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HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episodes 3-4 (2/4)

What started out last week as a tumultuous drama I wasn't sure I'd be able to get behind, has morphed, this week, into a drama to which  I am now completely addicted. So what happened in this week's episodes of Emergency Couple that changed my tune? Well, let's dig into them and find out!
save chang min againAs we all know, last week we were left with a crazy hold-up in the ER in which Oh Jin Hee stepped up as the heroine and simultaneously saved the day and knocked Oh Chang Min out cold. While I loved the chaos that followed and loved even more than Jin Hee was the one to step up and bring Chang Min back to life (it was her kiss that brought Sleeping Beauty back to life), I couldn't help but wonder what happened to everyone else involved in that scenario? We know about the guy with the gunshot wound (and I just have to ask, can a bullet really travel through the bloodstream and into the heart?) but what about the officer that was bleeding to death before Psycho Ahjussi grabbed the gun and started threatening everyone's life? He was the one Jin Hee was trying to save first, did he survive? What about Psycho Ahjussi? Did he face a near-death experience like Chang Min? Who jumped up and performed mouth-to-mouth to save him? We know he survived because that's what we were told but how? I suppose I can understand why the writer(s) thought those details weren't all that important but I found it odd that everyone would be crowded around Chang Min and not do their duty as doctors and see to it that all patients were treated equally.
not your fault
Despite that one qualm, the rest of this week's episodes were great. I love the mysteriously developing back-story of Dr. Gook. It's now obvious that he experienced some sort of traumatic event in his younger days that has left him terribly scarred. From what I gather, Dr. Shim was there at the time, perhaps as his fellow intern or maybe even as his senior, and though she was there at the time, I have a feeling she left soon afterwards, leaving Dr. Gook to deal with his mess on his own. I also suspect this is what caused the breakdown in their relationship all those years ago.
father in law daughter in law
It's funny how once a theme is picked up in a drama, it's applied to everyone in said drama. In the case of Emergency Couple, the theme is broken relationships and every single relationship we've come across (so far, at least) has been damaged in one way or another (with our annoyingly cutesy newlywed couple being the exception, though I have a feeling their time is coming). Obviously Jin Hee and Chang Min's relationship is the most damaged but now that we've seen Chang Min's parent's relationship, should that really come as any surprise? His parents have been at each other's throats for years, what other example would he have to follow except the whacked out one, his parents set for him? At least it appears that Chang Min's father is a decent fellow who seems to want nothing more than to live a quite life, as far away from Chang Min's mother as possible. (And really, who can blame him?) I love that Chang Min's dad has been helping Jin Hee achieve her dream over the past six years. As uncomfortable as it may have been for them both at times, you can see that they both truly care for each other in a father/daughter kind of way and I think Jin Hee has really needed that as it appears her father isn't around and her mother seems to be more of a burden than anything.
you can see it in her eyes
What I'm loving the most about Emergency Couple isn't the medical drama (because let's face it, the medical emergencies we've been given up to this point are so far out there it's impossible to mistake them as real), it's not the constant spewing of venom nor the burning death stares, it's not the mistaken identities (Ah Reum is a minister's daughter who could easily be mistaken for a prostitute... Are we surprised???) nor Jin Hee literally falling into Dr. Gook's arms. No, what I love the most about this drama is the very poorly veiled feelings Jin Hee and Chang Min have for each other and the fact that no matter how hard they try to convince themselves that they hate each other, they're in fact, still very much in love. Just knowing that is enough to keep me hooked on this drama, mostly because I'm dying to find out who gives into this truth first... Jin Hee or Chang Min?
it's in his eyes too
So what do you think of my "still in love theory?" Am I right or am I completely out there? If I'm right, who do you think will crack first? If I'm wrong, what do you think is going to happen to Jin Hee and Chang Min? I always love to talk K-Dramas so be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below!

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