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HK Song Spotlight: "我這樣愛你" (I Love You Like This) by Leon Lai (黎明)

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Though personally, I'm not crazy about Hong Kong singer and actor, Leon Lai, I do appreciate a lot of his songs in addition to his sweet voice. My grandma is so obsessed with Leon Lai that she called him her "契仔" (adopted son).

In case you're wondering who Leon Lai is, as a singer, he is considered one of the "四大天王" (Four Big Heavenly Kings) meaning he is one of the best Cantopop singers in the 1990s.

In 1998, Leon had an album titled, "我這樣愛你(I Love You Like This). Within the album is a track with the same name. In 1998, the album won the IFPI HK Platinum Disc award according to Wikipedia and also won first place in Hong Kong Sales Volume for his EP album according to

As for the song, in my opinion, the most memorable lyrics lie in the chorus part of the song.

用最孤獨的心 換最溫柔的愛 (Using the most solitary of heart, in exchange for the most tender of love)

This line emotionally hit me because of the image it created in my mind. It makes me wonder what would have happened if the loneliest person exchanges his mindset and heart for a beautiful, tender love.

就算天涯海角 都可能覆蓋” (Given that the ends of the earth  also can overturn a lid [probably meaning to overlap])

The phrase, 天涯海角 (ends of the earth), is sung with such emotional intensity in that listening to the phrase makes me feel emotional. It makes me feel as though whoever is singing these lyrics is feeling hopeless. After analyzing the phrase, I think it means, “Given that the ends of the earth also can overlap.”

I will now translate the song with not so much literal meaning this time compared to my last lyrical translation. I hope you enjoy the song!

Song title: 我這樣愛你 (I Like This Love You / I Love You Like This)

Music by: Choi Sun Wo
Arranged by: 雷頌德
Lyrics by: 林夕

還要將 這雙眼如何俯瞰 ([I] Even still take these pair of eyes in a way to look down)
然後才可 將猜疑都變信任 (And then [I] can take suspicion, changing it all to trust)
還要將 雙手再如何拉緊 ([I] Even still take these pair of hands in a way that I can tighten again)
不說話也可 和你熱吻 ([By] Not speaking [I] also can passionately kiss you)

還要經 多少放任和寬恕 ([I] Even still undergo so much indulgence and forgiveness)
然後才可 將安全感覺抱住 (And then [I] can take secure feelings and embrace it)
還要經 多少次和諧相處 ([I] Even still undergo so many times of harmoniously getting along)
不見面也可 學會獨處 (To not see each other will also [make us] learn to be alone)

用最孤獨的心 換最溫柔的愛   (Using the most solitary of heart, in exchange for the most tender of love)
我仍然盼待 何時才發現 (I still look forward to it and wait when [I] then discover)
就算天涯海角 都可能覆蓋 (Given that the ends of the earth can possibly overlap)
我們難道沒信心 這樣愛 (Could it be that we have no confidence [in] this type of love)

還要講 多少對白來撫慰 ([I] Even say so much dialogue in order to comfort)
難道言語 竟比內心更美麗 (Could it be [that] talk surprisingly compared to inner feelings is even more beautiful)
還要將 多少愛埋藏心底 ([I] Even still take so much love [and] bury [it at the] bottom of [my] heart)
感覺便會保留到下季 (The feeling will appropriately be preserved until next season)


I can't believe Leon sings this song in Korean too for his Korean concerts. His Korean sounds pretty good for me. According to my husband, the Korean lyrics are slightly different with a different story about a person pleading with his lover, asking his lover to open her heart. I rather would have the Cantonese lyrics as it is more emotionally meaningful to me. This is so appropriate for my blog, which focuses on both Hong Kong and Korean music.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

HK Song Spotlight: Shirley Kwan (關淑怡) – Forget Him/Her 忘記他

Recently, there was an article on that Shirley Kwan (關淑) had written in her Facebook that she wanted to commit suicide due to feeling betrayed. 

Then, Shirley disappeared somewhere, leaving her son in the care of a nanny. Shirley, already in her 40’s, experienced a career slump after she took a break from the industry to rear her son by herself. The absent father of Shirley’s child remains a mystery. Apparently, after Shirley decided to come back to restart her career, many doors were slammed in her face and she wrote on her Facebook that her own manager, who she considered one of her close friends, betrayed her. Shirley then wrote an angry rant on Facebook and then simply disappeared, shocking the celebrity world and the public who thought she went to go suicide.

Almost a day later, Shirley was found and returned home. What a close call. Perhaps she did not suicide because she still had to live for her son’s sake. Even if that was true, I am so glad Shirley is back and alive. I consider her one of the greatest Hong Kong singers of the 90’s.

All this Shirley Kwan thinking has led me to one of my favorite Shirley Kwan songs, “Forget Him.” Perhaps, Shirley should forget all the people who betrayed her and look at the bright side. Either way, this song is very soothing and sedating.

The song is actually originally sung by Teresa Teng (鄧麗君) who included the song in her first album, "势不两立" (1980). Teresa's sweet voice made the song sound so sad combined with what I feel are the sounds of a typical Italian song with a mandolin instrument.

Fifteen years later, Shirley remade the song and included it in her 1995 tribute album, "'EX' All Time Favourites." The song was also included in the HK movie, "Fallen Angels" starring Leon Lai and Michelle Reis.

Shirley made the newly updated song so tranquilizing. I especially like the bridge part where she simply sings “Da da da...” etc. The drone-like music combined with the lyrics makes it sound even more depressing like someone who can't free him or herself out of the "loop" of depression.

My other favorite parts of the song are these lines:
從來只有他 (All along, [there was] only him)
可以令我欣賞自已 ([Who] can cause me to appreciate myself)
更能讓我去用愛 (Moreover can allow me to use love again)
將一切平凡事 變得美麗 ([To] take all ordinary matters [and] change [them into something so] beautiful)

Well, judging by these lyrics, this person was really great, but the title of the song says to forget him. Sounds heart-wrenching, right?

Enjoy the video. HK music videos are nothing to rave about, but try to enjoy the music at least. 

Again, when I translate, I like to translate literally so that you can see what the actual words mean. There are other websites that will translate this song in a more understandable format. I will post one of them below. I like to take a different approach. Enjoy both versions.

忘記他曲:黃霑 詞:黃霑 編:Donard Ashley

忘記他 等於忘掉了一切 (To forget him is the equivalent to forgetting [and] parting [with] everything)
等於將方和向拋掉 ([It’s] The equivalent of [my] future direction and facing abandonment [loss],)
遺失了自已 (To carelessly lose myself)

* 忘記他 等於忘盡了歡喜(To forget him is the equivalent to forgetting happiness completely)
等於將心靈也鎖住([It’s] The equivalent of [my] future internal spirit also locked
同苦痛一起 (similar to [enduring] bitter pain together)
從來只有他 (All along, [there was] only him)
可以令我欣賞自已 ([Who] can cause me to appreciate myself)
更能讓我去用愛 (Moreover can allow me to use love again)
將一切平凡事 變得美麗 ([To] take all ordinary matters [and] change [them into something so] beautiful)
忘記他 怎麼忘記得起(To forget him, How [can I] successfully forget?)
銘心刻骨來永久記住(inscribe heart, engrave bone [meaning unforgettable] has come, forever remembered)
從此永無盡期(From now on, forever no end date)

Repeat *

 Now, here are some translated lyrics from the website. These lyrics are easier to understand if you want a quick translation. The Chinese lyrics have romanization as well:


Forgetting him
Means forgetting everything
That means losing my sense of direction
I lost myself.

*Forgetting him
Means forgetting all the happiness
That means locking up my heart
Living with sorrow and pain
It was only him
who made me treasure myself
and let me use love
to change all simple things
and make them attractive
Forget him
How could I forget
Unforgettable, I will remember forever
and ever.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

KDrama Review: Bad Couple


Bad Couple / 불량커플

aka Defective Couple



Shin Eun Gyung as Kim Dang Ja
Ryu Soo Young as Choi Gi Chan
Choi Jung Yoon as Han Young
Byun Jung Soo as Na Dol Soon
Yoo Gun as Seo Joon Soo
Chae Min Seo as Kim Se Yeon
Park Sang Min as Kim Yoon Suk

Year: 2007

Episodes: 16

Network: SBS

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Wehaiyo Synopsis:

Kim Dang Ja (Shin Eun Gyung), a senior editor working at a fashion magazine, is at the period in her life where she believes she can raise a child on her own without a husband. Who needs a husband who would probably bring her heartache anyway? When she was younger, her father ran away from the family so love must not exist in her world. After doing extensive research on possible candidates who can give her the perfect baby, Dang Ja nearly gives up because of her pickiness. One day, Dang Ja sees Choi Gi Chan (Ryu Soo Young) who was briefly on TV as a botonomy expert. She marks him as the man with the perfect genes and does an extensive background check to confirm it. The problem is Gi Chan is an innocent gentleman with no thoughts on dating or women and maintains his honorable, squeaky clean image. Dang Ja pursues Gi Chan relentlessly, but perhaps in her heart, Gi Chan can be more than just a sperm giver.

Meanwhile, Dang Ja has two friends who are both already married. One friend is Han Young (Choi Jung Yoon) whose image of her perfect family is shattered when she finds out that her husband Kim Yoon Suk (Park Sang Min) is cheating on her and demands a divorce. Yoon Suk believed Young became such a boring woman and a typical housewife after marriage. With their son caught in the middle, Young does all in her power to save the marriage even if it hurts her pride, but it only infuriates Yoon Suk even more. In desperation, Young asks Seo Joon Soo (Yoo Gun), a younger model to agree to be her boyfriend to spark jealousy in Yoon Suk. At the same time, Young forced Yoon Suk to live in their home for one year before she grants him a divorce. Young and Joon Soo’s plan does not seem to work at first, but Yoon Suk gradually feels infuriation when he sees his wife with another man. Joon Soo, who becomes naturally protective of Young, unknowingly starts to fall for Young as well.

Reasons to watch it:

I’m a huge fan of Ryu Soo Young so I have a soft spot for watching him. I especially liked his drama, Rebirth. In this drama, Bad Couple, Ryu Soo Young is the perfect gentleman. The part where he plays the stab-the-knife-between-the-fingers game in order to resist the aphrodisiac he was given was hilarious. The part where Dang Ja tells Gi Chan that he has bad sex skills was hilarious as well. Frankly, I’m shocked this was broadcasted on Korean television.

This is one of the dramas where the side storylines are more interesting than the main storyline. I was totally addicted to the storyline of Young, the helpless housewife who was losing her husband to another woman and Joon Soo, a young, rich model who didn’t feel the need to be tied down by a woman. At first, Joon Soo refused to do something so immoral such as to act and pretend to be some older ajumma’s (older, married lady’s) man. Besides, he has better things to do with his high-class life. More and more situations happen and Joon Soo finally begins to feel Young’s pain and agrees to help her. At first, it was a robotic relationship where Joon Soo has a switch on and off button to act in front of Yoon Suk, Young’s husband. Joon Soo even calculated it down to punching Yoon Suk in the face to arouse Yoon Suk’s jealousy and anger. Before you know it, Joon Soo is very dedicated to Young and loves her despite their age gap and purpose of their relationship. Joon Soo became so serious, he waited on a bench outside Young’s apartment for days until Young accepts him. On the other hand, Yoon Suk decides to turn a new leaf and become the husband he is meant to be, but is it too late and will Young take him back? While watching this series, I was rooting for Young and Joon Soo all the way.

Reasons not to watch it:

Basically Ryu Soo Young plays a near-perfect character Choi Gi Chan in Bad Couple. I felt bad for him the whole time since it's clear that Dang Ja takes advantage of him. Even after he found out he was setup and used by Dang Ja so many times, he always forgave her and kept pursuing her despite his arranged engagement to his childhood friend. Even though he truly loved Dang Ja, I felt like Dang Ja ruined his life.

There is really little to like about our main character, Dang Ja. She is too selfish. She wants to have a baby with a man only for his sperm. She pursues Gi Chan relentlessly and shamelessly to get him into bed and succeeds after many attempts. It was only after the second sexual encounter did she get pregnant. The tactics she used were so off-putting from her shameless sexual behavior, to creating a flower that doesn’t exist to entice Gi Chan on a trip to forcing him to stay in a hotel room with her that I almost gave up watching the series. After Dang Ja used Gi Chan, she tries to dump him in hilarious ways like telling him that she had so many ex-boyfriends, but it keeps backfiring since Gi Chan sees right through her lies.  I feel really bad for Gi Chan. Every time Dang Ja wants to break up with Gi Chan, she can do it because she’s a power woman who is confident. I couldn’t stand Gi Chan being hurt so many times. I had no sympathy for Dang Ja when Dang Ja had a tumor and had to give up the baby. I simply feel like they don’t deserve each other.

The trio friendship of Dang Ja, Young, and Dol Soon is very weak. The only scenes where all three women were actually together were at the beginning of the drama and at the end of the drama. Usually, Dol Soon acted as the person who was truly concerned with both Dang Ja and Han Young. Dang Ja and Han Young aren’t exactly the best of friends as they often criticize each other truthfully. Dol Soon is the glue the holds this friendship together.

Favorite Couple and Chemistry Factor:

Young and Joon Soo – Usually I’m not a fan of younger guy, older woman relationships, but this one works! I can generally see them together and loving each other for the rest of their lives. At first, it seems to be an impossible relationship as Han Young is married with a child and Joon Soo is an independent, young man, but Joon Soo slowly changes his feelings for Han Young. His presence makes Han Young look and act younger and it’s a shame that she gave up that spirited life after marriage. Joon Soo helped Young get her confidence back by helping her find a job working in a clothing shop. When they finally kissed outside in the rain after Joon Soo relentlessly waited for Han Young to accept him, I went wild. After Yoon Suk decides to become Han Young’s husband again, relationships became unclear. Would the audience accept a breakup of a Korean family?

Favorite Scenes:

  • When Gi Chan played the stab-the-knife-between-the-fingers game to thwart his temptation towards Dang Ja during his stay in the hotel room.
  • When Dang Ja told Gi Chan he was bad at sex. Gi Chan's expression was priceless.
  • When Joon Soo stood out in the rain and kissed Han Young.

Least Favorite Scenes:

  • Ever single scene where Dang Ja tries to engage Gi Chan into doing immoral things like act sexually, pretend to go on an island to look for a nonexistent flower, to staying in a hotel and go to bed with her.
  • When Dang Ja rejects Gi Chan’s advances, telling him hurtful things when he finally begins to willingly pursue her.
  • When Dang Ja would rather die than to abort the baby.
  • Dang Ja never reconciled with her father.

The Lesson:

Selfishness may bring about a happy ending
Getting a divorce is not the end of the world

Theme Song:

Sweet You - by Song Hee Ran
Sounds fun!

Watch it on DramaFever for free!

Wehaiyo's Dramafever Recommendations:

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Queen of Housewives - To be honest, I haven't seen this drama yet, but it looks like it would fit as a recommendation as well. I will review this again when I actually watch it.

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