Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Freestyle Review: [Things Women Just Know] When a Guy Friend Suddenly Looks Attractive

Welcome to the first Wehaiyo! Freestyle review. Every now and then, I get inspired to review something that is not a standard drama, movie, or music. In this case, I watched a short film commercial, but I would like to call it a "story" commercial. I feel that a story commercial is way more effective than an infomercial. I thought I would post about it.

Today's story commercial review is a collaboration between Tous, a "successful and desirable" jewelry brand and the Dingo K-Beauty Youtube channel. The short film sells the Tous "Your Moments" Eau De Toilette product. The product itself is not cheap ($62 for small or $75 for large size). I do not usually buy perfumes, but use sample perfume products from a magazine. After watching this story commercial, I want this perfume. I do not care that I am 36 years old, married, and not in the dating scene. I want this perfume. I am hugely debating clicking my own referral link just to make a purchase.

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If you have 13 minutes and 16 seconds to spare, you can get through this exciting student love story between Han Jisoo and Kim Jinwoo. You can watch the video now and then read my commentary afterwards.

[Things Women Just Know] When a Guy Friend Suddenly Looks Attractive (5년 된 남사친에게 설렌다니?! 완전 사랑스러운 고등학생들의 연애 이야기)

Our story starts off strong at a cafe where within seconds, Han Jisoo (조혜주/Jo Hye Ju or Jo Hye Joo) confesses to her friend, Jinkyung that Jisoo likes her guy friend, Kim Jinwoo (정효준 Jeong Hyo Joon). Her friend spits out her drink in surprise.

It all started the night before when all three friends were at a norebang (karaoke/song room). Jinwoo was singing karaoke and Jisoo was suddenly attracted by his singing voice.

They glance at each other and Jisoo seems too embarassed to go on. She leaves early while Jinwoo continues to sing.

At home, Jisoo agonizes over what she should do when she found out she has a crush on her guy friend. His voice echos in her mind all night long. By morning, she sits in her bed like a zombie and admits that it is time for school.

When Jisoo arrives at school, she is unbelievably the most popular girl in school. She waves to people like a celebrity and she models the latest backpack on her back. She arrives to her desk that is already filled with lots of gifts for her. After giving away some of her gifts and packing other gifts, she opens a small-sized carton of strawberry milk and drinks it. As she tilts her head forward after finishing her milk, she sees Jinwoo sitting opposite of her with a smile. Jisoo almost spits out her drink.

Jisoo remains shy and embarassed as Jinwoo asks her why she left early and whether she is sick. He comments on her red cheeks and and feels her forehead for fever.

At the present moment in the cafe, while Jisoo is still recounting the day's events, Jinkyung asks if Jisoo flirted with Jinwoo. Jisoo insists that she did, continuing her story.

After lunch, Jisoo sat on a bench, waiting for Jinwoo to arrive. The first thing Jinwoo comments on is how great of a hamburger Jisoo missed during lunch. Jisoo wasted no time and showed Jinwoo of a picture of another guy and asked Jinwoo for his thoughts. Jisoo claims that this guy likes all her Insta (Instagram) pics and DMs (direct messages) her constantly. She tells Jinwoo how handsome the man looked, hoping to bring out Jinwoo's jealous feelings and perhaps a confession.

Instead Jinwoo comments that the man is really good looking and Jisoo should introduce the guy to Jinwoo after she meets the guy. Jinwoo chirps out compliment after compliment about this guy and Jisoo almost stomps away in resignation.

Back to the present moment again, Jisoo and her friend were leaving the cafe, grumbling over how Jinwoo does not realize how lucky he was since Jisoo likes him.

In order to make Jinwoo see Jisoo as a girl, Jisoo and her friend head over to the nearby cosmetics store and try on make-up. This part made me feel a bit disappointed because I believe a truly beautiful woman does not need to enhance or over enhance herself with make-up. However, I know that Korean culture is especially very focused on cosmetics to look beautiful.

Jisoo places some cosmetics into her shopping basket, but I wondered as a student, how much money does she have to be able to afford the cosmetics and the "Your Moments" Eau De Toilette. I suppose she is a rich girl since she has the latest backpack.

At home, she dances to some upbeat music, takes a selfie with the "Your Moments" Eau De Toilette, and publishes it on Instagram. Jinwoo does not respond to her post. Instead, Jinwoo uploads a picture of himself and his mention of the "best" burger.

Jisoo resolves to put on a lot of make-up for the next day at school. She struts down the street, flaunting her beauty.

My first thought is, how could a student put so much emphasis on make-up? I really hoped that Jinwoo would not fall for Jisoo because of her make-up as that would be so disappointing.

To my delight, a teacher immediately saw Jisoo with a lot of make-up on and immediately asked her if that was allowed at school.

The situation becomes a bit forced in the story. Jisoo gets her shirt wet while cleaning off her make-up in the bathroom. Honestly, she looks so much prettier with less make-up on. She calls Jinkyung and asks Jinkyung to lend her Jinkyung's P.E. or gym shirt.

After changing, Jisoo notices that the P.E. shirt had a bad odor. Jinkyung apparently had not washed it in a while. This situation sets Jisoo up to use the "Your Moments" Eau De Toilette on herself. The Tous "Your Moments" Eau De Toilette saves the day.

Upon Jisoo walking into the classroom, Jinwoo, with his head on his desk and his eyes closed, smelled an aroma and wakes up. Jisoo expects Jinwoo to mention her perfume. Jinwoo hesitates and announces spaghetti being the meal that would be served for lunch. Jisoo lost to her competition, Jinwoo's appetite.

In the evening, Jisoo sees that Jinwoo posted a photo about spaghetti and the hastag, #BestDayEver. On the other hand, Jisoo thinks that she had the worst day ever instead. At the bus stop, Jinwoo walks up to Jisoo complaining about his stomach when Jisoo was trying to avoid him by leaving earlier. Jisoo asks Jinwoo if he was going to hagwon, which is a private institution, academy, or cram school, but Jinwoo continues to complain about his stomach and therefore, would not be going to hagwon. Jisoo thought Jinwoo was bluffing about his stomach problem.

In the bus, the two sat next to each other in the back row, but were oddly quiet towards each other. Suddenly, Jinwoo leans on Jisoo's shoulder and told her that he was tired and wanted to stay on her shoulder for a while.

Jisoo's heart beats out of control. She secretly pleads not to be embarrassed over her heart-beating situation. With his eyes still closed, Jinwoo asks Jisoo why she was wearing perfume that day. Since his head was on her shoulder, he could probably still smell perfume on her. Jisoo complained about Jinwoo scaring her since he spoke out of the blue. Jinwoo insisted that Jisoo never wore perfume for the five years that he has known her.

Jisoo hesitates and finally blurts out, "So what?" and that she flat-out likes him.

She goes on a tirade in all honesty. She felt her burden being lifted and she felt so much better.

Jinwoo finally smiles. Jisoo asks him if her confession was very funny. Jinwoo denies it and tells her his side of the story.

Apparently, he fell in love with her around the same time at the norebang that night. I think he lost confidence because she ran away that night.

Spot your K-pop favorites on the wall!

He was also rolling around the bed that night thinking about Jisoo and whined over her pretty self on Instagram. In the most funniest scene of the story, he contemplated killing himself for having thoughts about his crush by jumping out his bedroom window, but soon realized that his bedroom is on the first floor.

Jinwoo wonders how he can go to school when he has feelings for his friend, but he comes into the classroom so naturally, as if nothing happened after a mental pep-talk.

After Jisoo showed Jinwoo the Instagram picture of the handsome man and huffs away, Jinwoo berates himself for complimenting the guy.

At night, Jinwoo hilariously wanted to post a negative comment on that guy's Instagram picture. He thought his relationship with Jisoo could have been over before it started.

However, Jinwoo confessed that when Jisoo stood in front of him and especially him in the classroom wearing perfume, he knew that he also liked Jisoo.

Our story ends in shyness as the two look away from one another, but end up reaching for each others hands. It's so cute to see Jisoo, the most popular girl in class, cave into shyness when she is around Jinwoo.

Yay for happy endings! Amazingly, the two lovebirds fell in love and confessed within two nights. How is that for a fast love story?

The behind the scene shots were cute as well.

In the end, do women really know when a guy friend suddenly looks attractive? The possibility is there. In the case of yes, would all women try to pursue their crush or would they cower in the face of friendship?

On one hand, I can understand that a person would not want to risk the possibility to lose a friend after confessing, but on the other hand, a person would not want to regret not being able to confess and risk nothing happening or that his or her friend would start dating someone else. I say, "Seize that moment" like Jisoo does. I only wish she did not have to spend money on cosmetics and perfume in order to seize that moment. Actually, I have a hard time believing she would be rejected by Jinwoo, seeing how she is the most popular girl in school and she obtains nice things. The sweetest part of the story is the evidence that Jisoo and Jinwoo fell in love. I think the writer and the director of this story was really good at portraying so much in so little time.

In case you are interested in seizing your own moment and buying Tous' "Your Moments" Eau De Toilette or other Tous' products (not required), please see below for a discount code. I hope you enjoyed the mini-recap and review.

Use this code to get 15% off your order at Tous.com. For a limited time, there is free standard shipping on all orders.
Note: Wehaiyo! receives a small compensation should you buy anything from clicking on the referral link below. Support Wehaiyo! Thank you very much.


  1. any idea on the title of the song

    1. I found one song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcQsWMJhALM

    2. or the karaoke song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGJd1ZMaUpU

  2. can i find the actress who plays jisoo

    1. Her name is 조혜주 (Jo Hye Ju or Jo Hye Joo).

    2. So who the one play role as jinwoo?

    3. I also mentioned it in the next comment. The main actor's name is 정효준 Jeong Hyo Joon from YGKPlus. He was also a produce 101, season 2 participant.

  3. she looks like Jung Chaeyeon from IOI. I too want to know their names and bio.

    1. The main actor's name is 정효준 Jeong Hyo Joon. The main actress is 조혜주 (Jo Hye Ju or Jo Hye Joo). They are both from YGKPlus.

  4. I don't know why bt when i googled the name jo hye ju i can't gind anything about her ,can u please help me or provide me a link from where i can get to more about her.

    1. It seems there are not many English searches on her. She's not that well known and she is not the only actress with this name, but I hope she becomes a rising star.

      Her instagram:

      Interestingly, she did the Dramafever Facebook Live interview with Sung Hoon back in 2017 (and I did not notice it was her at the time).

      She's recently in a web drama that is called "한입만" (Just One Bite(?). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Cbs-6KjZTc&t=407s
      However, I could not find any English subs.

      I hope this helps.

  5. what is the name of the song that was playing after she got the perfume?

    1. I cannot seem to find the answer to that question. If I do find out, I will post it here.

  6. What's the Title of this movie and where could I watch?

    1. Dear Lee Brac,

      The Youtube link for this short film is already in the blog post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YkPvm0IeqE

      The English title is called "When a Guy Friend Suddenly Looks Attractive"

  7. Anyone know the song for when she buys perfume? I've been searching for 2 years!

    1. I hope you find the song. If you do, please come back and post it here so I can also include it for others.