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HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episodes 8-9 (4/4)

Baby Gook, secrets, and reconciliation are on Zombie Mamma, Tanya, and Powerz' minds for this week's chat of Emergency Couple.

Tanya: Okay, so I know I’m skipping ahead a LOT, but I don’t feel that Jin Ae is as awful as we all first thought. Definitely not a model citizen, needs improvement, but not the family-abandoning woman they made her out to be for a few episodes.

Zombie: I’m still not the biggest fan of Jin Ae but at least now we know that she genuinely cares for her husband and baby, if not really her mom and sister. That’s a plus in its own right but it only scores her a few measly points in my book.

Karen: Jin Ae definitely has room for improvement in my book. She may be a caring mother and wife, but she still needs to work out her issues with her immediate family.

Tanya: She apparently has a high enough opinion of her mom and sister that she was willing to send her husband and child to them because she knew they would care for them. I’m not a fan of the lying but at least she knows they will help.

Zombie: It took Jo Yang Ja long enough to warm up Baby Gook. I can understand the hesitancy in accepting Kim Gwang Soo, seeing as how he’s a complete stranger and all but to not have any compassion or feeling for Baby Gook… I just can’t fathom that! He’s so stinking adorable, how could you not love him? He’s a baby and he’s cute, that should make everyone love him, regardless of your relation to him.

Karen: I don’t even know baby Gook and I love him to death! Absolutely! He can come live with me for a while too! I even cried for him this week.

Tanya: Was anyone else disturbed by how real that baby’s responses were? Like they were actually sticking him?! It really upset me actually. There was just something way too real about it. I’m all for authenticity, but if they were really poking that kid I have some producers I need to punch in the face.

Karen: Yes, that scream was so real! I think they used the same sound file though because baby Gook’s screams seem to be identical. Anyway, I wonder what they did to make that scream happen.

Zombie: Maybe Baby Gook is just a natural-born actor… Moving on (because let’s face it, the very idea of that poor baby being poked for the sake of authenticity is just sickening)... Let’s talk about the developing relationship between Jin Hee and Dr. Gook. Are they not totally adorable?

Tanya: Yes and no. They are, but at the same time I already feel like it will never go anywhere so I’m not really invested in it. It’s just there to cause more drama… Hah!

Karen: I have this feeling that Dr. Gook may have started liking Jin Hee because of that sly smile in the elevator. I kept asking myself what that smile was all about.

Zombie: Whatever it’s about, I like seeing it. Dr. Gook looks so much better when he smiles! And yes, there is no way any sort of relationship between the two will ever pan out but I enjoy watching them together, in those rare moments when they’re comfortable enough together to put their guard down and simply enjoy each other’s company.

Karen: Do you all think Jin Hee took the jacket back from Dr. Gook or do you think he ended up keeping it?

Tanya: You know, I’m not sure. Dr. Gook did tell Jin Hee that it was Chang Min, but there was never any visual on the jacket again. It’s probably still sitting in his office.

Zombie: I think that jacket is meant to stir up Chang Min and Dr. Shim’s feelings of jealousy more than anything else. My guess is, Dr. Gook won’t ever actually wear that jacket, unless he decided to put it on, just to rile up Chang Min a little.

Tanya: Speaking of Dr. Shim, the phone call from America. Does anyone suspect a secret child happening here? Dr. Gook’s maybe?

Zombie: Oh definitely! I have a theory on this actually, that I wrote about earlier this week, so I won’t go there again but I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more going on with that secret phone call than anyone can possibly imagine.

Karen: Shim Ji Hye and Ji Min? Sounds too close to say that they aren’t related. I really don’t think the child is Dr. Gook’s though, because I don’t see Dr. Shim as the kind of person who would run away from a relationship. She was always so strong and independent.

Zombie: I don’t really see her running away from a relationship but if, perhaps, a relationship was shattered beyond repair… I could see her escaping the fall-out as a sort of self-preservation. Can I really see Dr.s Gook and Shim in such a toxic relationship when they get along so well now? No, but the way this drama has gone, it wouldn’t surprise me if that popped up as part of their mysterious past.

Tanya: I don’t think she would have run away, but more like a she left after the situation and maybe found out later? If they were on iffy terms, I could see hiding it from him.

Karen: Something doesn’t match up for me. Dr. Shim tries to pursue Dr. Gook openly, yet she also holds herself back to give him space so that it wouldn’t be so obvious. I don’t see them having prior ill feelings for one another.

Zombie: That’s part of what has me so confused about them. I can’t decide whether they were ever actually in a relationship or if they have just harbored feelings for each other for all these years without ever acting upon them… I really don’t know.

Tanya: That’s true. I never thought about that, but it’s still suspicious.

Zombie: While we’re on the subject of mysteries, here’s a whopper for you… What in the world is Chang Min going to do to make Jin Hee fall madly in love with him again? I mean, seriously! Up to this point, Jin Hee has been so adamantly against Chang Min in every way possible, I cannot see her falling in love with him all over again. I just can’t! I don’t understand how it’s even possible! Please, does anyone have any idea how this miraculous change is going to come about???

Karen: Chang Min needs a serious miracle to happen. He has all these obstacles present before he can even start to pursue Jin Hee: Chang Min’s mother, Han Ah Reum, and his job security at the hospital. Even after all that, he hasn’t openly shown Jin Hee that he cares for her at all. He continues to argue with her in front of others. I think he needs to start over again and pretend that they never met before. Start fresh.

Tanya: I… don’t even know. There shouldn’t be any way yet because he hasn’t proven himself to anyone (including us) but DramaLand always provides a path for impossible. That’s going to be what happens here. There isn’t a magical switch in people to make them forget the past. I just don’t see it. 

Zombie: I suppose this is part of the reason we keep coming back, week after week… We’re hoping that eventually, all of this crazy madness will finally start to make sense. I mean, at some point, it has to… Right?

Karen: As long as Chang Min and Jin Hee are working together, there will be plenty of chances for them to reconcile.

Zombie: I’m just going to keep telling myself that somewhere, way deep down inside, Chang Min and Jin Hee are still madly in love with each other and all of this time spent together, through all of the ups and downs of life as an ER intern, will be exactly what’s needed to bring them back together in the end.

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