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HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episode 7 (3/4)

Hello, Hallyu Zombie Emergency Couple fans. I'm Karen and it's my turn to give a fresh, new take on this week's episode of Emergency Couple. As my partner Zombie Mamma mentioned, only one, new episode is broadcasted this week to allow the Emergency Couple staff more time to improve the quality of future episodes. That change is okay for me as I have more than enough topics to talk about this week.

I am enjoying every bit of the chemistry between the Dr. Ohs: Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) and Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo). The Emergency Couple love gauge is flying high at this moment. Finally, our main couple actually starts to visibly care for each other again. Chang Min looked visibly jealous when the chief of the ER department, Gook Chun Soo (Lee Pil Mo), picked Jin Hee off the dance floor. Chang Min was openly concerned about some scratches on Jin Hee's hand that was caused by her previous fall. In his drunken state, Chang Min confesses his true feelings of gratefulness towards Jin Hee for saving the life of Chang Min's mother and Chang Min offers his apology to Jin Hee as well. In the morning, Jin Hee worries about whether Chang Min ate breakfast. They are starting to act like a couple although Jin Hee still understandably has her guard up. Even the off-putting comments of Chang Min's mother, Yoon Sung Sook (Park Joon Geum), got on Chang Min's nerves and he starts acting a bit passive-aggressive towards his mother.

Although Chang Min struggles through feelings of self-worth throughout his internship at the hospital, all his feelings of self-worth and pride go out the door when he realizes that Jin Hee would be wrongfully dismissed by the hospital. In a surprising move, Chang Min utilizes his family connections and pleads for his prominent uncle doctor, Yoon Sung Gil's help. I am almost touched. At this point, I want our main couple to have some more alone time outside the hospital so that they can rekindle their feelings for one another. There is still more room on the Emergency Couple love gauge for some more love and romance.

Meanwhile, Chang Min's romantic relationship with the prime minister's daughter and fellow intern, Han Ah Reum (Clara) is as good as dead. Chang Min clearly doesn't even think of Ah Reum at all. He could have clarified the circumstances of why he had to miss their date that night, but he remained silent though I doubt he wanted to explain himself in the first place as he was more worried about Jin Hee. Chang Min made it too easy for Ah Reum to misunderstand.

I am, however, really impressed by Ah Reum, who is the straightforward one to ask Chang Min to officially date her. Ah Reum is fearless and I like that about her. Maybe her fearlessness comes from living in the United States. Not many females in K-dramas ask a guy to go steady with them.

I must confirm and re-confirm again that I have serious second-lead syndrome. I am loving Dr. Gook more and more each week as if my audience cannot tell by reading my reviews so far. I must say that if I were Jin Hee, I would not hesitate to try to melt Dr. Gook's heart and start a new relationship with him. I can't see how the immature Chang Min is better than Dr. Gook. When Jin Hee called Dr. Gook for assistance in saving Emma, a patient who was too financially poor to get treated, Dr. Gook's eyeball hesitation was enough to sway me towards his side as he fights with his natural emotion to rush over and help. Soul mates?

What did Dr. Gook get in return for helping Emma? A hug and a shoulder to lean on. How sweet!

In the scene where Jin Hee was trapped in the bathroom of Yoon Sung Sook's VIP room, I kept wondering what I would do if I were stuck in a similar situation. At first, I thought that Jin Hee had a cellphone aka handphone so she should use it to her advantage. Even if she called Chang Min, what can he do to distract his aunts and how could he get Jin Hee past his mother? Though, in the end, I think what happened to Jin Hee worked out for the best. She should just pretend that she was using the bathroom because it was truly an emergency before excusing herself out of the room, which is almost what she did except she was very mortified about it. I guess there was no easy way out of that situation.

Lastly, I am surprised that there is yet another new character to be introduced: Oh Jin Ae's (Jun Soo Jin's) husband, Kim Kwang Soo (Park Doo Shik). Actor Park Doo Shik also played a bully-turned-awkwardly-sweet-and-comical-character in SBS's 2013 drama, I Hear Your Voice. I am super surprised that Jin Ae has a husband, officially or by common-law, and that she has such an adorable baby six-month-old boy named Kim Gook.

Baby Gook seems to be such a natural actor. I love his surprise face. I can stare at baby Gook all day long and I'm tempted to litter this whole review with pictures of baby Gook. Before this week's episode, I tried to give Jin Ae the benefit of the doubt due to her feelings of isolation, but now, she recklessly left baby Gook all alone with his father and that is something I find unforgivable. A person can hate, though shouldn't hate, his or her family, but a person should never abandon his or her own child on a whim. I'm not sure if Baby Gook still needs to be breast-fed or not, but if he did, Jin Ae is a terrible mother and human being. As I said before, an adult person should know better.

Check back soon for our weekly chat about episode seven of Emergency Couple! Zombie Mamma, Tanya, and I would love to hear your thoughts!

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