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HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episodes 16-17 (4/4)

With Zombie Mamma off this week, Tanya and I chat about this week's devastating loss of Chang Min's father and how each leading man is coping with his life at the moment.

Tanya: The big hitter this week was the passing of Chang Min’s father, of course. What do you think about how he and his mother handled all of that? I was actually impressed with his mom for not attacking Jin Hee and showing some sort of respect when she and her mother came to the wake.

Karen: I think Chang Min’s family was put in a tough situation. I’m surprised at how well they tried to cope with the terrible news. One thing that I couldn’t understand was why they kept pushing Oh Jin Hee out of their lives at this point. She offered them support, but they didn’t seem to appreciate that because of their past relationships.

Tanya: I think it’s a hard reminder for both him and his mother that dad had kept such a close relationship with Jin Hee even after the mess of their divorce. It kind of seems like betrayal almost since he wanted nothing to do with them really, but kept her around. I can understand that they appreciate her attempts but don’t want any long-term connection at this point.

Karen: I believe they need all the support they can get at this time. I would have just thanked Jin Hee for all her efforts, but I guess they had to draw the line at treating her like a common guest at this time.

Tanya: We’ll have to agree to disagree at that point I guess! It makes sense to me both ways. They’re mad, hurt, and confused right now. It’s all part of the grieving process. I must applaud Jin Hee though. Her attempts to support them were genuine even if she really doesn’t like her mother-in-law. Rather, I think it’s the mother-in-law that doesn’t like her, but you get what I mean. She was trying her best for her late father-in-law and I do respect that.

Karen: I can’t believe Oh Tae Suk passed away. I’m still in shock. I really thought Chang Min and Jin Hee could save him, but it was really heartbreaking for me to watch. I really want to know why Oh Tae Suk treated Chang Min’s mother, Sung Sook so cold-heartedly except at the end when he suddenly acted caring towards her.

Tanya: You know, I’m honestly surprised he actually died. Dramaland usually does the last minute revival of major characters and it didn’t happen this time. I was a little shocked by it as well. There will now be so many things unanswered about that family dynamic.

Karen: What will happen next? Will anything change once Jin Hee finds her old wedding ring in Chang Min’s apartment?

Tanya: This drama has taken everything I thought was predictable and turned it upside down, so I’m honestly not sure. I want to say that this will be where Jin Hee has her change of heart, but right now is so not a good time for Chang Min. I’m struggling here…. I want to say yes, but realistically it should be a no. When has anything in this story been realistic though?

Karen: I still feel like Jin Hee’s relationship with Dr. Gook is still not over yet. They still have a chance to have a relationship at this point, or at least try to have a relationship. Dr. Gook is just beginning to accept her again except that he didn’t tell the truth about his past to Jin Hee yet.

Tanya: I was wondering about Dr Gook’s questioning of Dr. Shim’s baby daddy (for lack of a better term). He seems overly curious and he’s still hanging onto her. He’s kept the photos and looked disappointed that she wants to move away again. Maybe that will actually develop?

Karen: That was a surprising move from Dr. Shim. Why did she come back to Korea just to leave in a couple months? Or was she really worried about her daughter’s health? I think Dr. Gook might still be hanging on to the past. All these love relationships are up in the air.

Tanya: Speaking of relationships being up in the air, was I detecting some progress between Yong Kyu and Ah Reum this week? It was there, but it was awkward.

Karen: Ugh. Yong Kyu really disappointed me this week. If I were Ah Reum, I wouldn’t take that much interest in him right now. He was a coward for trying to dodge his problems and he only embarrassed himself when he intentionally got beat up only to end up in the ER.

Tanya: He’s definitely not the most impressive one, but I honestly think he’s just trying to figure out how to deal with the stress of what happened. He made some bad choices, but at least he’s realized that they were bad. The scene where Min Ki kept hitting him the head for being stupid was rather funny.

Karen: Oh yeah. I would have done the same! Min Ki really has a soft spot for Yong Kyu. I’m glad that Yong Kyu is back at the hospital, but I’m not sure how long he will remain in the radiology department. Right now, the ER staff is down three people: Dr. Gook, Yong Kyu, and perhaps Chang Min, who is still grieving. With Dr. Shim leaving as well, what will they do?

Tanya: Yes! Dr. Gook was put on probation. I sense tough times ahead for everyone. Hopefully there are still enough unseen residents to fill in that gap. There always seems to be a magical number of people to take care of things even though we don’t see them.

 Karen: After all, Wusu hospital is a big hospital, right? I would think they can get some staff members to fill in the gap, but with all the politics going around, maybe it isn’t that easy. Who knew surgeon and professor Ahn from another department could just try to fire someone like Dr. Gook on a whim?

Tanya: There are so many inaccuracies in this drama that I can’t even… which is probably why I just had to throw caring out of the window with this one. After all, someone from another hospital can threaten the right people and magically reverse major decisions. We’ve seen this before. It just doesn’t make sense, but I guess it doesn’t need to? It’s that same logic, yes?

Karen: It’s really getting more ridiculous. When the Chief of ER lectured Dr. Gook and Dr. Shim about putting prioritizing patient Oh Tae Suk, I just felt like giving up on logic. Prioritizing patients based on his or her ties to the hospital is absolutely ridiculous. How come those doctors from other department didn’t get in trouble for not showing up to save patient Oh Tae Suk? Or maybe they did and it wasn’t shown since Oh Tae Suk is probably a VVVIP patient.

Tanya: That whole scene made my head hurt. Honestly… that’s like 99% of what’s wrong with the world right there. You can’t prioritize people and props to Dr. Gook for saying so.

Karen: I hope Dr. Gook comes back soon! This story will go nowhere without him. He’s so boring, reading medical texts in such a beautiful home with such a beautiful landscape around him. I would love to tour that place, wherever it is.

Tanya: Yeah, wrap me up one of those houses please. I’ll take it! Dr. Gook may be one of those off people that finds comfort in study though. Like the kids who do math to calm down. It’s rare, but it happens!

Karen: Nope! Nope! Dr. Gook needs a girlfriend! I want him to find his parents quickly to resolve his inner troubles so he can start dating again. He’s wasting his “suspension” time.

Tanya: He probably does need some healthy distraction. I never thought he would actually seek out his parents though. Maybe just learn how to come to terms with it? It seems a bit late in the game to try to fit that into the story.

Karen: Hm...maybe you are right. When Dr. Gook saw how distraught Chang Min and Jin Hee were when they lost Oh Tae Suk, I’m sure something inside of him stirred. Life can’t be just black and white. Dr. Gook will have to learn to live with what he has and be happy with what he has at this point. At the beginning of the drama, he seemed like a lonely, cold man. Now that Dr. Shim and Jin Hee entered his life, I think he’s been changing little by little.

Tanya: Definitely for the better!

Now we want to know what you think of this week’s episodes and what will happen next. Will Chang Min be able to move on from the passing of his father? What will he tell Jin Hee about the ring? Does Dr. Gook still have feelings for Dr. Shim or will he continue to pursue Jin Hee? Will Yong Kyu grow up and continue his medical career? Let us know in the comments below!

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