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HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episodes 3-4 (1/4)

Welcome back to the Emergency Couple review, episodes three and four with Karen, who is reviewing Emergency Couple each week with Zombie Mamma and Tanya. If last week's introductory episodes were incredulous, then this week's episodes are bound to be more interesting because of additional background information on our main characters. Unfortunately, there are still some ridiculous plot lines that bother me.

Last week's episodes ended with Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) shocking a suicidal patient and her ex-husband and intern colleague, Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk). Immediately afterwards, almost all medical personnel rushed to Oh Chang Min's side. What about the suicidal patient? He was never seen again nor did I see anybody treat him. I thought it didn't make sense to focus all the energy on Chang Min and not the other patient. Even the patient who was accidentally shot by the suicidal patient had more screen time than the actual suicidal patient. Was the suicidal patient's life not as important as the other patients? I had unresolved feelings about that mini story. In fact, the nurse said the drunkard, suicidal patient was discharged afterwards. Shouldn't he go to the police station?

Once again, I have my doubts about what intern life is really about at the hospital. From what I learned from the drama, interns are lucky if they even have one hour for lunch because they never know when an emergency can happen and they are summoned. How much sense does it make to leave the hospital to go out for lunch and on top of that, a blind date? Even worse, Oh Chang Min's blind date was supposed to be fellow intern, Han Ah Reum (Clara). Chang Min is so obedient towards his mother that he didn't have any common sense. Is it that hard to change the blind date to an evening time after interns get off of work? Profession aside, a lunch date isn't really enough time to get to know somebody anyway. Han Ah Reum's family should have known that it would be quite impossible for Han Ah Reum to go to this lunch date when she is an intern at a hospital. The lunch date was doomed to fail from the beginning.

I really like Dr. Gook's (Lee Pil Mo) response to an intern taking lunch during an emergency. Even with his buried pain, he's becoming quite the comical character from his expressions to his view on hospital life.

Actress and comedian Jung Joo Ri has a few cameo scenes as the person who attends the blind date in Han Ah Reum's place. The way Jung Joo Ri looks at art is basically how I look at art. She mistakes the artist's name (but, thankfully corrects herself) and criticizes the man's hairstyle in Leonardo da Vinci's famous drawing of the "Vitruvian Man."

In a way, I love that Han Ah Reum is from the United States or at least has a western mentality. I get to see how she reacts to Korean culture. Foreigners such as I would learn a lesson or two about how to assimilate into Korean culture.

I am intrigued by what Oh Jin Hee said about referring to others who are more than five years in age difference by name. My Korean husband, however, says it really depends on the situation, but either way, I would feel more comfortable referring to my colleagues by surname if I were working in a hospital.

On the other hand, I feel that Han Ah Reum is so rude. I hope her behavior doesn't reflect badly on all Americans. I would never make fun of other people's age and their insecurities. The way she bullied Oh Jin Hee was such a turn-off to me that I hope Chang Min never falls in love with her.

On a positive note, I have a better understanding on why Oh Jin Hee became a doctor. She has been supported by Oh Chang Min's father, Oh Tae Suk, all along. I believe Oh Tae Suk had been burdened by the guilt of his wife separating Oh Chang Min's marriage to Oh Jin Hee so Oh Tae Suk decided to secretly support Oh Jin Hee's path to become a doctor. I find Oh Tae Suk and Oh Jin Hee's relationship very sweet even though they can no longer meet due to the awkwardness of their relationship. Perhaps Chang Min's father will take the Vice-Director job at the hospital after he learns of Jin Hee and Chang Min's fateful working relationship.

On a side note, the way Chang Min's parents fight seems to be way more vicious than Chang Min and Jin Hee's martial fight, yet Chang Min's parents are not divorced.

Lastly, I will talk about the Emergency Couple love gauge. Finally, the drama gives me what I want when Oh Chang Min shows a bit of concern for Oh Jin Hee when they found out that their patient, whom they performed tracheotomy on, had died. As they both tried to take the blame, Oh Chang Min was more forceful in protecting Oh Jin Hee, but I will have to wait until next week's episode to find out what exactly will happen. Previously, Chang Min hated Jin Hee so much that he would rather be shot by the suicidal patient than be saved by Jin Hee. Will protection turn into love again?

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