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HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episodes 10-11 (4/4)

Karen: I can’t wait to talk about the ROMANCE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Zombie: Oh I KNOW!!! I decided, this week, that I wasn’t going to care about logic or reason any more, especially not when it comes to Chang Min. He’s completely stolen my feels and I’m just going to blindly cheer for him for the rest of the show. I don’t even care if nothing makes sense ever again. I think he’s just too… I’m not really sure what he is, actually… cute, funny, clueless, hopeless…  He’s so carried away by his feelings and he doesn’t really understand them himself. All he knows is that he hates seeing Jin Hee falling for Dr. Gook and he’s taking steps to ensure she doesn’t fall any farther than she already has. Whether he’s doing that the right way or not doesn’t really bother me at this point. Everytime he appeared on screen this week, my heart did a little backflip so I’m hooked… (I’m so lame)

Tanya:  I’m probably Team Chang Min, but I really need to see some progress and not just some bratty, temper tantrum-esque moments. He finally started to get that clue this week and is fighting for her attention more honestly.
Karen: I want to cheer for him too, but I just can’t...yet. I need to see some changes first! I’m with Jin Hee because she’s right to be skeptical. How will I know that he won’t dump her later on after he accomplishes his goals? Or has he really changed enough? We still don’t know why he served her divorce papers in the first place.

Zombie: I totally get that! She has every right to be skeptical and hesitant when it comes to dealing with Chan Min. It’s that whole “once bitten, twice shy” thing coming into play. She fell for him once and look where it got her. In some ways, leaving him was good for her (as far as making her life better than what it was… Having dreams and goals and ambitions and such and making them come true…) but it left her with some pretty major emotional wounds and I’m pretty sure, despite there being six years that have passed, those wounds have yet to heal.  

Karen: And to think that there is another handsome doctor around the corner waiting for his shot at romance. I’m dying to know what everyone would do in Jin Hee’s position. It has to be an awesome boost to know two men are chasing after you.

Zombie: I couldn’t even imagine… Initially, you’d probably think it was nice, having more than one guy like you at a time but I think that eventually, you’d end up confused and eventually frustrated… Especially once you’d decided which of them you liked the most. Personally, I’d hate to have the one I didn’t choose, constantly hanging around. It would make things awkward, to say the least. *sigh* Such is the plight of a Dramaland heroine.

Tanya:  I don’t even want to imagine. It would be strange!

Karen: True, it’s only fun until it gets real. I’d say that Jin Hee needs to take her time and enjoy the moment for now. I don’t see why she has to rush and suddenly go back to Chang Min. Slow and steady is the way to go!

Zombie: Indeed! Especially when taking your time means we get to enjoy more of the Chang Min/Dr. Gook rivalry. I don’t know why I enjoy watching those two pick at each other all the time but I do. The green-eyed monster makes for some funny Dramaland moments and this drama is no exception… I just about died when Chang Min stole Dr. Gook’s jacket and shoved it into Yong Kyu’s bag. I know, it was wrong of Chang Min to do but it was still too funny!

Tanya: It was funny, but also that very temper tantrum I was talking about. I hope he feels guilty and gets it cleaned, then gives it back. Or Jin Hee finds it!

Karen: I shook my head when I saw Chang Min’s pettiness. Somehow, maybe Jin Hee will find out about this. I don’t like underhand fights. I thought about Dr. Gook’s long walk home in the cold without a jacket. So sad, so sad.

Zombie: And now I feel like a total hoser for laughing as hard as I did. Geeze! I’m so mean! I didn’t even think about what it must have been like for Dr. Gook to have to walk home freezing to death. In my defense, I did shed a tear for Yong Kyu as Ah Reum shot him down.

Karen: Oh my God, his emotions are so real. I just can’t believe Ah Reum is that cruel. The smile she gave him as she wanted to shake his hand is so nasty. She should have at least shown some remorse because Young Kyu is such a great guy and he deserves better than that.

Tanya: He made ME want to cry and I felt awful. I wasn’t even the one rejecting him and I have guilt. That girl needs a good slap to the face and a lecture on how to be a decent human being.

Zombie: Seriously! I’ve never liked Ah Reum so can I officially hate her now? The way she treated Yong Kyu was just too cruel! He so needs a hug right now!

Karen: Yes, let’s all surround him with hugs. I hope the poor guy gets back up on his feet again. It seems to be a devastating blow for him. I will smile when Chang Min rejects Ah Reum so that she gets a taste of that medicine.

Zombie: Oh, I will too! I would like nothing more than to see him completely forget about Ah Reum and end up with one of the nice nurses working at the hospital. I think he’d be much better off with one of them than he would if he ended up with Ah Reum. She’s just nasty to the core.

Tanya:  I have a feeling he’ll end up with someone nice and Ah Reum will realize what she lost and have remorse. Then he can be like, “sorry, nope!” and throw it right back in her face.

Karen: I hope Young Kyu ends up with nurse Son Ye Seul because she is so kind hearted and nice unlike the other nurse Heo Young Ji, who is a gold digger and a complainer.

Zombie: That would be just about perfect! Do you think we could bribe the writer(s) to make it so?

Karen: Yes, make Ah Reum single until the end! Is that too evil?

Zombie: Not at all! Let’s just add Heo Young Ji to that list as well. Anyone nasty enough to hit on someone because he’s well-connected deserves to live the rest of their life in lonely misery.

Tanya: She’s a new level of I don’t even know. People are more than their backgrounds. Ugh!

Karen: That is too funny and guess what? Every other male is taken except for the resident doctors.

Zombie: So let Yong Kyu and Son Ye Seul end up with their own “happily ever after,” the annoyingly cutesie couple will have theirs, Chang Min and Jin Hee will get a second shot at theirs and Dr.s Gook and Shim will finally have theirs as well. That leaves Ah Reum and Heo Young Ji to suffer alone for the rest of their lives and we all go home happy...

Karen: Cue the “womp, womp” sound. And then, who’s the “old lady” now?

Zombie: Sounds like a perfect ending to me! Now all we have to do is make sure the writer(s) do everything we just said they should and it’ll be all good… Right???

Karen: I love it!

Zombie: I suppose now we’ll just have to wait and see if what we think should happen is anywhere close to what will really happen. I wonder how close we actually are? I suppose only time will tell…

Tanya: The writers never do what we want. There’s a history of logical predictions we’ve had that never actually happen because they make. too. much. sense!

Karen: We’re only halfway through the drama so I’m wondering what else needs to happen beside the parental takedown of Chang Min and Jin Hee’s mothers.

Tanya: Honestly, their mothers are something else. I’m not even sure how they fit the title sometimes other than the fact that other people are calling them by that name. To answer your question though: So much. So much needs to happen...

Zombie: Well, first off, Chang Min has to win back Jin Hee’s heart and that’s not going to happen unless he does more than randomly kidnap her. Just because he’s completely smitten again doesn’t mean she is. Once he’s managed to convince her he really is the only man in the world for her, then they’ll have to tackle the parental roadblocks. I don’t see Jin Hee taking on that challenge unless she’s completely sold on Chang Min’s undying affection and she’s nowhere near there yet!

Karen: That’s exactly what I’m thinking though I think it should be easier now that he made some moves.

Zombie: In some ways I’d say, “yes” and in others, I’d say, “no.” Again, it comes back to the whole, “I’ve been burned by you before,” thing. I’m sure there’s a part of Jin Hee that would love to go back to the way things were with Chang Min before they turned ugly but there’s a bigger part (at least at the moment) that wants nothing to do with the jerk who Chang Min was as their marriage crumbled. It’s got to be hard, trying to decide if you want to walk that path again, knowing how awful it was the first time around. That’s not to say Jin Hee won’t go back to Chang Min, because we all know she will, but there’s a lot of groundwork that needs to be laid before she’s willing to commit to that relationship again.

Karen: Exactly. Who knows how badly Jin Hee was hurting inside since she never shows it to anyone. Even during their big house fight, she never successfully told Chang Min how hurt she really was at the time, but Chang Min refused to even listen to her sob story since he was too preoccupied with his own problems.

Tanya:  I’m thinking that he’s finally starting to get a clue that this isn’t all about him. I only say that because he’s actually starting to fight for Jin Hee’s attention now.

Zombie: As well he should! I would love to see Jin Hee completely break down on Chang Min and just totally bare her soul to him… Preferably after he confronts (in a very emotional way) her about her lack of reciprocated feelings and she’s just so overwhelmed by Chang Min’s feelings (as well as her own) and she just can’t keep them bottled up any longer. I think she needs to just explode at some point, with Chang Min there to see it, so that he can fully understand the amount of emotional baggage she’s been carrying around for all these years. I think it would do her good to unleash all of that tension and just pour out her soul to Chang Min and not just about their relationship but about everything Jin Hee’s had to deal with in the past six years… Her family, her struggles through med school, her feelings for Chang Min, etc. There’s a lot there she’s been keeping inside and at some point, I think it’s all going to come pouring out and once that happens, Jin Hee will finally be ready to love again.

Karen: What a pivotal moment that would be!

Zombie: Wouldn’t it? I can see it in my head already…

Karen: While we’re at it, let the sky rain on her as well and then maybe Chang Min will cry as he takes it all in.

Tanya: It has to be the rain! Always with the rain! It must make emotions more real or something.

Zombie: Naturally, and once Jin Hee releases all her feelings and Chang Min absorbs the reality of it all, they’ll stand there, in the rain, tears streaming down their cheeks, staring so deeply into each other’s eyes they can see into the soul and at that moment they’ll know they’ve always truly been meant for each other and that will be then end of all competition for everyone else…

Karen: Wow, the story is getting steamy from here on. I can see them heading back to Chang Min’s apartment afterwards…

Zombie: I think they’d have to pull off one mighty passionate kiss first and then they can head to the apartment… There’s nothing quite like a passionate kiss in the rain… And they’d better not screw this kiss up with some half-hearted, woman-stands-there-like-a-dead-fish kiss either! This kiss needs to have all the passion a six-year-separation-from-your-soulmate-reunion requires.

Tanya: I was actually impressed with the first few kisses we have seen so far! They weren’t dead fish kisses. I mean, not soul-shattering, but compared to what we usually get from any K-drama that’s not in the I Need Romance series, they were pretty decent! More?

Karen: Hm… I see this scene taking a comedic turn now. From watching this week’s episode, they might have an accident at home where one of them fractures another bone (perhaps, rolling off the bed?) and they have to see Dr. Gook in the hospital again.

Zombie: Oh geeze! I hope not! I was so annoyed by that whole fractured collarbone thing! (Though if it was from rolling off the bed, I suppose wouldn’t be too annoyed…)

Karen: Yeah, who knew you can fracture a collarbone from a seatbelt and a chain purse strap?

Tanya: Who owns a purse with a chain strap in all honesty? And then wears it like a messenger bag? In a car? She deserved it! Even if only because she has an ugly purse...

Zombie: LOL! Let this be a lesson to us all… Never wear your chain strap purse while riding in the car… Always keep it in your lap! Was I the only one confused as to whether Jin Hee’s collarbone was actually broken? The way they treated her, I wasn’t really sure if it was broken or if it was just a contusion? Either way, it had to hurt like crazy, I just couldn’t figure out what her injury actually was.

Karen: I wouldn’t know! And I have no experience with these things. I, however, do feel Jin Hee’s pain.

Zombie: I’ve broken my nose, my ankle and had some pretty bad arm contusions and they all hurt like the dickens, so her reactions are completely natural. I just wasn’t sure how badly she was injured.

Karen: Ow, that sounds painful.

Zombie: It was… I’m not the most graceful person in the world so I’ve experienced my fair share of broken bones and ridiculous contusions. I keep hoping one day I’ll outgrow my lack of grace but so far, no such luck.

Karen: Speaking of graceful, were you two surprised at Dr. Shim’s secret confession of being a single mom with another guy?

Zombie: I was impressed by how smoothly she pulled that one off. Oh! The look on Dr. Gook’s face after she said it… Wow! You can totally tell he’s still harboring some pretty serious feelings for her.

Tanya: I was so proud of her! I know it seems a little silly, but she was honest and straightforward once she was questioned about it, so good for her.

Karen: Do you still think the child could be his? Or is that girl Ji Min too cute to be his?

Tanya: Originally I thought so, but I’m sure Ji Min isn’t his now.

Zombie: I’m completely convinced Ji Min isn’t Dr. Gook’s (and not because I don’t think he could have such a cutie for a daughter because he totally could). I see no reason for Dr. Shim to lie about Ji Min’s dad’s identity. Whoever he was, he was obviously a loser and Dr. Shim did the right thing by keeping Ji Min and raising her on her own. I think that Dr. Shim’s past is what’s going to push Dr. Gook towards her, rather than Jin Hee, and I’m totally okay with that.

Karen: Any guy who tells a woman to get an abortion is a total scumbag. I’m glad Dr. Shim never regretted her decision and is even giving Dr. Gook a lot of space to accept her.

Zombie: She’s really pretty cool, even with her brief moments of jealousy peeking through now and then and I like how calm she usually is. It’s a nice balance to all of Jin Hee’s spazziness.

Tanya: Preach it! She’s got my respect. I love ‘real’ characters and Dr. Shim is definitely meeting all of the requirements. Was anyone else a little confused when they first interacted in these episodes though? Why was the specialist reporting to a resident? Dr. Shim often feels the need to point out she’s higher up than him in front of others, then reports like an intern in private? I’m confused…

Karen: Woman power! How else can she survive at the hospital where there are few women doctors? I guess she can let her guard down around Dr. Gook in private.

Tanya: But it made me understand Dr. Gook’s frustration though! She’s in his face in front of other people, but in private kind of gives off that meek air that she’s less powerful when she’s not. It would make me upset too if I were him.

Zombie: I think she’s just wearing different hats for all her different roles. She can’t be all tough in front of Dr. Gook because he knows her better than that… He knows her as more than just the hospital’s specialist, he knows her as herself. Because of that, I think he’s okay with her being tough at work and more vulnerable when they’re together. I mean, they were in a relationship, once upon a time, I’m pretty sure he knows more about her than anyone else.

Karen: I don’t think Dr. Gook cares for power too much, except when he couldn’t save Jin Hee from being wrongfully fired.

Zombie: You know that bothered him so much, when he had to admit that Chang Min was the one who saved Jin Hee’s job. That’s something he really wanted to take the credit for!

Karen: Dr. Gook seems to like ordering interns around, but this time an intern had more power than he did. I think it’s time for Dr. Gook to end his residency and become an official doctor.

Tanya: Wait, who doesn’t care about power again? That kind of seems like a complex.

Karen: Could be. I’ll let those boys...err men battle it out in future episodes.

Zombie: *squee!* I can’t wait!

What do you think about the romance happening on Emergency Couple? Do you think Jin Hee will accept Chang Min or will she fall for Dr. Gook’s charms? Do you think we’ll get a steamy kiss in the rain or will that only exist in our dreams? Let us know in the comments below!

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