Saturday, October 27, 2018

In Memory of Dramafever

Hello readers,

You may have noticed that I stopped the Wehaiyo Drive series for a while. Now, even Dramafever has ceased to exist. I feel kind of lost at the moment. What do we do now?

The very first drama I have ever seen (with Dramafever commercials) is Paradise Ranch (2011). I do not know why I did not mind the commercials at that time.

I followed Dramafever's blog a lot. Once Dramafever announced that they were looking for guest reviewers, I purposely started this Wehaiyo! blog so that I can qualify as a blogger. I launched Wehaiyo! with a "Top K-drama Kisses" post. To my surprise, Dramafever contacted me to start drama reviews. I found my true calling and started volunteering as a guest reviewer for Dramafever in 2013.

I reviewed the following three dramas that year:

1) I Hear Your Voice

2) Good Doctor

This drama was also remade into an American TV series on the ABC channel for two seasons so far (2017 - Present). I am proud of this fact because I felt like I contributed to the popularity of Good Doctor's success in some way that it was also remade in the USA.

3) Unemployed Romance

While writing for Dramafever and working with other Dramafever reviewers were great, it required more than full time hours to complete the job. I had to schedule meetings with my fellow reviewers, create and contribute to outline plans, create endless screenshots in advance to use in case we discuss certain scenes, take notes on that actual drama, writing down my thoughts, editing posts, and publishing posts. I think the most I worked was 11 hours for one post. I was eventually burnt out with a full time job and the arrival of my first child, so I eventually took a break in hopes that I will rejoin Dramafever again at a later time.

It was also after I finished volunteering that I started subscribing to Dramafever on a yearly subscription, which, at the time, includes a deal that gives me a free Chromecast, which I still use to this day in my bedroom.

While I was not a drama reviewer anymore, I still posted Wehaiyo! Annual Dramafever Awards review (second to fifth) on the side from 2013-2016. I loved giving my opinions on the nominees and I even attended the Third Annual Dramafever 2014 Awards live in New York. I felt as if this was Dramafever's highest moment.

Other highlight moments was attending Dramafever's first meetup event and also being invited to the Heirs Dramafever Premiere Party in 2013, both locations in New York city, the same city as Dramafever's headquarters. I loved meeting drama fans and at the Heirs Premiere party, we watched the first two episodes together.

I used to participate in Dramafever's referral program, which gives me free accumulation of a monthly subscription until they discontinued it. However, they created another referral program and only sites with a lot of views would qualify in the program. Wehaiyo! is still a small blog with only more than a thousand of views a month.

I was always on the lookout for hiring positions at Dramafever. They were mostly hiring management positions and IT developer positions.

Sadly, Dramafever shut down abruptly on October 16th, 2018. I have, since, received my annual subscription refund. Strangely, I was home that day and finished the Suspicious Partner drama before Dramafever was officially closed.

I was in shock later that night when I saw Twitter posts saying Dramafever was shut down. Unfortunately, my fate with Dramafever ends here.

I am very sad. With this post ends my Dramafever life. Where do we go from here? I owe Dramafever a lot for the creation of this Wehaiyo! blog. I do have a subscription to rival company, Viki, part of the Rakuten Group of companies, and I am grateful that Viki still exists.

I want to believe that I made at least a small contribution to Dramafever for all my efforts. I want to thank Dramafever and Dramafever fans who supported and support me and my Wehaiyo! blog.

I miss Dramafever. I will ponder my life in the meantime. Please let me know what types of posts you would like to see on Wehaiyo! I will think about the direction I want to take for Wehaiyo! in the meantime.