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HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episodes 14-15 (4/4)

Zombie: So this week was kind of an emotional roller-coaster for me. I wanted to cheer for Chang Min and then he was a punk and I wanted to slap him and then he broke my heart and then his dad nearly died… If that weren’t bad enough, Dr. Gook had to go and get all bent out of shape over Jin Hee’s confession about being divorced and… GRRRR! Too many feels for one week!

Karen: A lot really happened this week and in some ways, unexpected. I never expected Dr. Gook to be so traumatized by not having parents by his side to the point where he can’t even stand a woman (or a man, I guess) who is divorced. Chang Min’s father nearly brought me to tears too.

Tanya: I don’t know it was really emotional for me, other than the situation with Chang Min’s father, but I am certainly happy that a lot of issues are starting to find their conclusions. As I said in my post: FINALLY!

Zombie: It’s nice to finally see where Dr. Gook is coming from. I had a feeling he’d have some tragic backstory when he was all chummy with the kid with the broken arm. You just knew it was going to be something like that but I had no idea he’d be so bitter about his past that he’d essentially drop all of his feelings for Jin Hee because of it. That seems a little bit extreme to me but I guess if he was really that traumatized, he could still be carrying around quite a grudge.

Tanya: Yes, there was a lot of much needed perspective into Dr. Gook this week. It kind of made his stances on a lot of things make sense… the anti-marriage, the reason why he’s so harsh on other, especially those who he sees himself in. It was nice.

Zombie: It was nice for us as the audience but not so nice for Jin Hee. I’m pretty sure she’s more than a little baffled by Dr. Gook’s coldness. Can’t say that I blame her. She’s baffled by a lot of things right now and for good reason!

Karen: I think Jin Hee should stay back and let the men sort out their issues naturally. I’m sure she will find out soon about the reason for Dr. Gook’s strange behavior. I see him letting go of her immediately, but I think he’ll come around and realize that this is not the way love works. Also, after Chang Min takes some time to reflect on himself, he’ll also come around to be a more mature person.

Zombie: So which of these men does Jin Hee choose? They both have issues, obviously, but which is the better fit? The one who broke her heart or the one who now makes it flutter? I know, I ask the really important questions, don’t I?

Karen: A hard question, honestly. I think Jin Hee can be happy with either man, but I would be  selfish to add my own opinion to say that as cute as Dr. Gook is, I am still on Chang Min’s side.

Tanya: You know, I actually started questioning whether or not Jin Hee and Chang Min will end up together again this week. This could be one of those dramas that totally goes against the cliche and doesn’t have them together in the end. I think the case of Jin Hee and Dr. Gook still has some merit, but there are just too many flaws there, in my opinion.

Zombie: I was beginning to wonder that too but then Chang Min’s dad had to go and almost die and now I’m pretty sure it’s going to be that horribly sad event that brings them both together. Remember, we did say, at the beginning of this drama, that we were hoping Chang Min’s dad would show up and reunite the two. Well, here he is, showing up in a way none of us expected or hoped for, but bringing the two together, nonetheless. I think this is just about the worst way to bring Jin Hee and Chang Min together but if it works… *sobs*

 Karen: I’m dying for the next episode! I can’t imagine Chang Min’s father dying. Unlike the other time when Chang Min’s mother was in critical condition, Chang Min is not having a mental breakdown while diagnosing the problem. I hope Chang Min, along with Jin Hee, is able to save his father.

Zombie: The previews for next week make it look like he’s going to be around for a little while longer at least. I’m really hoping Chang Min and Jin Hee can save him before it’s too late. I really like Chang Min’s dad and I don’t want to see him go. He needs to stick around and talk/smack some sense into his family! They’re all a whole lot of crazy at times and he seems to be the only one with any real sense. Though I have to admit, Chang Min is getting a lot better as time goes on. I just hope he snaps out of this kicked puppy phase he’s going through. We all know he’s struggling right now but does he really have to walk around like Mopey McMoperson all the time? He’s killing me with his patheticness!

Karen: But, I think it’s very effective! I believe Jin Hee and I are feeling really bad for him when we see him like this. Even Jin Hee calmed down and was able to speak to Chang Min in a mature way afterwards.

Tanya: I can only have so much sympathy for people who put themselves into situations willingly. I feel for Chang Min when it comes to his father’s illness and when his mom was hospitalized, but I really have nothing when it comes to his feelings for Jin Hee and jealous streak towards Dr. Gook. Maybe I’m heartless? I actually was a little angry with Dr. Gook after the face-off with Chang Min at the restaurant. Yes, you’re his superior at work, but that doesn’t give you the right to lecture on personal matters… especially when you don’t know the whole story.

 Zombie: I was more disappointed in Chang Min at that moment. I was in the middle of full-on fangirl squeals when he barged in and ruined the whole thing. I couldn’t help it! Dr. Gook was being so ridiculously adorable at that particular moment and then it was all ruined and everything just went down-hill from there. At the moment, I’m not feeling all that friendly toward Chang Min or Dr. Gook. One is being too huffy and the other too mopey… Get it together men! I’ve got to cheer for one of you!

Karen: I think they have their flaws to keep the story interesting. Honestly, in real life, men are also a pain. Sooner or later, their flaws show through and suddenly they are not so alluring anymore! Then again, I see they both have their shining moments in their pursuit of Jin Hee.

Tanya: TRUTH. Yeah, that’s all I’ve got on that one. So… what do we think about the reaction to Jin Hee’s confession about being divorced, then the subsequent discovery that she is divorced from Chang Min?

Zombie: I think everyone took the news rather well, actually. Yes, they were all shocked at first but that initial “wow” wore off quicker than I’d anticipated and things seem to be back to normal already. Well, they would be if those stinking Moms would stay away from the hospital. Wowzers! Talk about a crazy cat fight! I’d expect as much from Chang Min’s mom but from Jin Hee’s as well? I was a little surprised by that!

Karen: Woah, there is no stopping that fight. I knew this would happen eventually, but I think the entire fight was hilarious because I was watching baby Gook watch the fight and that kept me smiling the whole time. The fight went overboard when Chang Min’s mother was ready to get physical. Did they know where they were? They were in the hospital of all places.

Tanya: That whole sequence is ridiculous. It should have happened long ago. They’re adults, use your manner and your words. Also, you upset the baby. Honestly.

Zombie: Poor Baby Gook! Having to watch his Grandmother go all crazy in the hospital. It was obviously upsetting for him because he started bawling in the middle of it. You tell them Baby Gook! Grown-ups aren’t supposed to act like children!

Karen: Grown-ups need to set a good example! By the way, that reminds me of Han Ah Reum this week. She is getting more and more mature. I don’t know if I should forgive her for dumping Im Young Kyu or not, though she seemed to have redeemed herself naturally.

Zombie: I was really hoping to hate to until the end but she had to go and be all nice and caring towards Young Kyu this week and now I just can’t! She’s turned out to be a fairly decent person really and I almost wouldn’t mind seeing things work out between her and Young Kyu in the end. Almost.

Tanya: She has a strange dynamic about her that leaves me unsure. I’m not entirely sure where the relationship between her and Young Kyu is going to go either. I have a feeling it’ll be nowhere, but that doesn’t mean they won’t end up being really great friends and I’m almost okay with that. Maybe she leads him to the girl that will make him truly happy!

Zombie: I’m still cheering for him and the happy nurse.

Karen: I think Young Kyu’s fate with nurse Son Ye Seul is over (not that it ever started). They have virtually no scenes together to my dismay.

Tanya: Any other major points this week? Dr. Shim is forever wise. I love the way her character just rolls with whatever is thrown at her.

Karen: Dr. Shim is my hero and aspiration. I want to be as cool as she is when it comes to relationships and work.

Zombie: As cool as she is, I don’t think she’s got it all figured out just yet. It seems to me she’s still pining away for Dr. Gook, she’s just decided not to wear her heart on her sleeve. She may appear cool but I have a feeling she’s pretty distraught by Dr. Gook’s interest in Jin Hee. This is where her whole “love from afar” advice doesn’t seem very sound to me. If you love someone from too “afar” they’re not going to know you love them at all.

Karen: She’d scare off Dr. Gook if she revealed her feelings now. I think her daughter is the only obstacle in her way. She would have easily rekindled her relationship with Dr. Gook way before Dr. Gook realized he was interested in Jin Hee. That’s how cool Dr. Shim would be.

Zombie: Yes, now is too late for Dr. Shim to be admitting anything to Dr. Gook, though you’d think he’d be able to pick up on some of her hints. I mean it’s not like she’s been completely inconspicuous with her feelings. She may have demonstrated them in a very low-key way but she has demonstrated them. I think Dr. Gook has just chosen to ignore them because he already feels guilty enough when it comes to Dr. Shim. I mean he did break her heart once before, I don’t think he wants to do it again. Well, not intentionally anyway. I’m pretty sure his obvious feelings for Jin Hee aren’t sitting too well with Dr. Shim at the moment.

Tanya: She really doesn’t seem like an overly jealous person to me… but maybe she just plays it like she’s too cool for school.

Zombie: If only the Moms would learn a lesson or two from her! I’m still shaking my head about that one!

Karen: I guess I have to also congratulate intern Lee Young Ae for becoming a mom too even though she’s a bit confused right now. It looks like we have a lot to look forward to in Emergency Couple as we wind down to the final weeks.

Tanya: Yes! The pregnancy… she’ll be okay though. Maybe not what she wanted but she seems like someone who fully embraces challenges.

Karen: I’m sure Dr. Gook will be after her if Young Ae mistreats her future child!

Zombie: Yes he will. He’s got some pretty strong feelings about parenting so I have no doubt he’ll make sure Young Ae takes care of herself now. Now if only he could take care of himself and get his feelings for Jin Hee straightened out… Maybe next week… Maybe next week…

So what did you think of this week’s episodes of Emergency Couple? Who will win Jin Hee’s heart? Will Chang Min’s father survive? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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