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Recap: I Hear Your Voice - Episode One

Welcome to the “I Hear Your Voice” episode one recap! This is my first time recapping a television drama so I hope you like it. "I Hear Your Voice" is a show where Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) has a mind-reading superpower and he uses it to help fellow lawyers Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young) and Cha Kwan Woo (Yoon Sang Hyun) solve cases. 

I realize how much work recapping a show takes and I want to take a moment to applaud all the recappers out there. This is not an easy job at all! I watched the show and then re-watched the show. I took notes, and screenshots along the way. Creating screenshots isn’t easy for me so if there is anybody out there who knows of a good (preferably free) program, please recommend one to me. The process was really long, but I am new to recapping a series.

Since I am already writing weekly episode responses for the Dramafever Drama Club: I Hear Your Voice, I might as well write a more detailed recap on my blog. I will include a link on my thoughts on the first two episodes: Episode 1-2 thoughts. My drama club partners, JH and itsJuneMarie, also posted their thoughts.

If you would like to watch “I Hear Your Voice,” you can watch it on DramaFever for free with English subtitles.

Now, let’s start the recap!

WARNING: Please do not read if you don't want to see spoilers. I am reviewing the story as it progresses.

Episode one is all about the introduction of two of our main characters: Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young) and Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) and how their past is intertwined. The storyline is packed with drama without a second to waste.

Park Soo Ha is an eighteen-years-old high school student who is feared by all the students because he is a good fighter. 

Soo Ha’s classmates try to set up a prank for a fellow female student nicknamed, “Double Nose.” 

At this time, I wondered if Go Sung Bin (Kim Ga Eun) and Choong Ki were going out since they acted close. Since Soo Ha has a mind-reading ability, he instantly figures out that classmate Go Sung Bin and Choong Ki set up a trap for Double Nose, putting glue on a mop and liquid all over the floor before asking her to clean up the mess.

Doing the honorable thing, Soo Ha nonchalantly offers to clean it up and despite the student’s protests, he grabs the mop with two hands. Not long after, he slips on the floor and lands on his back. Irritated, Choong Ki tries to lunge at Soo Ha, but Soo Ha smoothly evades him by getting up quick. Choong Ki is now angry and he begins fighting Soo Ha, who dodges his every move with ease. Choong Ki breaks the broom with his leg and cries out in pain. His action easily frees Soo Ha from the sticky broom. The scene is funny and ends with a Soo Ha’s spinning back kick, which signals Choong Ki’s defeat. Nobody is thinking about Double Nose anymore.

Choong Ki is now in the bathroom on the phone telling the listener that Soo Ha got lucky and the fact that Choong Ki lost the fight was a fluke. Choong Ki gets ready to pee in the urinal and Soo Ha casually shows up next to him. Honestly, I think the peeing scenes are so unnecessary. We didn’t need to see the pee so close up and the pee looks like water anyway. Those boys must drink a lot of water for the pee to be clear. 

Choong Ki is scared of Soo Ha, but Soo Ha tries to calm Choong Ki down with a joke. Soo Ha tells Choong Ki that he can read a person’s mind by staring at the person’s eyes. 

Choong Ki is shocked, but Soo Ha confesses that he was doing random moves and kicked into the air by chance. Choong Ki relaxes and thinks that he is letting Soo Ha go because Soo Ha is a poor orphan. Soo Ha is stung when he receives Choong Ki’s thought.

It’s a good segue moment to reveal what happened ten years prior, where Soo Ha was eight-years-old in the car with his father. His mother figure is nowhere to be found and since Soo ha is an orphan, I guess she died earlier. 

Soo Ha was discussing coupons with his father and the best way to save money to go to Aqua-Quest, the biggest aquarium in Korea. Soo Ha's father didn't want to go since he went many times, but Soo Ha insisted on going except they can save more money if they went on the weekdays. Soo Ha's father couldn't make weekdays. A truck out of nowhere T-bones the car. 

The crash scene looked fake with the broken glass looking a bit animated. 

Because Soo Ha hit his head, he developed a mind-reading superpower. This is how a superhero is born. This first person Soo Ha read the thoughts of is the truck driver.

Because Soo Ha and his father were still alive, the truck driver and antagonist of the show, Min Joon Gook (Jung Woong In), decided to kill them instead and went back to the truck to look for a weapon. 

Soo Ha tries to warn his father, but it is too late. Joon Gook reappeared with a long metal pipe, big enough to be Donatello’s bo from the story, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Joon Gook dramatically jumped on top of the hood of the car and began swinging his metal pipe like a mad man. We are spared the gory details, but Soo Ha apparently saw it all. Joon Gook kills So Ha’s father in cold blood and gets ready to open the passenger door to take a swing at Soo Ha. Because of this trauma, Soo Ha should have been more scarred than Lee Jong Suk’s character, Go Nam Soon, of the drama, School 2013, but we see Soo Ha has an upbeat personality in this drama.

In the present day, Soo Ha is standing at the top of the school steps overlooking the scene in front of him. He states that there are two types of noises in this world: One is what everyone hears and the other one is only what Soo ha can hear. Soo Ha demonstrates with three examples, but honestly, the examples are too obvious. I could have figured most of it out without having mind-reading powers. 

Example one: Male student staring at Soo Ha. Well, So Ha did beat up a classmate today. Why else would students stare at him? 

Example two: A student reaching into his jacket to find his phone. Well, in my opinion, people reach into their jackets to either find one of these things: wallet (money), phone, or keys. 

Example three: Female student is griping her stomach and another female student is assisting her. As a fellow female, there are only two possibilities a female would grip her stomach: she is sick or she has her period. It’s not that hard to figure out or at least to make a wild guess.

Sung Bin joins Soo Ha, who is sitting on the steps to give him solution for the sticky glue on his hands. Honestly, Soo Ha already went to the bathroom prior to wash it off, but I guess he still has some glue left. Sung Bin and Soo Ha talk about Double Nose and crushes. Sung Bin wants to know if Soo Ha likes Double Nose since he saved her, but Soo Ha denies it. Soo Ha does have a crush and Sung Bin wonders if it is her, but since Soo Ha can read minds, Sung Bin quickly denies it when he asks her. So, I guess Sung Bin never liked Choong Ki. Soo Ha confirms that he does have somebody he likes and that is his first love, Jang Hye Sung.

Soo Ha may view Jang Hye Sung in a dreamy sense, but the reality is that there is little to like about Hye Sung’s character. A basketball innocently lands on a puddle of dirty water, splashing Hye Sung’s feet and Hye Sung, in turn, throws the ball down the downward-sloped street to the players' dismay. Hye Sung is a colorless lawyer, meaninglessly doing her job in court, boring everybody involved in the court case.

After the court case, Hye Sung returns her mother, Eo Choon Shim (Kim Hae Suk)’s, phone call. Choon Shim badgers Hye Sung about the 50 million (around $50,000 USD) Won that Hye Sung owes her along with the allowance that Choon Shim is still giving Hye Sung on a regaular basis. Hye Sung complains that one out of eight lawyers earn only 2 million Won a month (around $2,000 USD) and Hye Sung only made 880,000 Won (around $880 USD) last month. At this rate, Hye Sung will never pay the money back. As a public defender though, Hye Sung can earn 3-4 million Won a month ($3000-4000 USD). I really wonder why Hye Sung does not actively pursue the public defender career and makes an excuse that it is too embarrassing to study when she is in so much debt? She should really take the job more seriously if she wants to change her life. Perhaps, she doesn’t.

During the phone conversation, Hye Sung kept taking free Dental writing pads from actress, Jun Soo Kyung, who makes a cameo appearance as an ajumma handing out promotional items on the sidewalk. I love Jun Soo Kyung from the drama, “Color of a Woman,” where she plays the uptight director of a cosmetics company.  Hye Sung already took two notepads, walking back and forth, but she comes back after her phone conversation to grab a fist-full more of pads from the ajumma before leaving. That is gutsy and Hye Sung has thick skin. It is during this moment that I realize Soo Ha and Hye Sung have something in common: they both like to save money. Soo Ha is frugal with his coupons and Hye Sung is frugal with her freebies.

Now, our third lead, Cha Kwan Woo (Yoon Sang Hyun) shows up with a dorky, quirky appearance. Kwan Woo wears Harry Potter-esque glasses, tight and short pants, which reveal his socks, and an outdated slanted-bang hairstyle. He acts like a boy scout, ready to cheerfully do the right thing at all times.

I am suddenly reminded that Yoon Sang Hyun and Lee Jong Suk had a one-sided relationship in the drama, “Secret Garden,” and now they are both acting in “I Hear Your Voice,” having affections for the same woman.

Kwan Woo enters what he thought was the correct room and Hye Sung is the only person sitting there. Kwan Woo tries to make conversation, but it’s clear that Hye Sung is more focused on her mobile game than Kwan Woo or even the public defender interview. Ignoring the social cue, Kwan Woo enthusiastically tells Hye Sung that he used to be a police officer, but switched to law just to become a public defender. He is interrupted by a man who comes in, wondering why they are in this room. Hye Sung and Kwan Woo have the right room number, but on the wrong side of the building. Hye Sung wastes no time and runs out. Kwan Woo screams after her to wait up, but he is ignored. I don’t understand why Hye Sung has to wait for Kwan Woo when he’s a stranger.

They both reach the correct room, but it is full of people who are going through multiple rounds of interviews. Hye Sung finally becomes desperate and asks Kwan Woo for his interview notes that he previously offered to share. The only notes Hye Sung copied were the notes to the question of why an applicant wanted the job. Honestly, if an applicant can’t answer that type of basic question, don’t waste everybody’s time. I thought that was pathetic that she had to give a scripted answer.

Luckily, Kwan Woo and all the other applicants already used those lines and Hye Sung overheard them speak while standing next to the door of the interview room. 

It was interesting to see Kwan Woo's report card with all As except for two Bs.

When it was Hye Sung’s turn, she has no choice, but to tell the judges that she wants the job for one simple reason: cash. Main judge and interviewer, Kim Gong Sook (Kim Kwang Kyu) appears to be impressed, but sarcastic. Hye Sung launches into a sob story about her terrible circumstances while growing up, which are all probably true, but she gives it an air of melodrama.

Judge Kim critically claims, “But that can only happen in a drama” and gives Hye Sung the standard response for dismissal. Before Hye Sung makes her dejected exit, Judge Kim asks her one last question about why she was expelled from school since she mentioned it on her resume. Hye Sung brightly asks if she will be hired if she tells the story. Judge Kim answers that it depends on how good the story is for Hye Soo to pass.

We go back ten years ago when Hye Sung (Kim So Hyun) was probably in middle school. Her mother was a maid/cook of a rich family and Hye Sung also lived in the same house provided that her mother still worked there. 

The rich parents had a seemingly perfect daughter, Seo Do Yeon (Jung Min Ah), who felt the need to cheat on exams at school. Do Yeon’s cheating method of securing the answers elastically under her sleeve was found out by Hye Sung, who glares at her from the next row of seats. If the girls didn’t like each other before, they hated each other even more after that. I guess as a result of cheating, Do Yeon went from ranking eighth to first place in school. To celebrate, the Seo family gave Do Yeon a fireworks party. Do Yeon and her friends were in the backyard shooting fireworks. Hye Sung and her mother, Choon Shim, were at the Seo family home kitchen making Japchae. Hye Sung brought the Japchae in two plates outside for her classmates to eat when one of the classmates mentioned that Hye Sung should join them. After a bit of hesitation, Do Yeon nodded, gave her approval, and allowed Hye Sung to join. Hye Sung hesitantly took one of the fireworks and holds a cigarette lighter as well. 

After giving Hye Sung a tube of fireworks, the classmate next to Do Hyun tried to launch another tube of fireworks, but the spark seemingly fizzed out. When the friend turned the firework towards her to get a closer look, the firework shot Do Yeon in the face and in particular, the left eye.

Ouch. That looks like an eye crippling accident. I wouldn’t wish it upon anybody, but apparently evil-minded Hye Sung does when she admits that the experience "served her right.” After Do Yeon’s accident, Hye Sung dropped her own fireworks and lighter to the ground in shock. Everybody hovered around Do Yeon except Hye Sung. That’s a perfect setup to accuse Hye Sung of being the culprit. Plus, it was her first time using fireworks, so I’m sure everybody would think she did it. Honestly, I don’t know why there wasn’t a single adult around when children play with fireworks.

At the hospital, Do Yeon’s father and judge, Seo Dae Suk (Jung Dong Hwan) and mother were told that Do Yeon had a high chance of never recovering her left eye. Angry, Dae Suk asks Do Yeon’s friends who shot the fireworks in Do Yeon’s face when they came over to visit. The two visiting classmates shivered in fear and the true culprit stuttered in hesitation until Hye Sung and her mother, Choon Shim, arrive to visit. The culprit pointed out that Hye Sung was the one who shot the fireworks in Do Yeon’s face and even Do Yeon was surprised by the accusation. Hye Sung denied it, but Do Yeon chimes in that Do Yeon saw it as well. Shoon Shim was infuriated and wanted her husband, Dae Suk, to do something about it.

Shocked, Choon Shim told Do Yeon’s parents that she would like to speak to her daughter, Hye Sung, in private. Once, they left the room, Choon Shim planted Do Yeon against the wall, asking for the truth, though she said it in a way that makes her the most supportive mom in drama land.

Hye Sung denied that she was a liar and started crying. Choon Shim wiped away Hye Sung’s tears and they went back inside. 

At the same time, Do Yeon asked her father Dae Suk if he believed in her. Dae Suk looked at Do Yeon and only told her that he needed to wait for a response from Choon Shim and Hye Sung first. Do Yeon looked down and hurt. Two different families had two different vibes.

Choon Shim walked back inside with Hye Sung and Choon Shim adamantly told Dae Suk that Hye Sung did not do it. Hye Sung never cried when her father died and when she broke her leg ice skating, but she cried when she was wrongly accused.

Dae Suk goes to the mother-daughter pair and told them that unless Hye Sung apologizes, Dae Suk would not let Hye Sung attend the same school as Do Yeon and Choon Shim will lose her job as well. Do Yeon smiled to that ultimatum. I am confused. Why would Seo Dae Suk, a judge himself, draw concrete conclusions based general accusations with no proof? At least, he should not come up with a definite conclusion in such a short amount of time. Since when does a judge have the power to expel students from a school? How is that possible? Let’s just say for argument sake that he donated a lot of money to the school. How can the school expel a student for no reason? Hye Sung hesitated, but in the end, stood her ground that she did not do it.

At the school, Hye Sung received a school drop-out form for her to sign. If she did not sign it, the school would take steps to expel her.

Meanwhile at the Seo residence, Choon Shim finished packing with her things loaded onto a truck, ready to leave. Hye Sung arrived back in time to see driver Kim give Choon Shim her severance pay as instructed by his boss, Dae Suk. Hye Sung begged her mother not to take the severance pay.  She told her mother that she was expelled from school over this injustice.

Driver Kim said that dirty money is still money.  Somehow, I found myself laughing to that.

After much consideration, Choon Sim took the money and tells Hye Sung to get in the car. Hye Sung adamantly tells her mother that she was not going to move from this spot. Choon Sim told Hye Sung that she could walk then and drove away.

Choon Shim parked the truck and I wonder what she was going to do with the money. Her eyes caught a poster of Seo Dae Suk. At first, I thought that Judge Seo was going to run for partisan elections like just like the New York court system, but my husband told me that it was for a book. Apparently, Seo Dae Suk wrote a book. Choon Sim stared at the posters and got an idea.

Meanwhile, at night, Hye Sung was still standing on the street across from the Seo residence, waiting for her mother. Dae Suk urged Hye Sung to go home, but Hye Sung stuck to her belief that she was innocent. Hye Sung tells Dae Suk that obviously he was feeling guilty since he tried to give them money. Dae Suk told Hye Sung that it was hard to believe Hye Sung when her own mother took the money and left. Obviously Choon Shim also didn’t believe in Hye Sung either. 

During this moment, Choon Shim stacked all the books right outside the Seo residence, poured some gasoline on it, and lit the money in the white envelope on fire before throwing it all into the bonfire of books.

Dae Suk walked over in disbelief, demanding to know why Choon Shim set his books on fire.  In a truly charismatic manner, Choon Shim told Dae Suk that the book stated that Dae Suk is a judge with a warm heart. Her daughter was right and Dae Suk was wrong. Choon Shim was done with all this and told Hye Sung to leave with her.

After the two ran around the corner, Choon Shim collapsed as she shoke. She wondered if Dae Suk could tell that she was shaking and if she forgot any lines. She then revealed her palm where she had written her speech with a pen.

Hye Sung realized what I also realize; Choon Shim was acting strong, but was really shivering inside. I guess Choon Shim taught us all some acting tricks. Is that how they do it in Korea? (Just kidding.)

Hye Sung made a smart move by confronting Do Yeon on her way home. With a firework in hand, Hye Sung approached Do Yeon and lit up a firework right in front of her. Do Yeon ducked by instinct and Hye Sung shot the fireworks into the air. Hye Sung asked why Do Yeon didn't duck that day as she did then if Do Yeon really saw Hye Sung shoot the fireworks at Do Yeon. With nothing to say, Do Yeon panicked. Hye Sung wanted Do Yeon to go to their parents to tell everybody the truth. Just then, they both heard the sounds of a car accident.

Tying Soo Ha and Hye Sung's fate together, Hye Sung rushed to the scene of the car accident followed by Do Yeon. Murderer Kim Joon Gook was at the passenger side of the car, ready to swing at little Soo Ha. Hye Sung instinctively tried to take a picture of Kim Joon Gook, but the camera phone automatically played a "smile!" sound. Alarmed, Kim Joon Gook looked at the girl's direction. 

This part is what I don't understand. Min Joon Gook spent 17 seconds dragging his metal pipe along the floor when he really should have been running towards the girls. The girls obviously ran away and Min Joon Gook finally ran after them. Two seconds later, however, we hear metal pipe dragging sounds again.

By the time Min Joon Gook reached the park, the girls had found a hiding place behind some bushes. Frustrated, Min Joon Gook started randomly swinging at some bushes. Did he really think he would find the girls by acting unnecessarily creepy and by walking? Min Joon Gook was about to give up, but Do Yeon accidentally hiccuped. Min Joon Gook moved closer, but he started to hear police sirens. I wonder who called the police if there were no witnesses. The first thing a murderer would do upon hearing a siren is to run, right? Min Joon Gook decided to give the girls a 24 second warning speech. If the girls shut their mouths, then the courts would rule the entire situation as a car accident, but if the girls opened their mouths to rat him out to the police, he would personally kill them the way he killed the person in the car. Twenty-four seconds later after the speech, Min Joon Gook dragged his pipe on the ground as he left for nine more seconds. Unbelievable. He should have ran already.

During the daytime, Hye Sung, hidden by a plastic hat, watched the entire scene unfold in a TV report. She was standing in front of some street stands watching the TV. Some women talked about the case and how there was no evidence to prove that it was murder. Hye Sung saw Do Yeon hiding behind a tree and tried to talk to Do Yeon, but ended up scaring Do Yeon in the process. At this point, I really start wondering why these girls cannot be friends. They practically grew up together, but were never close. Do Yeon and Hye Sung accused each other of backing out of being a witness. They both were weaker than they appear, but to prove that Hye Sung was not lying about doing the right thing, Hye Sung says that if she went to court as a witness, Do Yeon would also have to go as well. Do Yeon agreed.

At night, Hye Sung was still thinking about whether to become a witness. She asked her mother who was more prettier: Miss Korea or her? Do Yeon or her? 

Choon-Shim answers honesty and Hye Sung remarked that Choon-Shim should have taken Do Yeon's side instead. Choon-Shim retorts, "Are you talking or are you farting?" I found that hilarious because there is a hilarious Cantonese expression, "有嘢就講... 有屁就放" ([if you] have something to say, then say it. [If you] have fart, then fart [it out].)

In the morning, Hye Sung stood in front of the courtroom. The night before, Choon-Shim had told Hye Sung that Choon-Shim did not take Hye Sung's side because Hye Sung is her daughter, but because she told the truth and was right, just like her father.

Do Yeon shows up in front of the courtroom as well. I don't understand why the girls decided at the last minute to become witnesses when they should have went to the police first. Do Yeon asked why Hye Sung showed up in her school uniform when Do Yeon thought Hye Sung quit school. Hye Sung replied that she doesn't think of it as quitting. Oddly, I thought Hye Sung was ultimately expelled from school and I would think Do Yeon knew that so this dialogue didn't make sense. The girls struggled to go to their respective doors of the courtroom, but Min Joon Gook's death threat still lingered in their minds. Hye Sung suggested going in after the count of three. One opened the door and the other hesitates.

In the present interview room, Judge Seo Dae Suk is at the edge of his seat, dying to know what happened. Hye Sung tells him that if she told the story any further, it would be disadvantageous to her. One thing for sure is that to this day, Hye Sung regrets her decision. The judges wonder what she means by that comment.

Park Soo Ha is off to prep school and his classmates talk about him from a distance. His curly-haired classmate, Sung Hoon, admires Soo Ha's intelligence and fighting skills a lot, but Choong Ki denies Soo Ha's greatness. Soo Ha sees Hye Sung from a distance across a street intersection and runs after her even though it was not the right timing to cross. Although he is putting his body on the line in front of the cars to cross the street, he misses the chance to meet Hye Sung and is dejected. 

At the Tae Kwon Do center, Soo Ha writes in his diary entry and is reminded of his past. Little Soo Ha was in the hospital and two detectives came to the conclusion that it was simple car accident where the truck driver dozed off behind the wheel. 

Soo Ha immediately grabbed his writing pad and wrote that the driver killed his dad with a metal pipe. He grunted and tried to get the detectives' attention. The detectives read the notepad and realized that the case was now a homicide case, but they are not able to conduct an autopsy because Soo Ha's father was cremated the day before. The other detective wondered if they can trust Soo Ha's testimony since he injured his head. No witnesses came forward so far and the detectives commented that this case would be a strong case if there was at least one witness. Soo Ha uttered again to get the detectives' attention.

Back in the courtoom, Min Joon Gook explained that Soo Ha had misunderstood him. Joon Gook broke the windshield to save Park Joo Hyuk, Soo Ha's father. After Joon Gook broke the windshield, he realized Joo Hyuk was already dead. Soo Ha must have misunderstood the situation. Joon Gook's lawyer (So Yi Hyun in a cameo appearance) explained that Park Soo Ha was eight-years-old and in second grade and therefore too young to understand what happened. He developed a language problem so it was hard to further believe in the child's testimony. Sitting in the judges panel was Seo Dae Suk as one of the judges. Joon Gook looked at Soo Ha and thought that "all these idiots" were on his side. Unfortunately for Joon Gook, Soo Ha heard his thoughts and wrote his exact words on his writing pad. Soo Ha got the judge's attention and the nurse beside him read Joon Gook's exact thoughts, but the situation ended up backfiring on Soo Ha when he admitted that he could read other people's minds. Joon Gook was shocked, but Joon Gook's lawyer further pressed the judges to answer whether or not Soo Ha's testimony could be trusted. To the court, Soo Ha made a seemingly ridiculous statement. Joon Gook started thanking Soo Ha in Joon Gook's thoughts and told Soo Ha not to expect any more witnesses since Joon Gook already threatened them away. Helpless, Soo Ha started crying.

At that moment, Hye Sung walked into the court room just in time to turn the trial around. She looked to the other side in dismay where the other entrance was and did not see Do Yeon. Hye Sung looked at Joon Gook and immediately lost her wits. After looking at Soo Ha, Hye Sung regained her focus and announced that she was a witness to the murder. Even though Hye Sung explained what happened, she could not be a witness since she did not come forward during the investigation time period and Soo Ha's credibility was destroyed. At this point, I shouted out loud, "The cellphone! The cellphone!" Sure enough, Hye Sung whipped out her cellphone and asked whether it could be used as evidence. Although I am happy that the justice can be served, I wonder about the quality of the cellphone picture in real life.She is using the cellphone technology of ten years ago and it was dark at night with little lighting. To put my thoughts to a test, I tried to do the same thing with my HTC ONE VX phone.

Nightshot without flash
Nightshot with flash: Pretty good! I will only use flash from now on.
Now, I added a person, my husband. I can't see him here, many cars away with flash.
I can start to see his legs and arms at about three cars away.
I can see his full body two cars away.
Hye Sung shook while waiting for the judge's answer, but little Soo Ha held her hand. Hye Sung was allowed into the court as a witness and Joon Gook blew his lid by becoming the Hulk. His anger went out of control as he leapt over his desk to lunge at Hye Sung, strangling her. 

It took four people to restrain Joon Gook. Joon Gook was ordered to be detained by Judge Seo. At the top of his lungs, Joon Gook screamed that he would kill Hye Sung and this would only be the beginning. Hye Sung gasped for air. 

Judge Seo asked if Hye Sung would be able to testify now or at the next court meeting since she was attacked, but Hye Sung responded that if she didn't do it now, she may not be able to do it later. At this point, I start to wonder about Korean law. Shouldn't Judge Seo claim a conflict of interest now that he personally knows Hye Sung? Hye Sung lived in his house since her mother was the housemaid. 

Hye Sung took an oath to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Soo Ha was enamored with Hye Sung and from this point on, Hye Sung was his hero. The present Soo Ha wonders where Hye Sung would be at this time. 

After the court session, Hye Sung sat on an outside bench, crying. Soo Ha tried to comfort her and wrote with a rock, the words, "thank you" on the dirt ground. Hye Sung quickly erased it away with her foot. She told him that there was no need to thank him since she was regretting what she did. Hye Sung stood up and walked away, but Soo Ha kept following her. She told him not to follow her, but he didn't listen. Hye Sung started running, but fell on the ground with her journal falling out of her book bag. Hye Sung shook Soo Ha and blamed him for everything. 

At this moment, Hye Sung started thinking and Soo Ha read her thoughts. Hye Sung was worried that criminal Joon Gook would be after her after he is released from prison. How would she live from now on, knowing that Joon Gook would kill her one day?

Soo Ha has never forgotten Hye Sung and constantly looks for her. Little Soo Ha hugged Hye Sung as she cried. Then, as if a miracle happened, Soo Ha was cured from his "language problem" when he vowed to protect Hye Sung. Hye Sung smiled, probably thinking how cute Soo Ha was at that time.

In the present day, Soo Ha vows again to protect Hye Sung. He continues practicing Tae Kwon Do with a punching bag and now we understand why he is such a great fighter at school. He had been physically  training himself in order to protect Hye Sung. I found it eerie that he is the only one at the Tae Kwon Do center. 

My husband thought his kicks were done in bad form, but I thought his kicks were pretty good. 

As he kicks, the pages of the journal turn to reveal all the times he tried to look for Hye Sung. 

Soo Ha is so cute. In one instance, he was smiling as he ran to the woman whom he thought was Hye Sung.

After a tiring practice session, Soo Ha hugs the punching bag and thinks, "I miss you."

What did I think so far? This story has so many illogical flaws, but is still a promising story because Park Soo Ha is so cute and I love how Park Soo Ha and Jang Hye Sung's past interweave into a well thought-out story. I can't wait to see what will happen in the future.

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