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HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episode 7 (1/4)

With only one episode of Emergency Couple airing this week, there may not be quite as much to talk about as usual but that doesn't mean that this week's episode was uneventful. From softening hearts to a surprise baby, this week's episode certainly kept us on our toes!
gather aroundI have to admit, I was a bit surprised by the way things began this week. I was so certain someone at the concert would catch Jin Hee before she hit the ground, the very possibility of just watching her fall had never occurred to me. (Shows how much I know!) While it makes sense that Jin Hee bite the dust, it just seems so very contrary to all of the rules of DramaLand living. However, having an entire group of acquaintances hovering around you after your fall, was pretty funny... In a kinda of warped way. As much as I wanted to feel bad for Jin Hee in that position, I really couldn't bring myself to do it. You can't jump up on stage and attack your sister and then expect everyone to be okay about it afterwards. It's no secret the bar manager was upset and everyone else was simply shocked by yet another display of Jin Hee's bizarre behavior. She really is somewhat of a spazz.
on a dateAt least running into everyone at the bar gave us a better view of the relationships of those around Jin Hee and Chang Min. It's incredibly obvious that Dr. Shim is doing some serious crushing on Dr. Gook. She flat-out told everyone they were dating and Dr. Gook's facial expression, in reaction to that announcement, was hilarious! He seemed just as shocked as everyone else by that news! I was shocked by Dr. Shim's brazen invitation to let Dr. Gook spend the night at her house anytime he felt like it. Wowzers!want the keyThat's not your typical DramaLand crush which makes me think, now more than ever, that Dr. Gook and Dr. Shim were once in a very serious relationship at one point. What happened in the past to get them to the point they are now is still a mystery but I have no doubt they were once very much in love.
it's tiedSpeaking of being in love... It's now painfully obvious that Yong Kyu is head over heels for Ah Reum and I feel so bad for him because you know she's not going to even consider him as a prospect until Chang Min is taken off the market for good. Why that other doctor had to mess with Yong Kyu's feelings by tying that yellow ribbon around Ah Reum's flower is beyond me but I feel so bad for Yong Kyu now! He was so adorable, the way his face lit up when he saw that ribbon tied in a bow. He's going to be so heartbroken when he realizes Ah Reum is clueless to that ribbon's true meaning. Poor baby!
jin ae's familyAnd while we're on the subject of babies, it seems they're popping up everywhere this week. Not only are we shocked by the sudden appearance of Jin Ae's husband and baby (or maybe we're not really all that shocked seeing as how we're talking about Jin Ae) but babies also seem to be the point of contention between Park Sang Hyuk and Lee Young Ae. (Really you two, you've only been married a month and you're already fighting about having a baby? It's been a month! A month! Grow up already!) At least Yang Ja and Jin Hee had a reason to be upset about a baby. No doubt it was shocking for them to have Jin Ae's family show up out of nowhere, especially considering they had no idea Jin Ae was even married! It would be quite a shock to anyone. I liked how Jin Hee just kind of accepted her sister's family for what they were and moved on. Sure, she was in the middle of a medical emergency so there wasn't much time to process much of anything but still, she was pretty cool about the whole thing. I guess she expects nothing but crazy from her sister.
crazy ladiesAs crazy as Jin Hee's family is, you have to admit, Chang Min's family isn't much better. Well, at least when it comes to his mom and aunts. Seriously, how can all three of them be so incredibly immature? I thought the aunts were supposed to be the refined and distinguished doctors yet here they are, sitting around Sung Sook's hospital bed, gossiping like a bunch of old ladies (oh, wait...) and trying to plan Chang Min's life. I guess the only person in Chang Min's life with any sort of normalcy is his uncle, though if a guy who applauds his nephew for using his family connections to get what he wants is normal, it's a wonder Chang Min has turned out as well as he has (and that's not saying much)!
i was a loserI'm beginning to wonder about Chang Min this week. It seems to me, his tough and spoiled brat exterior is finally beginning to crack (and there was much rejoicing)! The more Chang Min is around Jin Hee, the more he's beginning to see her in a favorable light and it's got me wondering if Chang Min ever really "saw" Jin Hee before. Yes, they were once married which means that at some point, Chang Min saw Jin Hee as someone special but that doesn't mean he ever really saw the real her. I think that seeing Jin Hee as a doctor, and a fairly capable one at that, is opening Chang Min's eyes to something I think he overlooked in the past. I also think this new revelation is shining a light on Chang Min's own downfalls and weaknesses. Chang Min repeatedly admits that he's pretty much worthless this week and honestly, I can't disagree with him. Up to this point, he hasn't been much of a help to anyone. Of course, I can't really get behind his "woe is me" attitude either (I find self-pity very annoying) but at least it's starting to make him look back on his life and maybe rethink some things. I can see that these feelings of worthlessness are stirring up memories of the past and it makes me wonder if Chang Min feels a certain responsibility for his failed marriage because he was just as worthless then as he feels he is now. If that's really the case, Chang Min needs to use this time in his life to objectively observe why he was so worthless in the past and how he can overcome that now and in the future. A little self-reflection is never a bad thing.
surprise hugAnd now I come to my most favorite part of this week's episode... Jin Hee and Dr. Gook. *squee!* Now I know that nothing between Jin Hee and Dr. Gook is ever going to work out but the mere fact that she has such an influence on an otherwise unshakable man makes me squeal with delight. I love the stoic second male lead who finds himself pulled into all of our crazy female lead's antics and ends up falling for her without even realize what's happening. It's one of my very favorite plot developments in a drama and I love watching it happen to Dr. Gook. You could tell Dr. Shim was surprised to see Dr. Gook running to Jin Hee's aid when she called because it's so out-of-character for him and I just love that! Even better was Jin Hee's surprise hug of appreciation after they saved poor Emma from an accidental overdose Dr. Gook's reaction to it. But the thing that made me smile more than anything, the icing on the cake, if you will, was Jin Hee's smile as Dr. Gook slept peacefully on her shoulder as they rode the bus home. That smile was so adorable and it relayed such a sense of peace and contentment and dare I say, happiness, for one who has been kicked to the curb for most of her life, and I just loved it. Again, I'm well aware that this happiness is only temporary and that the only thing this budding relationship is for is to drive our OTP back together but I can enjoy these lovely little moments of contentment for what they are, an adorable albeit brief calm before the storm.
happy girlSo now that I've shared my thoughts on this week's episode of Emergency Couple I'd love to hear what you thought of it. Be sure to leave a comment below and stick around for Karen and Tanya's take on this week happenings in parts 2, 3 and 4 of our Hallyu Zombie Drama Review, coming later this week!
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