Saturday, August 11, 2018

Wehaiyo Drive: Quiet Realm

This week has been quiet for me as I barely had time to watch dramas or listen to music. Furthermore, there were not many dramas or songs that caught my eye. I suppose we all have uneventful weeks.

This week's Dramas:

1) My ID is Gangnam Beauty (내 ID는 강남미인)

Watch it on: Dramafever 

In episodes three and four of My ID is Gangnam Beauty, college student Do Kyung Seok (played by Cha Eun Woo) seems to be very observant of Gangnam beauty, Kang Mirae (Im Soo Hyang) and the other popular girl in their class, Hyun Soo-A (Jo Woo-ri).

When Kyung Seok frankly told Mirae about what he thinks about her grading other people's faces, Mirae, offended, was taken aback and told him to mind his own business. I was internally cheering because somebody had to say it, though I would not have been as blunt as Kyung Seok. However, Mirae soon realizes how superficial she is by rating the faces of other female classmates rather than judging them by their personalities and actions. I am glad that Mirae is maturing little by little.

Meanwhile, Kyung Seok is also seeing through Soo-A as she tries to harm Mirae's popularity at school by connecting plastic surgery with Mirae and purposely getting hurt by a fallen flask in science class. Kyung Seok wasted no time to expose Soo-A for having bad intentions. I like smart leading men. I find his personality more refreshing to watch than him being deceived by women until he realizes the truth at the end.

On another note, I am glad that bully Kim Chan Woo (Oh Hee Joon) was put in his place after his classmate, Yeon Woo Young, played by the handsome Kwak Dong Yeon, gave him an extremely strong warning that he would put his life on the line to ruin Chan Woo's career if Chan Woo does not shape up and stop bullying the underclassmen.

2) Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner) (수상한 파트너)

Watch it on: Dramafever

I seem to be replaying the episodes 9-12 of Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner) over and over again. Whenever I have nothing to do, I put this drama on and see what happens. I do like watching this drama and I think the characters are cute, but I am not in love with it.

I was excited about the potential bromance between No Ji Wook played by Ji Chang Wook and Ji Eun Hyuk played by Choi Tae Joon. It was them against 30 school teens in a fight at the park. I want their broken relationship that was torn over their friend and ex-girlfriend, Cha Yoo Jung (Nara), to mend. I like Eun Hyuk's character the best because he hides his pain so well that it is almost a skill.

3) Your House Helper (당신의 하우스헬퍼)

Watch it on: Viki

It's time to start a new drama! I have been waiting to watch Your House Helper simply because Ha Seok Jin is in it. He seems to have a recurring role as a man who is meticulous and clean like his role in Let's Drink (Drinking Solo).

After watching episode one, we are introduced to two main women who have interesting lives and messy homes: Im Da Young played by Bona, an advertising intern and Yoon Sang-A (played by Go Won-Hee), a jewelry designer.

I think their stories are interesting so far. Da Young is stuck as a helpless intern who works very hard, but is barely recognized by her superiors and Sang-A, who seems to be struggling in the jewelry design world and an absent boyfriend (On the picture frame, he looks like actor Kim Sun Ho?)

We also have other characters, which I am not too familiar with yet: Kang Hye-joo (Jeon Soo Jin) and Han So-Mi (Seo Eun Ah), a timid nail shop owner. Furthermore, the three women, So Mi, Da Young, and Sang-A are known as OnDol Three Musketeers, but have not seen each other in a long time.

I cannot wait to watch more episodes. Each episode is 30 minutes long and can be easily watched in one sitting.

This week's Music:

I have not really found too much to talk about in music. Here are some songs that are easy to listen to in my quiet realm.

1) Leon Lai (黎明) - Perhaps, Not Necessarily, But (或許, 未必 ,不過)

I have not introduced Hong Kong pop music, which is my other favorite type of music, on the Wehaiyo Drive before. I think I might have been channeling my grandmother when I thought of Leon Lai, one of the original, legendary, four heavenly kings of Hong Kong pop. My grandmother is a big fan of Leon and calls him her adopted son. I should translate this song one day on this blog.

This song is called "Perhaps, Not Necessarily, But" to describe loving one person. The singer thinks there is a possibility of having a million women who suit him in this world, but in the end, it is this one woman who is a part of his world.

2) Seo Kang  Joon - You Are My Love

This song is from the Are You Human Too soundtrack. I have not seen this drama yet, but it seems that I should watch it. I will warn Wehaiyo Driver readers that I am not a fan of watching humans in love with a non-human, which is probably why I delayed watching this drama. However, I will put this on my list for next week's Wehaiyo Drive.

The song is so relaxing to listen to since there seems to be a dull feel to it. Seo Kang Joon's voice blends into the music.

3) Julian Cheung (張智霖) - Wishing You (Zok Guan) Well (祝君好)

I am including another Hong Kong artist in here. I suppose I was randomly browsing and came across one of my favorite songs. Julian Cheng is another great singer. The song is a theme song to the Hong Kong drama, Return of the Cuckoo with my favorite Hong Kong actress, Charmaine Sheh. The title of the song does not actually mean, "Wishing You Well," but wishing Zok Guan, the main female character of the drama, well.

Listening to this song makes me want to watch the drama right now. I think I have never seen this drama, but the song was popular, so I loved listening to the song when I was younger.

What is most notable in the meloncholy lyrics is that the singer rather not hug and grow old with this woman he loves, but rather keep this woman in his heart. Even if they meet by accident, the singer thinks the other guy is better suited for the woman than the singer. The singer only hopes to stop from afar to wish the woman, Zok Guan, well.

I hope this week's post is not that lackluster. I continually strive to provide you better posts every week.

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Friday, August 3, 2018

Wehaiyo Drive: Beautiful Transformation

I am back this week with our Wehaiyo Drive.

I have not been given too much of a break lately, but I hope to continue finding new content for the second half of the summer. I think I need a nice vacation at this point, but with life going at such a fast pace, I might miss the latest dramas and songs in a blink of an eye.

This is why I must keep on blogging and thank you for your support! Let's bring in more views at the Wehaiyo Drives.

This week's Dramas:

1) What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (김비서가 왜 그럴까)

Watch it on: Viki

The finale is here! I cannot believe I have seen the entire drama already, but I can tell already that there seems to be no more conflicts in the story. However, I felt rushed when the ending was so abrupt for our side characters.

Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) and his beloved secretary, Kim Mi So (Park Min Young) get the ultimate happy ending by getting married, which to me, seems to be at warp speed. Poor Young Joon had to propose four times to get Mi So to accept his proposal. I think having a man who wants to get married throughout the drama is a rare sight. I have tried to plan my wedding in six months and even that was not enough time to get everything ready. However, Young Joon is a rich dude, so of course, everything is easier to implement. It is really nice to see this couple go from a strictly working relationship to a married couple.

As for our side couples and characters, I was a bit disappointed. I really thought there would be a more exciting story for them, but everything was rushed.

Lee Sung Yeon (Lee Tae Hwan), Young Joon's brother just quietly disappeared from the story. After he found out the truth, his character stood still and they gave him the direction to just travel the world alone. That seems to be such a sad ending for me, but at least he is healing.

I wanted to see more development with workaholic Go Gwi Nam (Hwang Chansung) and easygoing Kim Jia (Pyo Ye Jin)'s relationship. Go Gwi Nam initially rejected Jia's confession, but I find it hard to believe that he would just make a quick turnaround by suddenly letting go of his financial goals that he had all drama long just to date Jia, and that he perhaps asked Jia to date him at the wedding just to save money on his first date. He made me doubt his intentions. I am not convinced about Gwi Nam's transformation. Realistically, I think Jia may be in trouble as she would not be used to living the frugal life. However, I wish this couple lots of happiness. Can we possible get a spin-off drama of them?

Bong Sera (Hwang Bora) and her "hero," Yang Cheol (Kang Hong Suk) had a sudden, but happy ending when the entire office already knew that they were dating. They were not that discreet, but it was not obvious that everyone knew about their relationship in the drama. I think Hero Yang Cheol is so cute and I will never forget his karaoke scene, which shows his great vocal skills. I think actor Kang Hong Suk must have a theater background. This couple was cute and over exaggerated.

Lastly, I will miss Park Yoo Sik (Kang Ki Young) and his comedic antics. I want to see Kang Ki Young in more roles, please. His expressions throughout the drama are great and he is a great comic relief to Young Joon's serious character. I was a bit disappointed in the way he quickly made up with his ex-wife, but at least he gets a happy ending.

2) My ID is Gangnam Beauty (내 ID는 강남미인)

Watch it on: Dramafever 

Yay! I started a new drama based on a webtoon. When I saw the above five-minute preview video and I was interested, so I saw this drama shortly after Dramafever released episode one. After watching episodes one and two, I have conflicted thoughts as this concerns a subject about low self-esteem and plastic surgery.

I am used to watching power women and aspire to be a powerful woman, but watching Kang Mirae (Im Soo Hyang) go through numerous timid and weak scenes really turned me off. I understand that this could be a real life story, but I do not enjoy watching this type of character. Furthermore, because she thinks she is ugly and a guy in high school reject her confession, she moves ahead with plastic surgery, and shockingly with her mother's support. I do not know what happened in the past, but it seems that having her classmates and her crush reject her is not enough for me to think that she needs to get plastic surgery to resolve her problems. Another problem is that getting plastic surgery is an easy option in Korea and if a person has a shred of doubt about his or her appearance, plastic surgery  offices seem to be right around the corner. Still, I did not expect her mother to go along with it. I agree with her father's reaction after he found out that she has a new face.

It is clear that after surgery, Mirae attends college with a face full of make-up, adding to her insecurity. The make-up actually makes her look older than she is and even her classmates thought that she was an upperclassman. While I am intrigued about her character, I am also disappointed. Sadly, getting plastic surgery did not make a difference because it did nothing for her self-esteem. Even when she is praised, she doubts herself.

In a cliché story setup, our main, male lead, Do Kyung Seok (Cha Eun Woo), is a quiet and beautiful male who has a depressing family background for unknown reasons. I think we are conditioned to feel bad for our main couple, but it seems very unrefreshing.

My prediction is that with both leads having huge flaws, they will learn to love each other and themselves in this beautiful (inside and out) journey.

3) You're Beautiful (미남이시네요)

Watch it on: Dramafever

I honestly did not expect to watch an old drama, but since I did not really finish this one, I decided to start it again, episode one and two, just to pass the time while I am cleaning up at home. I can't believe Park Shin Hye was so much younger in this drama. Furthermore, she played a rare, meek, nun character, which not the type of character I am used to seeing actress Park Shin Hye play when she is known to play a rising, resilient character.

I thought that this scene in episode 2 was very funny. Go Mi Nyeo (played by Park Shin Hye) is trying to act and cross dress as her twin brother Go Mi Nam in order to secure his place in the band, A.N.JELL. As she was in leader Hwang Tae Kyung's (Jang Keun Suk's) forbidden bedroom, she accidentally bumps into his shelf and knocked down all his CDs and such, which activated the remote for the air conditioner, and subsequently, the music sheets started flying around next to a candle from a tray she brought into his room. Finally, Go Mi Nyeo, while still supporting the half-fallen shelf with her body, while in sweat, resorted to spitting into the candle from afar to try to put out the fire on the candle.

When Tae Kyung came out of the bathroom after showering Go Mi Nyeo's puke off his body from the night before, he was enraged to find out the mess Mi Nyeo made in his room. As he was interogating Mi Nyeo, an award statue from the top shelf fell on Mi Nyeo's head and knocked her unconscious. Just as Tae Kyung was checking whether Mi Nyeo is okay with the statue in his hand, the manager and their bandmates walk in on him and assumed the worst.

This week's Music:

This week is full of good, solo music!

1) Jeong Sewoon (정세운) - 20 SOMETHING (Prod. 멜로망스 정동환, 정세운)

Jeong Sewoon's mini album, "Another," is very pleasant. I am become a steady fan of his music. As a participant of Produce 101, Season 2, I was already interested in his work. I recommend listening to the entire album as it was very enjoyable.

Jeong Sewoon's main track, 20 Something, is a song that I felt I knew the meaning of without going to get the translated lyrics. In the chorus, he was asking himself, "What are you thinking? You're 20 something. 20 something (for God's sakes!)." I added the part in parenthesis just to emphasize the feeling.

There will probably be a time for young people to doubt themselves, but they will have to push on because they have their whole life ahead of them. I have already gone through my twenties and from experience, I was the kind of person who was always optimistic, taking various opportunities because I do not know where they will lead. I spent my twenties learning about me and the world like crazy, which is what I wanted to do before I started having children. I even got married in my twenties, which also made me wonder if that was the right thing to do in my twenties as opposed to later on in life. Because of my motivated attitude, I took every opportunities to try new things and experiences. Therefore, I do not regret much in life.

In Sewoon's lyrics, he tried to make everybody, regardless of their age, have the feeling of being in their twenties to overcome their obstacles and not overthink life. I agree. This song is very soothing and a good pick for people who need to recharge their batteries.

2) Chung Ha (청하)  - Love U 

I swear that I am not purposely listening to songs that are from Produce 101 artists. However, when I heard this song, I was immediately drawn to it and wondered the name of the artist. I did not pay attention to Chung Ha in the past because I did not feel that her music stood out, but this one definitely did. Chung Ha has a hit in her hands and she is now on my Wehaiyo Drive radar.

In the lyrics, she is singing about wanting to love someone (Love you) and then the following lyrics end with  이유 (the reason), which rhymes and is so catchy. She does not know the reason, but she wants to love that person.

I am all for it!

3) SEUNGRI - 셋 셀테니 (1, 2, 3!)

Big Bang's Seungri released a surprisingly great song "셋 셀테니 (1, 2, 3!)" (I'll count to three (1, 2, 3!)). Even more surprising is that his spell of a song has hooked me in and made me go to him for my Wehaiyo Drive. I have not liked a Seungri song since "White Love," and now I have another reason to listen to his songs.

The song is about one man's either wishful thinking or amazing confidence that when he counts to three, the women he has interest in will come to him. 

The music video is also very interesting because it was taken in one shot and I really get a Grease and 50s vibe from the video. Yes, Seungri was doing some wishful thinking by the end of the video. There are also bonus bloopers footage, which is also entertaining to watch.

If you do love this song, I also recommend the multilingual version of the song where Seungri goes into Korean, Japanese, Thai, American English, Russian, Spain Spanish, Chinese, French, Arabic, and German. From what I know about Seungri, he really loves learning foreign languages.

That's all I have for now and I will see you next week.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Wehaiyo Drive: It Has To Be You

Hello, Readers,

I apologize for not posting last week. It is a cliché type of excuse, but I really could not get to the computer to relay my thoughts and on top of that, I did not have time to watch dramas. Therefore, this post will cover the last two weeks of my life. I really wish I can do this full time, so please continue to support me and Wehaiyo!

I have decided to drop the exclamation mark on the Wehaiyo Drive series. It looks more natural that way.

This week's Dramas:

1) What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (김비서가 왜 그럴까)

Watch it on: Viki

Episode 13 and 14 are the best episodes so far with off-the-chart love scenes and genuine revelations. Yes, I am aware that the grand finale episodes are even better, but I have not seen it yet. You can bet that I will be mentioning the finale on next week's Wehaiyo Drive.

All Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) and Kim Mi So (Park Min Young) want to do after they move on from their past history is to confirm their relationship by making love. I am talking about a hot kissing scene where he unbuttons her shirt as he kisses her. However, we get a whole episode of tension as we watch them get interupted by an emergency business situation, Mi So's father and his hospital visit, Mi So's eldest sister's shopping spree, and finally, business talk. 

Just when Young Joon was about to give Mi So the space he thought she needed, she genuinely changes her mind, not for him, but for herself because she really wanted to be with him too. She boldly tells him that she was not going home for the night. They have an envious bed scene. I really haven't seen such racy scenes in kdramas in a long time since My Secret Romance, episode one ending.

As if the romance was not enough to fill the two episodes, we also get a nice conclusion to exactly what Secretary Kim wants to do with her life, which is to be Secretary Kim, or should I say Executive Assistant Kim. The emergency company situation seems to be forced, but necessary to show how needed Secretary Kim is to the company, and it is even clearer to her that she enjoys what she does and her accomplishments at the company. I found myself feeling emotional when she comes to this revelation. I am going to miss this drama because I really look up to a character like Secretary Kim. She is not perfect, but she is strong and professional.

It has to be you. You're the woman, Kim Mi So!

2) Tribes and Empires: The Storm of Prophecy - 九州·海上牧云记

Watch it on: Dramafever 

I tried to re-watch this drama and went back to the episodes in the thirties all the way to episode 39, which is probably almost halfway through the drama. I know some people are disappointed with the ending, but I shall watch and find out. The plot is not really intriguing for me, but the actors are and I think that is the reason why I keep watching.

The plot really isn't that interesting as there are more problems than answers. I am the type to want to see romance with action when I am watching action dramas or movies, but there are barely any romantic scenes. We have three hot-looking men, but not much romance to see. 

When Prince Muyan Sheng (Huang Xuan) loses his spirit woman, Panxi (Janice Man), he goes beserk and destroys the astrological tower. His buddy, Muru Hanjiang (Shawn Dou) was helplessly watching the love of his life who was prophesied to be the Queen, Su Yuning (Xu Lu) become Prince Muyan Sheng's wife, but since Prince Muyan Sheng delays the marriage, Janjiang was given the chance to run away with Yuning. The third leading man was not mentioned in the last episodes, but he seems to have a slightly romantic story line going on with Princess Jing (Zhang Jianing).

The plot became so sad, but the men are going crazy over their women. It has to be you (women)!

3) You Drive Me Crazy 미치겠다, 너땜에!

Watch it on: Viki

Do you have two hours of time? Then you can finish this special drama that is only four episodes and 30 minutes each. Romance lovers should not miss this drama. Actually, this drama should have been a regular-length drama because I want more episodes and I know I am not the only one to say it. Since it's only four mini episodes, I will give spoilers.

Kim Rae Won (played by Kim Seon Ho) and Han Eun Sung (played by Lee Yoo Young) have been best friends since college, but one drunken night led them to sleep together. Knowing that they passed the friend zone, Eung Sung cooly told Rae Won that it was a mistake. However, this so-called mistake shook up Rae Won for the next two months.

After a two-month separation, Eun Sung shows up at Rae Won's house and forces Rae Won to let her stay until her plumbing problem is fixed. Rae Won reluctantly agrees and their feelings for each other only grows deeper no matter how much they deny it.

Rae Won realizes that he loves Eun Sung first, but Eun Sung becomes terrified at the idea that if they break up, they won't even be friends anymore. It's a stretch, but I also agree that it should not have taken her one year to come back to him.

In Rae Won's mind, it has to be you (Eun Sung).

I really wanted to see more scenes, but this is a drama special and I want to see more works from both Kim Seon Ho and Han Eun Sung. As Kim Seon Ho mentioned in the Viki interview, Lee Yoo Young is really good at drunk scenes. Her drunk scenes look exceptionally realistic. I am happy that Kim Seon Ho had a leading role in this drama. I want him to take on more leading roles. I also am developing a crush on him and all the characters that he plays.

This week's Music:

I listened to a lot of great music in the last two weeks. I am still cycling over the old featured Wehaiyo Drive music, but there are some new songs too.

1) THE BOYZ (더보이즈) - KeePer (지킬게) (Prod. PARK KYUNG(박경))

I have been listening to The Boyz songs since their debut in December. I really can't find a song that I do not like so far. I do not know who The Boyz members are (besides Ju Haknyeon from Produce 101, Season 2), but I love their songs.

This song is no exception. It's about a male who wants to protect the girl he loves, but does not quite have her affection yet. I love the snappy type singing that they do and they also have their trademark harmonies that sway upwards, which drives me crazy.

2) TWICE (트와이스) - Dance The Night Away

I usually do not fall for Twice songs because I do not like their singing style, but Twice seems to be growing on me. The conclusion is that as long as the song is catchy, I will like it. I love music for what it is-- the music. Sure, there can be flashy entertainers and repetitive styles, but as long as the song is good and catchy, I may like it.

The song is about dancing the night away, enjoying nature, and spending time with one another. The initial tune at the beginning of the song is so catchy. Listening to the song makes me feel young. I think I can probably free dance to the entire song.

It has to be you (all).

3) SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) - 어쩌나 (Oh My!)

Seventeen is back with a new song. Pledis Entertainment is on a roll. This is the type of song that grows on me. The more I listen to it, the more I love it.

This song is about a guy who cannot sleep at night thinking of what he should do about this girl that is constantly on his mind.

What should he do? I think the music video is cute including the whole blanket tent.

What do I do with them? It has to be...that one girl that could make a guy a zombie or an insomniac.

Well, that wraps up two weeks of the Wehaiyo Drive. I love blogging and I would like to do this as long as I can and thank you for your support as always.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Wehaiyo Drive: Powerful, Yet Fragile, Women

Since I was hosting my family for most of last week, I was not able to check too much on what is happening in today's edutainment world. However, I noticed this week's theme is about how powerful, yet fragile a woman can be.

This week's Dramas:

1) Oh My General (将军在上)

Watch it on: Viki

I started a new drama whose heroine, Ye Zhao (played by Sandra Ma), is a Tang General who is forced to marry a pretty boy Zhao Yujin (played by Peter Sheng), but I think she secretly likes the idea of marrying him. I watched through the first four episodes easily and if it was not for a lack of time, I would have kept on going.

Ye Zhao reminds me a lot about myself, because I would have acted the same way. No matter how successful I turn out to be in my career, I have a lot of room for romantic thoughts and I am sure I would be excited and curious about my arranged marriage to my husband and the identity of my husband. Then, after the marriage ceremony is complete, I would be extremely loyal to my husband provided that he is a decent man who is a good person and has a good personality.

Actress Sandra Ma is strong and capable in her role as a rough manly woman. I cannot believe she played the role of Li Bala, a seductive girl in the movie, The Left Ear, which I consider one of my favorite Chinese movies.

Peter Sheng seems to be another good actor as well, but he is a bit skinny to be the love interest of Ye Zhao. I also do not find him to be a pretty boy, but he is not bad looking.

2) About Time (멈추고 싶은 순간 : 어바웃 타임)

Watch it on: Viki

We have finally made it to the finale of About Time. In the last two episodes, I was disappointed in the way the story was unfolding. Throughout the drama, I never understood what exactly made the time stop, what made it accelerate, and by the end, what made it go out of control as our couple gravitates toward their demise. By the end of the drama, the time clock disappeared completely without reason and possibly linked to the heroine's grandmother, which is a far-fetched idea.

I am impressed with Choi Michaela or Mika (played by Lee Sung Kyung) for not being so scared of dying when the end was so near. She basically tries to live the last 19 days of her life peacefully. Lee Do Ha (played by Lee Sang Yoon) was also unafraid of dying as well. He had no problems hesitating about his decisions, knowing that every moment he spends with Mika will lead towards his death.

The story did not make sense in the end. They could have ended it when they were both thinking their last thoughts as time ran out. Miraculously, the couple was somehow reborn and we do not know how much time is left, but to keep the end a happy ending, we as the audience, should not know the truth. Ignorance is bliss.

I would like to give a shoutout to actor Kim Dong Joon who played the music director. I am unsure of his role in this drama. He was not the second leading man and his plot line was going nowhere by the end. He sort of develops an early-stage crush on Mika by the end of the drama, but that will also lead nowhere. I hope Kim Dong Joon earns more acting opportunities because of this role in order to show more of his talent.

Lastly, the Rowoon and Han Seung Yeon couple ending was sweet. It would be nice if she did not spend almost all of the drama rejecting his advances. I did some quick research and Han Seung Yeon is eight years older than Rowoon in real life. It did not bother me since Han Seung Yeon looks younger than her age.

3) What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (김비서가 왜 그럴까)

Watch it on: Viki

This week's episodes 11 and 12 are more like, "What's Wrong with Vice-Chairman Lee Young Joon?"
We finally get the answers to what happened during the kidnapping of Lee Young Joon (played by Park Seo Joon) and his brother Lee Sung Yeon (played by Lee Tae Hwan). The mystery of why Kim Mi So (played by Park Min Young) is so afraid of spiders has been revealed as well. Honestly, this could be realistic, but there is a lot of makjang (outrageous story lines to keep the audience hooked) drama. The Lee family could have had a happy resolution, but they choose the difficult road.

I can see that Mi So feels that her relationship with Young Joon is developing at lightning-fast pace and she is uncomfortable with it. I think Young Joon had asked her to marry him twice already and they barely had more than a couple actual dates. Some people might think Young Joon is creepy or has an ulterior motive for advancing their relationship so fast, except he is so handsome and charming that we forget his actions are creepy. Mi So tries to lightly reject Young Joon's advances to sleep with her, but loses in the end.

To really hook in the audience, the episode ends when Young Joon is unbuttoning Mi So's clothes. Please tune in next week!

This week's Music:

My mind was in a cloud this week, so the music I listened to did not get much repeat listens, but worth mentioning on the Wehaiyo Drive.

1) NUEST W - "Ylenol"

Can somebody explain what this song means? I am really perplexed, but the song and melody are really catchy and puts me in a great mood. First, the title is spelled backwards, so I am guessing the singer is in some type of denial about his loneliness and whether he loves this girl.

It is clear that the singer wants to be with this girl at any chance he gets, but he also sings that "I'm a little lonely because I do not like you." Huh? Furthermore, the singer keeps singing that he is a "little" lonely, which seems to be a contradiction because the lyrics in all verses indicate that he wants to be with this girl.

My conclusion is that this man does not know what he wants and even though his mouth may say that he does not like the girl, he really does like this girl. I sense a lot of mixed feelings in this song.

This is one of my favorite songs on the Nu'est W "Who, You" album.

2) Gugudan SEMINA (구구단 세미나) - "샘이나"

The style of this song reminds me of the style of TaeTiSeo, the Girls Generation unit group. I was curious about what "Semina" means, so I did some quick research. First, like TaeTiSeo, who combined the first character of each member's name, Gugudan also followed the same style, combining the names of  Gugudan members Kim Sejeong, Mina, and Nayoung. Secondly, the word, "semina," sounds like word for jealousy in Korean.

The lyrics are about a confident woman who strongly believes a man has fallen in love with her. The lyrics seem to forcefully indicate that the women gets jealous when the man looks elsewhere for love when the man should be choosing the woman. He may be playing hard to get, and doing so makes the woman love him even more. By the end of the song, the woman is driven crazy, but knows that in the end, he will come to her.

By the way, Kim Sejeong looks great with long hair in a ponytail. She almost looks like a different person to me. 

3) Apink (에이핑크) - "I'm so sick"

Apink released a song that sounds great and sounds like a whole new level of Apink, but it's another song on the Wehaiyo Drive with lyrics that I cannot understand completely. All the members voices sound so good that I do not need to concentrate or look for anybody that does not sing well. Usually, for Apink's songs, I look for Eunji's parts because she sings so well.

I am trying to understand the exact meaning of the song. It seems the woman is sick of lying to herself that she loves this man, but she gets confused when he says he misses her or loves her. She also has a definite impression that when he calls her, he does not truly love her. She tells herself that she does not love him, yet she wishes that he would do something to make her fall in love with him again. In the end, she makes a resolution to leave him.

Women may appear strong, but are really fragile on the inside. Women may make decisions based on fragility, but no matter what choice women make, they continue and power on with even greater courage.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Wehaiyo Drive: Scrambling to Understand

This week, while still in mourning, I did not have much time to venture out of my comfort zone. I was mostly sticking to the same dramas and songs of what I know, so this week, there is nothing too new at the Wehaiyo! Drive. I will also keep it short this week.

This week's Dramas:

1) Legend of Fuyao - 扶摇

Watch it on: Dramafever or Viki

I am slowly watching this drama up to episode 11 since the plot has lost some of its initial fire. After the tournament at Taiyuan Mountain, Fu Yao (played by Yang Mi) and fake prince, Zhangsun Wuji (played by Ethan Ruan) escape the mountain and go their separate ways. Sadly, I did not see much of them together after that. I miss our main couple! The story also seems to take on a new direction as Fu Yao's adventure continues.

Instead, Fu Yao meets Zhan Beiye (played by Vengo Gao), who is the third (in power, not by birth) prince of the Tiansha kingdom who looks really strong on the outside, but has a weakness on the inside since his mother is being used to force him to take on missions for the king. I am surprised that Fu Yao could not beat him in martial arts and ends up being tied up with rope by Beiye. Beiye is also an intelligent person as he figured out early on who really stole the englobement bell that he was in charge of guarding, and he strategized to lure the culprit out later on.

There are a lot of new characters and it would take me a while to get familiarized with them.

2) About Time (멈추고 싶은 순간 : 어바웃 타임)

Watch it on: Viki

All I can really think about this week after watching episodes 13 and 14 is how crazy Bae Soo Bong (played by Im Se Mi) is for forcing a marriage to happen even if she has to ask her potential father-in-law to break the arms and legs of Lee Do Ha (Lee Sang Yoon) to make it happen.

Even if Soo Bong can marry Do Ha, how can she ever attain any form of love from him after all her horrible deeds? She is clearly selfish by advancing her own agenda instead of considering Do Ha's wishes. By the end of episode 14, Do Ha made it clear to Soo Bong, yet again, that he cannot marry her. I do not particularly care if Soo Bong jumped off the rooftop of a building, except this type of action is far from her character, who is the type of character who would not easily give up when facing failure. At least, I do not expect her to go into shock and think about taking her own life after failing to marry Do Ha.

3) What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (김비서가 왜 그럴까)

Watch it on: Viki

In episodes 10 and 11, Secretary Kim Mi So (Park Min Young) is very close to uncovering the truth about the childhood kidnapping event involving her, Lee Young Joon (played by Park Seo Joon), and his older brother, Lee Sung Yeon (played by Lee Tae Hwan). At this point, we know that Sung Yeon's memories has been somehow planted into his head and Young Joon is the actual boy that was kidnapped with Mi So when they were young. There is still the mystery woman in their childhood nightmares, who Young Joon and Mi So cannot identify yet.

On the other hand, there were many comedic moments in this drama with our side characters. I laughed out loud when Mi So's sister thought Young Joon had a sexual dysfunction problem because he could not initially kiss Mi So.

The side love story lines with the office staff are also interesting. I want to see more development between neighbors Go Gwi Nam (Changsung) and Kim Ji-A (Pyo Ye Jin). They are still bickering like enemies with the last argument about making outrageous demands for offers of leftover food.

On the other hand, Bong Se Ra (Hwang Bo Ra) and Yang Cheol (Kang Hong Suk) are almost becoming a couple. Yang Cheol is visibly smitten by Se Ra as she drunkenly walks away. I am blown away by Kang Hong Suk's singing ability during the "King of Mask Singer" segment. Did he have any musical theater experience?

Did the casts members get through any scenes without laughing?

This week's Music:

I was not particularly obsessed with music this week (except for Nu'est W's "Dejavu" and other songs that were previously featured on the Wehaiyo! Drive), so this week's music features songs in the back of my mind.

1) Mystery Singer (Han Dong Geun?) who covered "Breath" in the King of Mask Singer show

This version of Shinee Jonghyun's "Breath" was stunning. The mystery man sang a mature version of the song. The rendition was beautiful and worth another listen.

If the mystery singer is really Han Dong Geun from Pledis Entertainment, then that's amazing as well.


This song randomly made its way back into my Youtube playlist. It brings back memories of I.O.I., the temporary Produce 101, season 1 winner group, except this particular song is promoted by the I.O.I. sub-unit (with seven of eleven members) since not every member could join the promotions.

Still, I like seeing and listening to a strong woman theme even though they are singing about a "mighty good man."

3) Khan - I'm Your Girl

I did not replay this song in its entirety at all this week, but this song was stuck in the back of my mind, especially the chorus part (You-oo-ou-oo-ou...I'm your girl...). I suppose, even with a brief listen, the song was unconsciously stuck in my mind. I do not know specifically who the Khan duo is, but I am very curious to learn more about them.

Upon a little research, the girls are formerly The Ark members, but are now formed as a duo under Maroo Entertainment as Khan.

This weeks seems to be a random week for me. Every week is a different experience. See you next week.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Wehaiyo! Drive: Touching Moments

I regret to post my weekly Wehaiyo! Drive so late this week. With a death in the family, it was a difficult week for me. Professionally, I had a lot to catch up on this week, so I will make a shorter post.

This week's Dramas:

1) Legend of Fuyao - 扶摇

Watch it on: Dramafever or Viki

A week ago, I started this new drama and I was blown away by the story. I become obsessed with the drama, watching seven episodes at once. I really love watching strong heroines characters and Fu Yao (played by awesome actress, Yang Mi) is definitely one of them. It is amazing how she did not start the story with much kung fu skill, but she somehow made it through every round of the competition with a big credit to our leading man, the fake prince.

I am also fond of Zhangsun Wuji (Ethan Ruan), who pretends to be the prince, but who also shows his charms to Fu Yao at every turn. He unnecessarily worries about Fu Yao, which in turn, saves her life. He has superior martial arts skill, but somehow allows Fu Yao to plant mud on both of his cheeks during their first fight.

2) About Time (멈추고 싶은 순간 : 어바웃 타임)

Watch it on: Viki

Ironically, I am watching this week's episode with an actual death in my family, so it was also sad to watch a drama where everybody has a timer that keeps ticking until death. However, I think this week was also a downer because of the fact Choi Michaela aka Mika (played by Lee Sung Kyung) and Lee Doha (played by Lee Sang Yoon) are still painfully separated.

However, the main developments were in the pressure that Doha receives from his father, his so-called fiance, and his potential business partnership with his Chinese business partner besides the pain he is already in as a result of a breakup with Mika. I really do feel bad for Doha for having all the problems come to him all at once. By the end of episode 12, Doha had enough and I believe he will move toward being independent from all the people who give him trouble even if that means losing his family and business.

3) What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (김비서가 왜 그럴까)

Watch it on: Viki

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim remains to be a fun and interesting drama. I am all caught up to episode eight where the problems are beginning to be resolved. Lee Young Joon (played by Park Seo Joon) and his brother's past become a little bit more clear as it seems the older brother Lee Sung Yeon (played by Lee Tae Hwan) lost his memory after the kidnapping event, but believes that he was the one kidnapped with Secretary Kim Mi So (Park Min Young). 

However, it does not matter to Mi So because she finds herself falling deeper in love with Young Joon, so it does not matter whether he was the oppa whom she had a childhood bond with and with whom she promised to marry after the kidnapping experience. She lets Young Joon get away with bossing her around even when she has already gave her end-of-employment notice because I think she loves him. Mi So was extremely bothered by how Young Joon thinks of her when she was around Sung Yeon and when Sung Yeon publicly stated that he was in love with her without giving out her name. 

Without words, Mi So seems to have known what Young Joon's trauma was without asking Young Joon about his trauma. At the end of episode eight, when Young Joon could not secure the first kiss, Mi So took the initiative and went straight for the kiss, healing Young Joon and helping him overcome his trauma.

I was touched to see that a pair of lovebirds have emerged. 

This week's Music:

1) NU'EST W (뉴이스트 W) - Dejavu

There is no question that I mention Nu'est W's comeback on my Wehaiyo! Drive. I have been waiting for this group since their last album, W' Here. The song sounds a bit complicated, but musically satisfying. I want to hear "dejavu" sung over and over again. I must say that all four members are looking especially handsome for their comeback. Even as I am going through a tough week, I can count on Dejavu to comfort me in the background.

2) Kim Hyun Soo 김현수 - It's You '너야'

Continuing my thoughts on the special Woo Jin Young and Kim Hyun Soo team who was featured on the Wehaiyo! Drive last week, I now solely focus on Hyun Soo. I stumbled upon this special clip of him singing, "Neo Ya" ("너야") or "It's You." Every time he belts out, "Neo Ya," I feel really emotional and special. It's easy to put this song on replay. Hyun Woo needs to release more songs for us to enjoy.

3) BTOB (비투비) - Only One For Me (너 없인 안 된다) 

I naturally eased myself into listening to BTOB's newest song, "Only One For Me." They are so good at singing romantic melodies, which is so appropriate since their fandom name is Melody. I listed to this on replay many times this week and I am very touched by it.

This week, I barely had time to pay attention to the entertainment world, but please continue to support the Wehaiyo! Drive as I upload more content.

By the way, did you all know the special way to eat ramyun when it is too hot?
Fold the lid into a cup and put the noodle in it to cool it down.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Wehaiyo! Drive: Milestones

Hello Wehaiyo! Readers,

I am back with another week of the Wehaiyo! Drive. This week, I did not have much inspiration to write or make posts since I experienced personal setbacks, but I am hoping to get back into the groove next week.

This week's Dramas:

1) What's Wrong with Secretary Kim (김비서가 왜 그럴까)

Watch it on: Viki

I am very interested in this drama, watching episodes as they become available. I really love the chemistry between Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon. Currently up to episode four, I am excited to see Park Min Young's character, Kim Miso aka Secretary Kim and Lee Young Joon played by Park Seo Joon, the Vice President gradually realize their feelings for one another.

Upset after being punched in the face by his older brother, the only place Young Joon wanted to be is to be near Miso. Just like his character in Fight My Way, I think Park Seo Joon is replaying the clueless-in-love role, because if a person shows up at another person's house in the middle of the night, longing for that person, it usually means that the person has fallen in love with the person he or she is waiting for. Young Joon should know that he is in love with Miso.

Back in episode three, I loved the "blockbuster date" that Young Joon arranged for Miso in the amusement park, disguising the reason for the date as an event for employee appreciation to thank her for all her hard work over the years. It is hard for any guy to surpass this blockbuster date experience with a private amusement park, fancy dinner, watching fireworks by boat, a huge cute cow stuffed doll gift, and well, an ending kiss that did not happen.

I do wonder why they did not have these feelings before this entire story started. They were working with each other for nine years, but did not seem to have any romantic feelings until Kim Miso decides to resign from her position. I find that odd. They could have been stuck in a professional groove, but I find it hard to believe that they did not encounter any heartwarming moments that would make them think twice about each other.

I know it seems too early, but I want to see a milestone kiss to seal the deal.

2) About Time (멈추고 싶은 순간 : 어바웃 타임)

Watch it on: Viki

I am equally drawn to the About Time drama as well. It seems Viki viewers think the plot is becoming way too sad, but for me, it is fine. In episode ten, our leading lady, Choi Michaela, played by Lee Sung Kyung, tries a lot of ways to break up with her boyfriend, Lee Do Ha, played by Lee Sang Yoon, who has also been emotionally scarred by his ex-girlfriend, Kim Joon Ah, played by Kim Gyuri.

Michaela or Mika, for short, realizes that she is gaining time rather quickly while Do Ha's time is decreasing rather quickly in return. I think this is because they fell deeper in love with each other. Mika's instincts is to first break up with Do Ha, but she used a really lame excuse such as not loving him anymore and breaking up with him the day after a really fun and romantic date. By the way, Do Ha looked like a puppy while watching the scary movie. The breakup did not make sense to me, but maybe she wanted him to have a great memory of their ideal life before dealing a huge blow to Do Ha. I think the date hurt them both even more because of the memorable date. Furthermore, like Do Ha mentioned, who would accept this kind of excuse of not loving each other anymore as a breakup reason?

Around the same time, Do Ha's fiance wannabe, Bae Soo Bong, played by Im Se Mi, revealed all her evil intentions to her love rivals. If she was truly evil, she would have kept the truth to herself and let everybody move toward their demise, but I think Soo Bong was too impatient and revealed all her intentions like a rookie villian-in-training. Also, her chit-chat with her rivals is really annoying. I am disgusted by her behavior and I cannot wait for the moment she realizes how ugly she became as seen in the mirror that Joon Ah gifted Soo Bong in reference to what Joon Ah said to Soo Bong before ultimately leaving. Soo Bong is setting herself up for her own demise by forcing her marriage to Do Ha.

Lastly, even though words may hurt, Mika cannot hide her true feelings behind her actions when she rushes to save Do Ha from a panic attack on the street. Her only way out is to tell him the truth, but she twists it a little to say that Do Ha is the one draining her time clock and that he should let her go. After thinking about it, if she said she was draining Do Ha's time, Do Ha could say that he does not care that Mika takes his time away since he loves her. However, if Do Ha takes Mika's time away from her timeclock, Do Ha would make sure he stays away from Mika for sure. 

Up to this point, I have no idea where the plot will go next, but I think the story was written brilliantly. Since there is not that much time left for Mika to live, I think Do Ha will eventually realize Mika's lie and get back with her even though he will die earlier because of it. If they meet in the middle, they could live together at least around 30 more years unless the time drains even faster as they fall deeper in love. They can still have time to make a lot of milestones and not worry about having regrets before dying.

3) Come and Hug Me (이리와 안아줘)

Watch it on: Viki

I tried to start this drama because it really seemed like an interesting story. Unfortunately, I did not finish watching the first episode. The reason is not because of boredom, but because sadly, I really did not have enough time this week to watch dramas.

I can tell that this is a sad love story, but I am drawn to the characters and plot line. Leading man, Chae Do Jin/ Yoon Na Moo, well played by Jang Ki Yong, is intense and direct in his interview to become a police officer. When the other three candidates were gossiping about his childhood case, he could have gotten angry or told them off as a normal reaction, but he remained really calm and calmly sat down with him to explain the case to them. I find that creepy and mature at the same time. This is a noteworthy scene.

I will try to write more about this drama in future Wehaiyo! drives.

This week's Music:

1) Woo Jin Young (우진영) and Kim Hyun Soo (김현수) - Falling in love (설레고 난리)

In continuation of mentioning Mixnine stars, Woo Jin Young and Kim Hyun Soo released a special album titled, "Present," to thank their fans for support. I am not disappointed in their single as the song was fun and easy to listen to for a countless number of times. I cannot wait for their next work. 

While Kim Hyun Soo fell out of the Mixnine position in the last episode, Woo Jin Young maintained his first place position at the conclusion of Mixnine.

In the behind the scene music video clips, I can see Kim Hyun Soo naturally speak in dialect, but I am not sure exactly where he is from. However, the recorded version of his voice has no hints of dialect.

2) Kim Dong Han (김동한) - SUNSET

Woah. Kim Dong Han, formerly a Produce 101 contestant and JBJ member, has gone solo with his mini-album, D-day. I was very impressed with his dance skills on Produce 101. His vocal parts while he was in JBJ were also strong. I thought this guy had the full package as an stage entertainer.

I am not too impressed about his debut as a solo singer though, but his tracks are okay and not vocally extraordinary. After listening to his album a few more times, I have started liking it. The main song, "Sunset," just sounds better and better after every play. The song is about how a woman looks in the sunset and how the singer feels about her at that time.

3) TheEastLight (더 이스트라이트) - Let Me Stay With You

I cannot see TheEastLight doing any wrong. Their songs are so good! I am such a fan of their works. Aside from their title track,"Love Flutters," TheEastLight promoted "Let Me Stay With You" by releasing a choreography version of the song. They also sang this song on music shows as well.

The song is about how painful it is for the singer to be a girl's best friend when he would rather be the girls' lover instead.

These guys still seem so young to me, but I have to remind myself that they are old enough to date and possibly experience such feelings that were mentioned in the lyrics, which is not a good thing as it seems to be unrequited love, but it would contribute to their life experience.

Somehow, I think of this song even when I am feeling sad. This song make me feel better during sad times.

I see a lot of rookies reaching milestones with their mini-albums. I want to wish them all the best of luck and success. 

To more milestones....Wehaiyo!