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HK Song Spotlight: "我這樣愛你" (I Love You Like This) by Leon Lai (黎明)

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Though personally, I'm not crazy about Hong Kong singer and actor, Leon Lai, I do appreciate a lot of his songs in addition to his sweet voice. My grandma is so obsessed with Leon Lai that she called him her "契仔" (adopted son).

In case you're wondering who Leon Lai is, as a singer, he is considered one of the "四大天王" (Four Big Heavenly Kings) meaning he is one of the best Cantopop singers in the 1990s.

In 1998, Leon had an album titled, "我這樣愛你(I Love You Like This). Within the album is a track with the same name. In 1998, the album won the IFPI HK Platinum Disc award according to Wikipedia and also won first place in Hong Kong Sales Volume for his EP album according to

As for the song, in my opinion, the most memorable lyrics lie in the chorus part of the song.

用最孤獨的心 換最溫柔的愛 (Using the most solitary of heart, in exchange for the most tender of love)

This line emotionally hit me because of the image it created in my mind. It makes me wonder what would have happened if the loneliest person exchanges his mindset and heart for a beautiful, tender love.

就算天涯海角 都可能覆蓋” (Given that the ends of the earth  also can overturn a lid [probably meaning to overlap])

The phrase, 天涯海角 (ends of the earth), is sung with such emotional intensity in that listening to the phrase makes me feel emotional. It makes me feel as though whoever is singing these lyrics is feeling hopeless. After analyzing the phrase, I think it means, “Given that the ends of the earth also can overlap.”

I will now translate the song with not so much literal meaning this time compared to my last lyrical translation. I hope you enjoy the song!

Song title: 我這樣愛你 (I Like This Love You / I Love You Like This)

Music by: Choi Sun Wo
Arranged by: 雷頌德
Lyrics by: 林夕

還要將 這雙眼如何俯瞰 ([I] Even still take these pair of eyes in a way to look down)
然後才可 將猜疑都變信任 (And then [I] can take suspicion, changing it all to trust)
還要將 雙手再如何拉緊 ([I] Even still take these pair of hands in a way that I can tighten again)
不說話也可 和你熱吻 ([By] Not speaking [I] also can passionately kiss you)

還要經 多少放任和寬恕 ([I] Even still undergo so much indulgence and forgiveness)
然後才可 將安全感覺抱住 (And then [I] can take secure feelings and embrace it)
還要經 多少次和諧相處 ([I] Even still undergo so many times of harmoniously getting along)
不見面也可 學會獨處 (To not see each other will also [make us] learn to be alone)

用最孤獨的心 換最溫柔的愛   (Using the most solitary of heart, in exchange for the most tender of love)
我仍然盼待 何時才發現 (I still look forward to it and wait when [I] then discover)
就算天涯海角 都可能覆蓋 (Given that the ends of the earth can possibly overlap)
我們難道沒信心 這樣愛 (Could it be that we have no confidence [in] this type of love)

還要講 多少對白來撫慰 ([I] Even say so much dialogue in order to comfort)
難道言語 竟比內心更美麗 (Could it be [that] talk surprisingly compared to inner feelings is even more beautiful)
還要將 多少愛埋藏心底 ([I] Even still take so much love [and] bury [it at the] bottom of [my] heart)
感覺便會保留到下季 (The feeling will appropriately be preserved until next season)


I can't believe Leon sings this song in Korean too for his Korean concerts. His Korean sounds pretty good for me. According to my husband, the Korean lyrics are slightly different with a different story about a person pleading with his lover, asking his lover to open her heart. I rather would have the Cantonese lyrics as it is more emotionally meaningful to me. This is so appropriate for my blog, which focuses on both Hong Kong and Korean music.

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