there. Kwan Woo tells Soo Ha that Hye Sung is heavier than she looks. Soo Ha states that both of them carrying Hye Sung is unnecessary. I can’t help alluding to their love lines.

Kwan Woo hesitantly gives Soo Ha money and wonders if Soo Ha is trustworthy.  Soo Ha asks Kwan Woo for his business card so Soo Ha can call Kwan Woo when Soo Ha brings Hye Sung home. Kwan Woo insists that Soo Ha call him if Hye Sung is too much to handle. Soo ha assures Kwan Woo that he will be fine by himself. Somehow, it feels wrong for a grown man to let a high school kid take a woman home.

Soo Ha struggles to carry Hye Sung up the stairs. The front door is still tied with metal wire. Soo Ha struggles to untie it with Hye Sung on his back. Once inside, Soo Ha lets Hye Sung off on the couch. He drops a blanket on top of her and looks around the house.  The house is in a mess and Soo Ha is disgusted.

Hye Sung talks in her sleep, calling for Gumshoe. She commands someone to bring Soo Ha to her because she needs him for a trial. Hye Sung says she needs Soo Ha by her side since her eyes are rotten. Soo Ha smiles.    

Hye Sung wakes up on the couch in the morning. Her cellphone rings. Choon Shim is screaming on the other side of the phone, telling Hye Sung that she called more than twenty times, thinking something happened to Hye Sung. Hye Sung says that her eardrums would explode before anybody dies. Choon Shim notices Hye Sung’s voice immediately and asks Hye Sung if she feels sick. Hye Sung explained that everyone in her office went to dinner and she drank too much. Surprised,  Choon Shim comments that she doesn’t drink.

Hye Sung asks her mother if Hye Sung should go on that blind date. Choon Shim says she thought Hye Sung was married to the law. Hye Sung meekly stated that the law and her broke up. Choon Shim asks why and Hye Sung replies that she doesn’t believe the law wants a relationship with her. Annoyed, Choon Shim doesn’t understand how Hye Sung can be so indecisive.

Hye Sung is outside her office having trouble opening her plastic-bottled drink. Kwan Woo walks behind her and sprays air freshener in his mouth before approaching her. He opens her drink and asks her if she got home okay and if her stomach is okay. Hye Sung starts acting awkwardly around Kwan Woo. Kwan Woo wants to know if he is still a pretty boy to Hye Sung. Hye Sung pinches Kwan Woo’s cheeks and orders him to get his head straight and asks him if he is still drunk.

In the office bathroom, Hye Sung thinks she is going crazy because even while sober and while Kwan Woo is still wearing glasses, he still appeared handsome to her. Hye Sung feels her cheeks.

As Kwan Woo enters the office, Yoo Chang stares at Kwan Woo’s cheeks, wondering what’s wrong with it.

Yoo Chang tries to gossip and asks Kwan Woo if anything happened the night before. Kwan Woo tells him nothing happened. Park Soo Ha took Hye Sung home instead.

Yoo Chang noticed that Soo Ha takes Hye Sung to and from the office and home every day. Yoo Chang speculates that Soo Ha might be her body guard.

Sang Duk asks Kwan Woo if Kwan Woo asked Hye Sung if she knew Min Joon Gook just as Hye Sung enters the office. Hye Sung drops her bag and asks Sang Duk how he knew Min Joon Gook. Sang Duk explains that Joon Gook shared the same jail cell with somebody he knew. Kwan Woo asks Hye Sung if she knew him. With a grave expression, Hye Sung says yes. Sang Duk explains that Min Joon Gook was released from prison a month ago and he was wondering how Hye Sung is doing. Sang Duk adds that Joon Gook said that he owed Hye Sung something.

On the bus, Hye Sung studies all the “I’ll be there” text messages and wonders if those messages are Joon Gook’s doing. Funny, I don't remember see that many "I'll be there" messages. A man sits in the open seat next to her and Hye Sung immediately gets up, feeling paranoid. She walks the path home in paranoia.

Soo Ha tries to fix Hye Sung’s doorknob and accidently hammers his thumb, causing it to bleed. Hye Sung walks up to Soo Ha and asks him what he is doing. Soo Ha says that she didn’t answer her calls, so he came over. He notes that it’s been a while since the burglary and Hye Sung still didn’t fix her door. Hye Sung orders Soo Ha to leave and tells him she will take care of it herself.  Soo Ha tells her he is paying her back for helping Sung Bin. Hye Sung screams at him to leave. Confused, Soo Ha asks if anything happened. Hye Sung tells him to get lost and leave. She warns him not to come back again.

Soo Ha reads Hye Sung’s mind. Hye Sung thinks that Soo Ha may be aligned with Joon Gook before she slams the door on him. Soo Ha stands there with his thumb bleeding.

On the main street, Soo Ha receives a phone call from Joon Gook. Joon Gook asks Soo Ha if he remembers Joon Gook’s voice.  Soo Ha cautiously admits that he does and asks Joon Gook how he got Soo Ha’s phone number.

Joon Gook replies that he went by Soo Ha’s school. He then states Soo Ha’s full name. While Soo Ha stays silent, Joon Gook admits that he didn’t recognize him since Soo ha used another name. It has been ten years since he saw Soo Ha in the courtroom. Soo Ha asks Joon Gook for his location.

Soo Ha arrives at a fast-food restaurant where Joon Gook is dining on a burger. As Soo Ha sits down, Joon Gook says that he ordered Soo Ha a shrimp burger since Joon Gook didn’t know what Soo Ha liked. Joon Gook thinks that the kid finally came. Soo Ha asks Joon Gook what he is planning to do. Joon Gook starts testing Soo Ha with his thoughts. He thinks that Soo Ha grew up a lot and still has the mind-reading ability. Soo Ha orders Joon Gook to say it in words instead of thinking it. Joon Gook wonders why Soo Ha is so worried. Joon Gook wonders if Soo Ha thinks Joon Gook will do something to Soo Ha. Soo Ha accuses Joon Gook of being behind the cellphone scheme. Two girls nearby look at them oddly. Joon Gook asks in his thoughts if Soo Ha was scared because Joon Gook didn’t get started yet. Soo Ha wonders what Joon Gook is planning to do. Joon Gook honestly thought that he was after Soo Ha’s father and not Soo Ha. This time, he is also after somebody else. Soo Ha asks who. Joon Gook thought that person became an attorney.

Soo Ha loses self-control and knocks over Joon Gook’s drink before he punches him repeatedly.

Joon Gook cries for help, pleading with everybody that Soo Ha is going to kill him.  I would have thought Soo Ha took up boxing instead of Tae Kwon Do. Now, I see how scary Soo Ha can be.

At home, Hye Sung lies on the couch, holding a taser and a bat. A cat makes noise by the door and Hye Sung gets scared. I wonder why she is not sleeping in her bed instead. The phone rings and Hye Sung finds out that it is the police.

Hye Sung goes to the police station where she meets Lazy officer outside. Lazy informs Hye Sung that Soo Ha beat somebody up. He had no parents and they could not contact his teacher. Lazy says that the victim didn’t want to press charges and put up with more trouble since he was recently released from prison. Hye Sung asks for the victim’s name and Lazy tells her that it is Min Joon Gook. Lazy asks Hye Sung if she knows Min Joon Gook. Hye Sung requests to see the CCTV footage.

Hye Sung asks the officers why Soo Ha beat Joon Gook up. The police don’t know and the witnesses say Soo Ha was the one doing all the hitting. Police found it strange that witnesses say that Joon Gook didn’t speak, yet he got beat up. Another officer said only Soo Ha spoke.

After the footage was found, Hye Sung asks the officers what Soo Ha said. An officer says that Soo Ha kept telling the victim to tell him in words instead of just thinking it. This situation makes Soo Ha look like a loon. Hye Sung tries to imagine as the officer tells him what Soo Ha said.

Soo Ha tells Joon Gook that if it weren’t for Hye Sung being there for him ten years ago, he would have died in Joon Gook’s hands. From that point, Soo Ha counts his life as being lost so he’s going to protect Hye Sung. Soo Ha warns Joon Gook that he’s going to kill him.

A policeman found a hammer in Soo Ha’s bag and comments that they would have had real trouble.  After a flashback, Hye Sung tells the officers that she will sign for Soo Ha’s release.

Soo Ha sits impatiently at the police station, claiming that Joon Gook cannot be released. He asks the officers if they retrieved his address and phone number. Honestly, Soo Ha already has Joon Gook’s phone number since Joon Gook called him. The skeptical officer, who I will call Skeptical from now on, clarifies that Soo Ha is the one who threw punches, thus being the perpetrator and Joon Gook is the victim. Soo Ha tries to convince skeptical that Joon Gook has revengeful intentions by trying to find the person responsible for his jail time and kill that person. Skeptical tells Soo Ha that there are no witnesses. He notes that Joon Gook volunteers at six foundations including a soup kitchen and an animal shelter. Skeptical asks Soo Ha why he would accuse an innocent man who is trying to turn his life around. I agree with the officer and I think Soo Ha is too rash. He never thinks before acting, which is why he fell into Joon Gook’s ploy. Soo Ha confidently tells Skeptical that he has proof. Soo Ha blurts out that he heard Joon Gook’s thoughts.

Hye Sung enters the room and commands Soo Ha to stop.  Hye Sung walks up to Soo Ha and subconsciously tells him that was enough and orders him not to say anything useless or else he will repeat what happened in the courtroom ten year ago. Finally, Hye Sung thinks that she remembers Soo Ha.

Wow, we have an exciting ending. Now that Hye Sung knows Soo Ha’s identity, what will she do? What will they do about Joon Gook? We also have our next twins court case to look forward to. I feel Hye Sung can be so mean, but I understand where she is coming from, though I wish she wasn’t so insecure about herself.