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HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episodes 5-6 (3/4)

free fallin'Last week we were left wondering whether Chang Min or Jin Hee would realize his/her feelings for the other first, this week, we're left wondering which man will step up and be Jin Hee's hero/savior as she stuck in min-fall for an entire week. (Do I sense an homage to My Love From Another Star here?)

horrible womanBefore we get to the dramatic ending of this week's episodes, we have to go back to the beginning and talk about the ridiculousness of Chang Min's mother. Seriously! If ever there was a spoiled brat in this world, it would be Yoon Sung Sook! Oh my goodness, every time she appears on-screen I just want to slap her! How can a grown woman act like a spoiled two-year-old... All. The. Time! At least her behavior brought a reprimand from both Chang Min and Dr. Gook. Not that it did any good... I wonder how Chang Min has managed to put up with Sung Sook for so long. I'd be so embarrassed to call that woman my mother! I'm truly amazed at Jin Hee's ability to show any sort of compassion to a woman who, to this day, treats her as some sort of sub-human parasite. To find the up-side in this whole debacle with Sung Sook, seeing Jin Hee degraded and hit by Sung Sook has solidified Jin Hee's place in the hearts of both Chang Min and Dr. Gook. (It never hurts to have a place in the hearts of two men when you're the lead of a romantic comedy.)
ouchUnfortunately, there are women attacking both of Jin Hee's love interests so she's got her work cut out for her as she solidifies her place in either Chang Min or Dr. Gook's heart. Now before you get all huffy at me and say that there's more to this drama than relationships and that Jin Hee's sole purpose isn't to find a man, let me just remind you that this is a romantic comedy and as such, it is the job of our heroine to win the heart of our hero. Yes, she has other goals and purposed in her role as heroine and I'm sure there will be life-lessons learned and she'll be a better (and most likely battered) person by the end of it all but she'll also (above all else) find her one true love. She has to. It's Dramaland law. That being said, it's time for Jin Hee to start making some progress in the love department, as she's never going to win the heart of either man if she never sheds the "Old Lady" and "Big Rock" images she's been given, and starts becoming competition for Ah Reum and Dr. Shim.
softening like butterAt least with Dr. Gook, the more he sees of Jin Hee both in the ER and outside of it, the more he's intrigued by her oddities (and let's face it, she's got a few). I think that at times, he sees a lot of himself in her and is drawn to that and other times, he's simply fascinated by how crazy Jin Hee is when she's not pulling major medical miracles out of her back pocket. Let's face it, Jin Hee's saved quite a few people in these first six episodes (more than any of the other interns, for sure) yet she's still makes simple mistakes and when she's drunk, she's just plain nuts. I think it was good for Dr. Gook to see Jin Hee at the pojangmacha as it gave him a glimpse of her life outside of work which is, in short, lonely. (Let's soften that Jin Hee's sized spot in his heart a just little bit more, shall we?)
can't believe his eyesIt's only fair that if we're going to soften that Jin Hee sized spot in Dr. Gook's heart, we have to make sure to do the same in Chang Min's and we all know what I'm talking about here. Again, Jin Hee's kindness toward a woman who never fails to make her life a living hell borders on saintliness. I'm sure Chang Min was shocked as he watched Jin Hee taking care of his mom but you know he was also touched by it; the look on his face said it all. The question is, will this moment of sweetness be enough to push him a step closer to Jin Hee or will he be waylaid by Ah Reum and his mother's plans? I'm fairly convinced Chang Min will never really see Ah Reum as anything but a friend but I still wouldn't put it past him to use Ah Reum just to make Jin Hee jealous, especially if he thinks Jin Hee is wandering towards Dr. Gook in a more than friendly way.
reminds me of the old daysSpeaking of jealousy, I'm pretty sure if Dr. Gook starts showing interest in Jin Hee in any way, Dr. Shim eyes are going to start glowing green. Am I the only one who thinks she and Dr. Gook had a "thing" in the past and that, at least for her, there are plenty of lingering feelings? A girl doesn't get that excited about dinner and drinks if she's not at least somewhat interested in the man she's with. I can see this being a problem, especially if Dr. Gook is the one to catch Jin Hee from her fall off the stage at her sister's concert. Oh, that could open up a whole new can of worms for poor Jin Hee!
the guysThere's so much more I could talk about here but if I keep going, there'll be nothing left for Karen, Tanya and I to discuss in our chat tomorrow; so I'll stop for now. Of course, just because I'm wrapping up, doesn't mean you can't continue. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this week's episodes, the characters or K-dramas in general so be sure to leave me a comment below!

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