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The Fourth Annual Dramafever 2015 Awards Review

Hello, readers. I am back to do my yearly review of the Dramafever awards. This has now become my yearly event since I am not able to blog often. I feel apologetic for not blogging more often, but life duty calls. 

This year, Dramafever seemed to have put together an informal version of the awards with only one award, the Best Actress Award, presented to the winner at the Dramafever KCON red carpet in New York. 

Dramafever has posted a video to recap all the winners, but of course, I would love to comment on my picks as well. Once again, I would like to know how the nominees were picked because I'm not sure I would consider some of these contenders nominee-worthy.

DISCLAIMER: I will sometimes mention spoilers because I am evaluating the nominees as a whole. I mostly speak in general terms, but it can still be a spoiler.

Best Actress

Twenty Again, Choi Ji Woo
Producer, Gong Hyo Jin
Heard It Through The Grapevine, Go Ah Sung
Oh, My Venus, Shin Min Ah
Mask, Park Soo Ae
Oh My Ghostess, Park Bo Young

DRAMAFEVER WINNER: Oh My Ghostess, Park Bo Young 

As mentioned before, Park Bo Young won an award for best actress. I think she did a great job in trying to portray both Na Bong Sun and Shin Soon Ae. We can see her bright sides and also depressing sides. I am even a bit greedy to want co-star Kim Seul Gi to take over as the main lead, which I will talk more about in the Best Supporting Actress category.

Park Soo Ae also tried to play dual roles in Mask.  However, her rich role was short-lived and she ended up playing the poor Byun Ji Sook trying to be the rich Seo Eun Ha. If Seo Eun Ha lived a little bit longer, I would give Park Soo Ae more credit for the nomination.

I honestly did not see Heard It Through The Grapevine so I cannot comment on Go Ah Sung. Shin Min Ah was disappointing for not actually gaining weight for her role. She acted well and losing or gaining weight is not a requirement, but I feel as though to get nominated for an award, she should make the body effort as well. Gong Hyo Jin and Choi Ji Woo did well in their roles, but the characters did not stand out for me.

Best Actor

Healer, Ji Chang Wook
Kill Me, Heal Me, Ji Sung
Oh My Ghostess, Jo Jung Seok
Punch, Kim Rae Won
Oh, My Venus, So Ji Sub
Yong Pal, Joo Won

DRAMAFEVER WINNER: Kill Me, Heal Me, Ji Sung

There is no surprise Ji Sung won for Best Actor after naturally portraying seven personalities in a single drama. I think we need to all applaud him for a job well-done. I continually love the original Cha Do Yeon and bad boy Shin Se Gi the most. Ji Sung definitely leads the pack among all the nominees for Best Actor. I have not seen Punch, but that seems to be a great drama to watch as well. Sadly, the average story line for Yong Pal did not help Joo Won secure the win. Ji Chang Wook and So Ji Sub did a good job as well.

Best Movie

Love Forecast
Gangnam Blues
Tazza 2: The Hidden CardTwenty
The Technicians
Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island

DRAMAFEVER WINNER: Tazza 2: The Hidden Card

I am not sure about this nomination category as I found most of these films not worthy of being nominated. Love Forecast was a fun rom-com, but it was not that special. Gangnam Blues was a sad, unfortunate story. The Twenty story line had me scratching my head wondering what happened as it was a forgettable movie. I thought The Technicians would be a good action movie, but the story line fell flat and I love actions movies. Sadly, I did not see Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island, so I cannot comment about it. Tazza 2: The Hidden Card is the better film out of all the films I had watched and I liked how there was crazy back-stabbing in the story. The final showdown had my scratching my head, but in the end, it is better to not make sense of everything and watch it as it is: a cool, gambling movie.

Best Supporting Actor

Cheer Up!, Ji Soo
Singles Villa, Jiro Wang
Jeju Island Gatsby aka Warm And Cozy, Kim Sung Oh
Answer Me, 1998, Go Kyung Pyo
She Was Pretty, Choi Si Won
School 2015, Yook Sung Jae

DRAMAFEVER WINNER: She Was Pretty, Choi Si Won

I have read that people love Choi Si Won's goofy behavior in She Was Pretty, but that was a major turnoff for me as his character is too silly. I'm not sure how I can consider him boyfriend material, but during his serious, heart-breaking rejection scenes, I did feel truly bad for him. I feel like dating Choi Si Won's character would be the equivalent to dating Jim Carrey and that might be too much for me to handle.

My pick would be Yook Sung Jae in School 2015. I wish and thought that he would be the leading man since he tried so hard to woo Kim Soo Hyun's character, Eun Bi, only to get his heart broken and him being labeled as a friend to Eun Bi. I read that Yook Sung Jae fans everywhere including me are eagerly waiting for his comeback to the screen where he actually gets the girl. It was my first time watching Yook Sung Jae in the acting realm, but he gave me a great performance in this drama.

I would also like to mention Ji Soo from Cheer Up! He is definitely a star to watch out for, a rising star. I feel like he is the type of character who does not necessarily need to get the girl because I am satisfied by watching him act in general. I have also been keeping an eye out for Kim Sung Oh, but hopefully, he will have a project worthy enough to be nominated for an award. He is an excellent actor.

Best Supporting Actress

Wu Xin: The Monster Killer, Sabrina Chen
Healer, Kim Mi Kyung
Oh My Ghostess, Kim Seul Gi
Mask, Yoo In Young
Producer, IU
She Was Pretty, Go Joon Hee

DRAMAFEVER WINNER: Oh My Ghostess, Kim Seul Gi

Kim Seul Gi: well deserved! I did not understand why Kim Seul Gi was not the main lead for this drama. Her character's chemistry with Jo Jung Seok's character was very sexy to say the least. I also have to thank Park Bo Young for portraying the ghostess personality so well. One of Kim Seul Gi's final scenes where she turns her father back around to go back to the human realm choked me in tears and I think that would have been the award-worthy scene. I cannot wait to watch more Kim Seul Gi dramas.

I would also like to mention that Mask's Yoo In Young and She Was Pretty's Go Joon Hee were strong contenders for the award as well. Yoo In Young was a villain who somehow made me feel extremely sorry for her in the end. I think Yoo In Young gave her character multiple layers of emotions and if not for her circumstances, I'm sure her character would have been a good person, but still a very devoted wife. Go Joon Hee was a similar character in that she did something wrong, but her honest actions made up for it and I could not help but cheer her on all the way to her dream career and hopefully, happiness with a man as well. Unfortunately, she did not date Choi Si Won's character.

Lastly, I did not watch Wu Xin: The Monster Killer so I cannot comment on Sabrina Chen's performance.

Best SNS Drama

EXO Next Door (Not available on Dramafever any longer due to the licensing agreement terms)
Secret Message
To Be Continued
Never Die
Noble My Love
Dream Knight


I can't really comment too much on the winner as I have not seen some of these nominated dramas. I do, however, really loved To Be Continued, even though the story line did not make sense. There were more questions than there were answers. As a result of watching the drama, I am now a happy ASTRO fan. I did watch Noble My Love, but I found it to be an okay story. I want to see Kim Jae Kyung in more dramas as she is pretty and I thought she was a good actress. I started watching Dream Knight, but found it boring after two episodes. I will try to finish it to form a better opinion.

By the way, I wonder why 9 Seconds - Eternal Time was not nominated. I thought this drama was surprisingly good even with an ambiguous ending. A lot of drama happened mid-way, which is surprising for an SNS drama where the story line tends to become simplistic and condensed.

Best Chinese Language Drama

Wu Xin: The Monster Killer
Tiger Mom
Marry Me or Not
Murphy's Law of Love
Divorce Lawyers
When I See You Again

DRAMAFEVER WINNER: Murphy's Law of Love

I have only seen a few of these dramas, but I am paying attention to a lot of Taiwanese dramas these days. I am currently in the middle of watching Murphy's Law of Love and I think this is a great drama so far. Danson Tang, the leading man, has a lot of potential to become a great actor. I want to see him in more dramas! He has certain mannerisms that are exaggerated such as when he is accused of something, he blinks excessively, but I find that refreshing right now. The story is sweet and easy to follow along.

On the other hand, I must choose Marry Me or Not as the winner. This decision is not something I need to think twice about since I love this drama so much and this one of my favorite Taiwanese dramas of all time with a drama filled with romantic tension between the leads. It is all because I love the the Roy Chiu and Alice Ke pairing and I wish they dated in real life. They have numerous kissing scenes in the drama, which appeals more toward mature viewers. For those who watched the ever popular Office Girls starring the two leads, watching Marry Me or Not is recommended as well. Who cares if the story line became dull and hurried towards the end? I would watch it for the explosive chemistry between Roy Chiu and Alice Ke.

Lastly, When I See You Again, seems to be an awesome drama as well because Jasper Liu is so hot in the drama. They made him look so nerdy in high school, but super handsome as an adult. I have seen him in other dramas, but I think he is especially handsome in this drama. I have only seen half the drama so far. The drama can be comical and I believe the drama is worth watching if you can endure many episodes of Jasper's character misunderstanding what happened to him in high school and Mandy Wei's character being too scared to be in a relationship.

Best Kiss

Kill Me, Heal Me, Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon
Oh My Ghostess, Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Seok
Healer, Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young
Oh, My Venus, So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah
Sensory Couple, Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung
Answer Me, 1998, Hye Ri and Park Bo Gum

DRAMAFEVER WINNER: Answer Me, 1998, Hye Ri and Park Bo Gum

This is a category that I am always interested in as I am always looking for the best kisses in Dramaland. I personally did not find anything special regarding Hye Ri and Park Bo Gum's kiss scene in Answer Me, 1998, but I suppose this couple won based on the immense popularity of the drama. The other thought I had in my mind was that Park Bo Gum's character, Taek, smokes throughout the drama and I personally cannot handle watching kisses from a smoker.

My personal pick would be Sensory Couple's Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung. Now that Park Yoo Chun's image has gone downhill, I'm sure my feelings towards his kiss scenes will be forever tarnished, but I am basing my opinion on the acting, scene, mood, and the chemistry between the two kissers. I like how this kiss was very romantic and I feel like I can see twinkles all over the screen in a dream-like fashion. Shin Se Kyung's character was initially reluctant to lean in to kiss Yoo Chun, but Yoo Chun gentle pulls her back for a soft, slow, sweet, and dreamy kiss. This scene is memorable to me and deserves to be a winner.

The Kill Me, Heal Me kiss was hardly a contender and all the other kisses were okay in my mind.

Best Variety Show

Unpretty Rapstar: Season 2
A Song For You: Season 3
Infinity Challenge
2 Days 1 Night
Running Man
The Return of Superman


Good, Lord. As long as I have been covering the Dramafever awards (for three years now), Running Man won every single time for best variety show. I can understand that because I do love the Running Man variety show because it gave me some of the most painful belly laughs while watching the show. I find the show really addicting to watch. From his acceptance speech, Kim Jong Kook should come back to New York, right?

I also love The Return of Superman (though I am still watching The Return of Superman: The First Year), which shows us cute kids with their celebrity parent or parents. Honestly, watching The Return of Superman really helped me through my emotional turmoil as a new parent. Unfortunately, I do not watch any other variety shows, so I cannot truly comment on this award. I did watch some of A Song For You: Season 3, but I quickly found it boring with not much variety happening.

Best Bromance

Orange Marmalade, Yeo Jin Goo and Lee Jong Hyun
Cheer Up!, Lee Won Geun and Ji Soo
She Was Pretty, Park Seo Joon and Choi Si Won
School 2015, Nam Joo Hyun and Yook Sung Jae
Running Man, Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo
Oh, My Venus, Henry Lau and Sung Hoon

DRAMAFEVER WINNER: Running Man, Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo 

Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo should just win the Best Bromance award for life because they are life-long, bromance buddies. I am sure they will always be a winner as long as they are nominated.

Meanwhile, if we are going to talk about dramaland, I would vote for Oh, My Venus' Henry Lau and Sung Hoon. They are always on-beat with everything they do, always finishing each other's sentences, and easily taking in each other's thoughts. I'm sure Henry's character influenced Sung Hoon to accept girlfriend Jun Hye Sung (played by Jang Yi Jin). In the end, the two men motivated each other to great lengths.

I have not seen Orange Marmalade so I cannot comment on that. I would also consider Lee Won Geun and Ji Soo's bromance on Cheer Up! They might have won, but there were secrets in their relationship. Unlike Henry Lau and Sung Hoon's characters who knew each other's thoughts, Lee Won Geun's character did not know everything about Ji Soo's character. Ji Soo's character was so secretive and unpredictable that it would be hard for Lee Won Geun's character to keep an eye on his friend all the time. Lee Won Geun's character does know more than anybody else about the troubles with Ji Soo's character and his father, but apparently not enough since who knows when Ji Soo's character might lose his life. Lastly, the She Was Pretty and School 2015 couple did not have much of a bromance at all since they were mostly rivals in love.

Rising Star

Blood, Ahn Jae Hyun
Fool's Love, Choi Woo Shik
Because It's The First Time, Park So Dam
Cheer Up!, Chae Soo Bin
Answer Me, 1998, Hye Ri
Answer Me, 1998, Park Bo Gum

DRAMAFEVER WINNER: Answer Me, 1998, Park Bo Gum
Park Bo Gum's immense popularity cannot be ignored. Sadly, the only dramas I saw so far was Cheer Up! and Answer Me, 1998, so I cannot comment too much. All I can say is this award is probably well deserved.

Best Couple

Sensory Couple, Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung
Oh My Ghostess, Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Seok
Oh, My Venus, So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah
Healer, Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young
Murphy's Law of Love, Danson Tang and Le Jia Yang
Kill Me, Heal Me, Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum

DRAMAFEVER WINNER: Healer, Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young

I am still in the middle of watching Healer, so I cannot comment on the winners yet. As for all the other nominees, I do not have a strong couple impression of each couple except for Murphy's Law of Love, which I am also in the middle of watching, where I see Danson Tang's character have an undeniable attraction to Le Jia Yang's character. I find their relationship irresistible to watch.

Best Korean Drama - Comedy

This award is a tough award to distinguish the winner. I suppose Kill Me, Heal Me is a good drama to win this category. I cannot help but also think about Sensory Couple and Park Yoo Chun. I think a guy who cannot feel and is a cop a hilarious premise for comedy.

Best Korean Drama - Melodrama

I have not seen these dramas fully except for Yong Pal and Mask. I did enjoy Mask a lot for all its pretzel-type plot lines, so I would probably pick Mask for the win.

Best Villain

Mask, Yeon Jung Hoon
Oh My Ghostess, Im Joo Hwan
Sensory Couple, Namgoong Min
Blood, Ji Jin Hee
Hyde, Jekyll, and I, Sung Joon
The Scholar Who Walks the Night, Lee Soo Hyuk

DRAMAFEVER WINNER: Sensory Couple, Namgoong Min

I have seen numerous reviews stating that Namgoong Min can portray a villain really well. He can definitely make a creepy smile. I am in the middle of the Sensory Couple drama where I begin to see his villain side. I do not doubt his acting chops.

Yeon Jung Hoon is also excellent in Mask. He is also another excellent actor who portrayed his role well. Im Joo Hwan had the quiet villain role, which gave me the creeps. Sung Joon also acted well into his psychiatric role in Hyde, Jekyll, and I. I almost wanted to watch him longer in the drama. This year is the first time I am introduced to Lee Soo Hyuk in The Scholoar Who Walks the Night. He has such a big, impressive, vampire, villain role. He did so well with it and was very much in character. I think this is his best role up-to-date despite moving on to other dramas after his rise in popularity. Lastly, I did not have a chance to see Ji Jin Hee in Blood.

Best Ensemble

Cheer Up!
Answer Me, 1998
Because It's The First Time
Oh My Ghostess
Oh, My Venus
Kill Me, Heal Me


I can see why Oh, My Venus, would win since the cast was so much fun to watch and comedic. I genuinely cared about all the characters. They seem to throw great parties too.

I, however, loved the cast of Cheer Up! The relationships among the "Real King" and "Baek Ho" students are touching. To see how people learn to work together is very meaningful to me, which makes me choose this drama as my personal favorite.


I have seen Mnet Asian Music Awards and I Am. However, I do not see a clear winner here since I'm sure all shows would be a great chance to be a fan of all these artists.

Best Historical Drama

MaidsShine or Go Crazy
Wu Xin: The Monster Killer
The King's Face
The Scholar Who Walks the Night

DRAMAFEVER WINNER: The Scholar Who Walks the Night

I admit that I have not watched any of the nominated Historical dramas except for The Scholar Who Walks the Night. I was captivated by the story line, yet naturally scared of the vampire aspect. I still have not finished the drama, but I would recommended it for those who like the vampire aspect. It also has one of my favorite actresses in it: Kim So Eun. As I mentioned before, Lee Soo Hyuk makes a great ultimate Gwi vampire. Lee Joon Ki is also excellent in character with all the expressions he has to make for this role, especially when he tries to hold back his lust-for-blood expression.

Best K-Pop Act in a Drama

To Be Continued (ASTRO)Secret Message (T.O.P from Big Bang)
EXO Next Door
Cheer Up! (Jung Eun Ji of Apink)
Dream Knight (GOT7)
Because It's the First Time (Choi Min Ho from SHINee)


I have watched To Be Continued, EXO Next Door, Cheer Up!, and a little bit of Dream Knight. Out of all those dramas, Cheer Up! was a personal winner for me for its meaningful story lines. I enjoy watching characters grow and learn from their experiences. The other dramas I watched seem to have a shallow story line, but no doubt, lots of eye candy. Jung Eun Ji plays her character well and I kind of wish she dated Lee Won Geun in real life. Jung Eun Ji's character, Kang Yeon Doo, also has the ability to positively affect those around her.

I also enjoyed To Be Continued and even became an instant fan of ASTRO. The story concept was good, but left me with so many questions and so little answers by the end of the story. I would enjoy this drama for the boys themselves.

I could not get interested in Dream Knight yet. I saw maybe two episodes, but the story was already cheesy. EXO Next Door did not have a great story line either, but what made it great was Chanyeol and Sehun's characters, which really stood out. Sehun had a small role, but he has great comedic ability, which surprises me as he is a first-time actor.

Best Womance

Oh My Ghostess, Park Bo Young and Kim Seul Gi
Cheer Up!, Jung Eun Ji and Chae Soo Bin
Twenty Again, Choi Ji Woo and Jung Soo Young
Oh, My Venus, Shin Min Ah and Yoo In Young
Love Cuisine, Allison Lin and Nita Lei
She Was Pretty, Hwang Jung Eum and Go Joon Hee

DRAMAFEVER WINNER: She Was Pretty, Hwang Jung Eum and Go Joon Hee

I am glad Dramafever is acknowledging women friendships. However, I do not consider frenemies to be nominated for this category, but I suppose if they make up in the end, it sort of counts. In my mind, I disqualified Cheer Up! friends Jung Eun Ji and Chae Soo Bin because Chae Soo Bin's character did so many evil things to Jung Eun Ji's character.

I like the Oh My Ghostess pair, Park Bo Young and Kim Seul Gi, but their friendship was unrealistic. Park Bo Young's character accepted their relationship so fast and she never questioned anything about Kim Seul Gi's character because of Park Bo Young's mild character. I have trouble believing Park Bo Young's character became bolder in the end.

The Oh, My Venus friends were only friends briefly in the beginning and at the end. They break up and make up too easily for my taste. Also, for Yoo In Young's character to hold her anger in for so many years must have created a lot of emotional damage for her to simply accept her friendship with Shin Min Ah again.

The Twenty Again pairing was okay, but the relationship was not anything special or memorable. I have not seen Love Cuisine so I cannot comment on it.

This leads me to our Winners, which I fully support: Hwang Jung Eum and Go Joon Hee in She Was Pretty. I actually thought the drama was not that great, but their friendship was worth mentioning in the drama. They are die-hard best friends and Go Joon Hee's remorseful character was so touching that she was willing to change her entire life because of it. I was very moved and jealous of their tight relationship. It would be great if all of us has a best friend like those two friends even in the event of a betrayal.

Friends, this leaves us at the conclusion of the Fourth Annual Dramafever 2015 Awards. I am very sorry that I wrote and eventually posted this late, but I'll say better late than never. See you at the next awards and I cannot wait!

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The Third Annual Dramafever 2014 Awards Review

Note: This post was written in early 2015, but was never published until now.

Hello, all, I'm back! Welcome to the Third Annual Dramafever 2014 Awards Review! If I'm not blogging regularly, at least I should blog annual, right? Even though I haven't been keeping up with Wehaiyo!, I have been watching my dramas for the most part. I excited and can't wait to review the awards for last year.

This year, the Dramafever awards location has upgraded to the Hudson Theatre in New York City. Presented by Toyota (Let's Go Places) and Imagine Your Korea (who also hosted the awards last year), the Dramafever awards prove to be on a larger scale than the cramped Highline Ballroom location last year.

First of all, why go to the Dramafever Awards?  Is it that exciting as it is hyped up to be? Well, that depends on whether or not the ticket buyer is starstruck or not. To be honest, I probably wouldn't go to the awards show if there weren't any actual Asian celebrities attending the show. Ticket prices aren't cheap either, going up to $2500 or its discounted price, $1950 in order to secure a Premium VIP Table that seats ten people. Besides getting a great view of the stage, a gift bag, I don't see how else a ticket holder can get his or her money's worth unless he or she drinks it up all night long with cocktails and the use of the full open bar. I heard a lot of people got wasted there and couldn't conduct themselves properly, but that's not my concern. Those people who don't like to drink and are not into celebrities sightings probably won't enjoy the awards show too much. Me? I'm happy with my general admission, second-tier balcony ticket for a discounted price of $25. I suppose I'm too old to be fan girling and getting myself wasted with alcohol. I would have loved to meet more people at the show, but people mostly mingled with their friends, at least, up in the second-tier balcony.

I voted for the Dramafever awards again this year, not half-heartedly this time, but I still feel as thought it isn't a completely fair voting system. All awards show seem to have an unfair element to it anyway. I think it's only fair to vote only if the voter has actually seen all the dramas that were nominated. I have not. Who has watched everything? I think the voter is inclined to vote for the dramas that he or she has seen already or his or her bias. I'm the type of person to tell it like it is no matter how much I like a nominee. It would be very interesting to compare last year's experience to this year's experience.

First, allow me to explain the background. On the awards day, it was snowy and bone-chillingly cold. I could not allow myself to dress in skimpy ways with short skirts and the like. My husband even told me that I should go without make-up and dress normally. How could I do that when I look like that 364 days a year? I'm exaggerating, but it's best to look pretty. All I know is that I won't be dressing like this:

I'm a overwhelmed mom who has to get ready on the go so I choose to look simple, but legging would be a must.

This is actually one of my mom's dresses, haha! I haven't really lost my baby weight, but close enough. Who can I blame? I'm not even trying to diet. The dress that I would love to wear is not fitting me. I always find it boring to dress in black because it seems that everybody wants to dress in black for an awards show, but I simply was not inspired to find another dress.

There would be no way I can make it to the Dramafever Awards early because of work and my baby, but at least I went! As I made my way around Times Square shivering in the cold, I saw two young, Asian ladies who wore black mini-dresses and superior heels walking in front of me and I knew I was in the right place.

Again, similar to last year, there was a problem getting into the venue right away. The staff member who was trying to scan or manually type the tickets couldn't figure out how to find the tickets because somebody had bought the tickets for the girls under a different name. I wasted precious minutes waiting patiently for my turn. Afterwards, I was given a white bracelet.

Then, a cheerful Dramafever greeter took my red carpet picture. I guess she thought that taking only my upper half was great so that was the only picture I have. She also taught me how to activate my camera quickly on the iPhone by flipping the screen upwards from the bottom.

I saw other people snapped a picture of a Dramafever ice sculpture, but I guess I missed it while I was trying to wildly find my way around before the show started.

I knew I had to go to the top section of the theater, but I didn't know where I was going. I started off by moving towards the VIP entrance, where a ticket checker promptly stopped me. Then, he told me to go to another entrance on the side. I passed by two beer/wine tables, but I wasn't sure if it was for VIP members and I had this impression that there will be a separate table upstairs. The ticket checker on the side entrance denied me again and asked me to go back to the red carpet side entrance. At the corner was a lot of "Imagine Your Korea" pamphlets on the table by the stairs.

At the stairs, I am finally allowed into the theater. I made my way up the long tedious staircase, which is really bad for people who have been drinking because, with unlimited drinks on the premises, what if somebody has an accident going up or down this long staircase?

I finally made my way to the top and huffed and puffed to catch my breath. A skinny, beautiful Dramafever awards attendee, who was standing at the top, was enjoying the view. I looked around and realized that there was no assigned seats. If I had come earlier, I could have gotten a better seat at the front, though I can still get a great view from the top seats. I was thrilled to even have a seat because while I was pregnant last year, I almost fainted from standing up too long at the awards.

I asked the skinny, beautiful Dramafever awards attendee if we can sit anywhere and she happily confirmed that we could. Later on, she even sat down a few seats from me in my row with who I believe is her boyfriend. Oddly though, she got up midway during the awards and never came back. Her boyfriend got up a while later and never returned either. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem except that she left her bag next to me and that me me nervous that she wasn't coming back for it. During intermission, I saw her cheerful self again, who finally went to retrieve her bag. She seemed high on alcohol, but I assume her boyfriend would take care of her, though I never saw them again after intermission.

Let's begin by reviewing the awards! I can't wait!

Dramafever Awards Hosts: Arden Cho and George Hu

Continuing from last year, Arden Cho continues to dress impressively at the Dramafever Awards show, changing into three outfits throughout the evening. She still made a few mistakes during the night and it was confusing and entertaining to see her present an award before the nominees were announced.

George Hu spoke impressive English throughout the night. I didn't know he had such great English skills and his charisma took center stage throughout the evening. I'm still watching his drama, The Prince of Lan Ling, where his character seems to be underused, but I can't seem to get myself to watch a drama where he is the main character. Taiwanese dramas could be overly silly, but perhaps, I will watch George Hu's dramas one day.

Arden and George recreated a popular "Pinocchio" toast kiss scene where Arden is holding a piece of toast in her mouth, but George failed to secure the "kiss."

First Presenters: Dan and Mike Chen from the "Double Chen" Youtube show.

I've always enjoyed watching the Double Chen show that parodies Asian, mostly Chinese, culture. It is educational, but mostly fun videos on Asian culture. They will be joining Dramafever in the DramaFever Studios with their "Double Chen Report" show coming soon.

Dan and Mike appropriately presented the awards for "Best Bromance." Actually, I think Dan and Mike have a pretty awesome bromance themselves, but too bad they are not included in the nominations.


Love Family, Chris Wang & Jack Li
It's Okay That's Love, Sung Dong Il & Lee Kwang Soo
High School - Love On, Nam Woo Hyun & Lee Sung Yeol
Perfect Couple, Wallace Huo & Huang Ming
Sly and Single Again, Joo Sang Wook & Seo Kang Joon
ST: Scientific Task Force, Okada Masaki & Fujiwara Tatsuya

WINNER: Sly and Single Again, Joo Sang Wook & Seo Kang Joon

All I can say about this one is, "huh?" I admit, I was watching Sly and Single Again, peeking here and there while my husband was watching it, but I saw almost no bromance in this drama between Joo Sang Wook's character and Seo Kang Joon's character. I can't say anything about ST: Scientific Task Force, but I have seen the other dramas. I'm not sure who should have won for best bromance, but I definitely would not have picked Sly and Single Again. My idea of a bromance is to have the guys on an equal level, supporting each other so I probably would have picked It's Okay That's Love's Sung Dong Il and Lee Kwang Soo because at least their characters knew how to retaliate against each other.


Temptation, Lee Jung Shin
Doctor Stranger, Kang So Ra
Bride of the Century, Yang Jin Sung
High School - Love On, Kim Sae Ron
My Lovable Girl, Kim Myung Soo (L)
Love Myself or You, Jasper Liu

WINNER: Temptation, Lee Jung Shin 

What's going on here? I admit that actor Lee Jung Shin did a great job, but there were definitely other winners in my mind. I think Kang So Ra's performance in Doctor Stranger was impressive and she was so strikingly beautiful that I felt that she should have been the main lead instead of Jin Se Yeon. Furthermore, I could not believe Yang Jin Sung did not win for Bride of the Century. She had to act in two roles for that drama and she pulled it off so well. For somebody who previously played a side role in City Hunger, Yang Jin Sung was hardly on my mind as a main lead in a drama. She definitely deserves a Rising Star award for Bride of the Century.

We now take a break to see a fun Nutty Nomad video: If You Could Live in K-Drama for One Day. This seems to be a huge hit with the audience.

My favorite part would be when Christina parks her car any way she likes to because it's Drama Land! The chance of getting a random phone call from a hot guy? Nah. I think cat fights are more part of American culture than Korean culture, unless it is a school bully drama.


Fated to Love You, Jang Hyuk
Discovery of Romance, Eric Moon
Trot Lovers, Jung Eun Ji
It's Okay That's Love, Jo In Sung
Roommate, Park Bom
Blade Man, Lee Dong Wook

WINNER: It's Okay That's Love, Jo In Sung

I don't really have too much of an opinion for fan favorite because this award is a true fan vote. I do like the fact that Jo In Sung won because he really did a great job playing a healthy man degrading into a schizophrenia. His heartfelt performances continue to touch my heart.


Emergency Couple, Song Ji Hyo
My Lovely Girl, Krystal Jung
Tomorrow's Cantabile, Shim Eun-kyung
The Time In Between, Adriana Ugarte
It's Okay That's Love, Gong Hyo Jin
Angel Eyes, Gu Hye Sun

WINNER: Emergency Couple, Song Ji Hyo

Wow! I'm actually very happy for Song Ji Ho's win. She was up for some tough competition against Gong Hyo Jin in my opinion. It seems that the Dramafever crowd cheered the loudest for Gong Hyo Jin. I thought Song Ji Ho pulled off her role very well in Emergency Couple. The Emergency Couple audience got to see a full range of emotions from this character as she struggled to put her life back together after a painful divorce.

At this point of the awards show, Arden and George mentioned about getting a free gift for all the attendees and also a free gift under select seats for those attendees who are sitting in the upper level. In the second-tier balcony, nobody got a gift under their seats. I wonder what the gift is for those who got it.

And now, for a musical distraction: 5urprise performs the song, "Hey U, Come On."

These actor-singer idols were all in the 2013 drama, After School: Lucky or Not where they play a bunch of high school students doing all sorts of mysterious, weird antics. They also remind me of the American fictional boyband, 2gether.


Joseon Gunman, Nam Sang Mi and Lee Joon Ki
It's Okay That's Love, Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung
Doctor Stranger, Jin Se Yeon and Lee Jong Suk
I Need Romance 3, Kim So Yeon and Sung Joon
Fall In Love With Me, Tia Li and Aaron Yan
Tomorrow's CantabileShim Eun Kyung and Joo Won

WINNER: It's Okay That's Love, Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung 

Actually, I'm not sure how some of the nominees for this category was picked. Some of these kisses from the nominees look too uncomfortable for me to watch. Any kiss from Lee Joon Ki makes me feel squirmy because of his feminine looks. He plays a manly character in Joseon Gunman, but I don't want to see him kiss anyone. Tia Lee and Aaron Yan's kiss in Fall In Love With Me was good except their environment and situation was weird. I think it's weird to kiss half naked in the middle of a forest (with a paparazzi man taking pictures of them on the side in secret). In addition, Aaron's character is engaged to another woman so to make out like this when he's about to get married make me feel uncomfortable. I am not feeling any chemistry between Shim Eun Kyung and Joo Won in Tomorrow's Cantabile and they didn't really kiss either. Jin Se Yeon and Lee Jong Suk's Doctor Stranger kiss also made me confused and uncomfortable because I really wanted Lee Jong Suk's character to be with Kang So Ra's character instead. Besides, Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon's chemistry was so mild throughout the drama.

By process of elimination, this leaves the I Need Romance 3 or It's Okay That's Love kiss. I'm more looking for the true love type of kiss to be a winner in this category. If anybody has seen Jo In Sung kiss, he or she would know that he is a passionate kisser. I'm still thinking about his role in That Winter, The Wind Blows. I think Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung appropriately won in this category.

At this time, Dramafever is promoting their Dramafever Studios. They are trying to expand on their Youtube channel. I am the most excited for the Double Chen Report as I previously mentioned (to debut on Valentines Day, February 14th!

Youtube Dramafever personalities, Mister Popo (K-Trend)  and Feiii (Fridays with Feiii) came out to present the next awards.


Secretly Greatly
Architecture 101
The Huntresses
The Fatal Encounter
The Face Reader

WINNER: Secretly Greatly

I don't understand how the nominees were picked. Most of these movies wouldn't make nomination status in my opinion. The Huntresses was absolutely the most terrible movie nominated. It was so terrible that I lost interest, fell asleep, and then waited a long while before watching the second half of the movie. It was terribly cheesy and had a lot of nonsense. The Fatal Encounter was so difficult to follow and understand that I lost interest and never finished the other half of the movie even though it was Hyun Bin's comeback-from-the-army movie. Secretly Greatly, The Face Reader, and Architecture 101 was too sad for my liking. This leaves the film, Always, to be the winner in my opinion. I liked how despite a dreary, sad theme about a man who almost lost all hope, I couldn't help but watch until the end to see how So Ji Sub's character turned out in the end. After watching the whole movie, I realized that I wouldn't mind watching it again. This movie can be in the rerun category.


Say I Do Again
Love Myself or You?
Fall in Love with Me
Aim High
In a Good Way
Prince of Lan Ling

WINNER: Fall in Love with Me

Maybe, Dramafever shouldn't call this category the best Chinese Language drama, but the best Taiwanese drama. All the nominees are Taiwanese dramas. I have only watched Prince of Lan Ling, Love Myself or You?, and Fall in Love with Me so far, only completing Fall in Love with Me. The drama, Fall in Love with Me, really had potential, but the plot and common sense died midway and the drama got worse and worse until it spiraled out of control. Because of the way the plot went, I really can't give Fall in Love with Me the final win despite seeing popular actors, Aaron Yan and Tia Li. I believe the Prince of Lan Ling had potential to win for its heroic plot and beautiful leads, Feng Shao Feng and Ariel Lin. I barely watched half way, but I love the drama! I can't comment on the other nominees since I didn't watch it so I can only vote based on what I have seen so far.


I wonder why the category for Chinese drama had to include the word, "language," in the category, but the Korean and Japanese dramas have that word omitted. I feel like Dramafever is making the Chinese dramas stand out for no special reason.

After the awards show was over, I realized that there was a star I haven't seen: Hudson Yang from the American television series, Fresh Off the Boat. Why wasn't he a presenter? I guess he was just a VIP guest. Sadly, I could not attend the awards show earlier to see all the celebrities walk the red carpet.

The Hours of My Life
All About My Siblings
ST: Scientific Task Force
Love Affairs in the Afternoon
Partners by Blood
Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo

I can't comment too much on this category because I haven't been watching Japanese dramas. I have, however, saw some of The Hours of My Life and thought that it was such a sad drama. It's interesting to see Yuki Furukawa, the lead actor of Mischievour Kiss: Love in Tokyo, deliver his speech in Japanese (and the interpreter didn't understand Japanese) and then in English. He mentioned that he lived in New Year nine years ago so he was able to speak English. Bravo!

We have now arrived at Intermission. I saw Arden Cho come out to take more pictures in her second dress of the night, the black and white sparkling dress, but I didn't have any space left in my phone to capture the pictures. I went up to the bartender and asked what was good. Without smiling, the bartender asked me if I wanted red or white wine. I asked for red wine. The wine was strong! I suppose it was strong because I didn't eat dinner and had an empty stomach. Going back up the stairs was a bit scary. I'm still scared other people might fall down the long stairway. I spent the rest of the intermission enjoying my wine, looking at the stage, and looking at other people. The second-tier balcony wasn't for mingling. People were more interested in lining up for the bathroom.

Once intermission ended, 5urprise came back out to sing "From My Heart," a heartfelt song. This song really sticks in my mind.

Arden and George came back on stage with new outfits to present Favorite Dramafever Moments recreated by the fans. The Dramafever Fan Reanactment Challenge winner, Marisa Luckie from San Antonio, Texas, came onstage to present the next award.


God’s Gift – 14 Days
Fated to Love You
You’re All Surrounded
Emergency Couple
The Hours of My Life

WINNER: Emergency Couple

I'm not sure what would be considered a Camry's "boldest" moment, but I suppose Song Ji Hyo won because her character was so strong despite the fact that she was ridiculed for starting her medical career so "late" in life. I haven't seen God's Gift -- 14 Days, but that scene was so intense when actress Lee Bo Young unsuspectingly pulled out a knife. Based on the nomination video, I would definitely pick God's Gift -- 14 Days as the winner. I honestly thought the Temptation scene was bold too because it's not every day a rich person offers one thousand million won (one million US dollars!) to spend three days with someone with a one hour to think about it and make a decision. I would consider Temptation a runner-up for this award.


Emergency Couple, Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk
Joseon Gunman, Nam Sang Mi and Lee Joon Ki
It's Okay That's Love, Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung
Tomorrow's Cantabile, Shim Eun Kyung and Joo Won
Fated to Love You, Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk
Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo, Miki Honoka and Furukawa Yuki

WINNER: Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo, Miki Honoka and Furukawa Yuki

It was a sweet win for Furukawa Yuki and Miki Honoka. Since Miki Honoka was not present for the award, she gave Furukawa Yuki her acceptance letter and Furukawa Yuki read it to the audience. I thought that was so sweet of Miki Honoka to compose a letter in English for her fans and the Dramafever audience. Unfortunately, out of all the nominees, none of the couples came to my mind to win this award.


Tomorrow's Cantabile, Joo Won
It's Okay That's Love, Jo In Sung
Emergency Couple, Choi Jin Hyuk
Joseon Gunman, Lee Joon Ki
Pinocchio, Lee Jong Suk
My Lovely Girl, Rain

WINNER: It's Okay That's Love, Jo In Sung

Honestly, I'm not all that suprised. Jo In Sung took on another ultimate role as a person with schizophrenia. This role required him to have so many layers on emotion. On the outside, his character seemed okay, but his world is constantly shattered by guilt for his brother, his illness, and his love. Without him, I'm not sure if the drama could be as touching. He seems to be impressing me every time I see him in a drama. Bravo!

It is time for a mini break for Dramafever to show us what type of dramas and movies are in store for 2015. How many movies can you identify?


Running Man
We Got Married
2 Days 1 Night
Infinity Challenge

WINNER: Running Man

Am I really that surprised? Running Man is the most popular variety show. I must admit that I don't watch the other variety shows all that much, but I can definitely say that Running Man gave me some good laughs at times.


Last, but not least, one of the highlights of the evening:

Emergency Couple
It's Okay That's Love
Tomorrow's Cantabile
Angel Eyes
Joseon Gunman

WINNER: Emergency Couple

I'm pretty darn proud that Emergency Couple won best Korean drama of the year. It also doesn't hurt that I "Hallyu Zombie" reviewed the drama right on Wehaiyo! The drama had a great list of underrated talented actors: Choi Jin Hyuk, Song Ji Hyo, Lee Pil Mo (Rapper Pilmo is what I affectionally call him because his name sounds like a name for a rapper to me.), and many more.

The drama lacked heavy romance, but in a divorce type of story line, how much of a romance can one expect? Compared to the other best drama contenders, Emergency Couple has the right amount of romance for a romantic comedy with our main couple fighting each other, caring for each other, being confused, and immersed into the emergency room full of medical drama.

Angel Eyes, also slightly a medical drama since Gu Hye Sun is an EMT and Lee Sang Yoon is a surgeon, in my opinion, was a bit too heavy on the romance, which sort of suffocated me.

It's Okay That's Love comes in close as a winner as well because the story line is very unique and interesting with a huge plot twist combined with amazingly talented actors. The story could drag on at times and if a viewer doesn't pay attention, they may miss many important details that lead to the twist in the story. The romance is also on the light realm compared to the other contenders.

Emergency Couple allowed Choi Jin Hyuk to rise up to leading actor status and introduced us to the awesome Lee Pil Mo, who is as cute as a bear. I can't wait to see them more in future dramas. More importantly, Emergency Couple revives drama enthusiasts to watch more medical dramas. May I also say that Choi Jin Hyuk's character, Oh Chang Min, has the most awesome Korean apartment ever?

I can now sadly announce that the Dramafever Awards has come to an end. With that said, I can't wait to review more dramas next year! See you all then.