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HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episodes 12-13 (2/4)

On this week's episodes of Emergency Couple, it seems as though a lot of characters are dishing a lot of love advice. After all, what's a medical drama without some love advice? In part two of the Emergency Couple Hallyu Zombie review, I will give my thoughts on all the love advice being passed around.

Let's begin with Emergency Couple's all-around doctor, Shim Ji Hye (Choi Yeo Jin), who is crossing over towards become a love doctor. She is helping and coaxing both leading men, intern Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) and chief Gook Chun Soo (Lee Pil Mo) towards Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo). However, in her decision to help Dr. Gook pursue Jin Hee, Dr. Shim started showing her flaw. Actually, she is not as cool as she seems since she is actually still in love with Dr. Gook. I guess the only obstacle for Dr. Shim is her daughter, whom she loves so much. Perhaps, Dr. Shim wants Dr. Gook to have a pure marriage with someone else or Dr. Shim is not sure of how to face her daughter if she started dating again.

Dr. Shim's advice to Chang Min is that whoever loves more is the weak one where the weak one is the happier one and she also advised Chang Min to let Jin Hee decide who she loves before revealing the truth to Dr. Gook. There is no doubt that Chang Min is the one who has fallen in love with Jin Hee again, but that doesn't mean he will necessarily be the happier one. Chang Min has to constantly watch Jin Hee show her concern for Dr. Gook and listen to Jin Hee's numerous rejections for why she can't be with Chang Min again. Watching Chang Min try so hard actually breaks my heart. Actually, Jin Hee already confessed that she liked Dr. Gook on the rooftop prior to Chang Min's love confessions. The fact that Jin Hee rejected Chang Min and openly said her thoughts about liking Dr. Gook tells me that Chang Min's chances of rekindling his relationship at this point are very slim. I can't advise Chang Min to give up though, but I do want Chang Min to give Jin Hee some space to think the relationship over.

Meanwhile, Dr. Gook admitted to Jin Hee that he would rather be with a person who makes his heart flutter rather than a person who is familiar. Honestly, who would want to be with a person just because that person is familiar? I can't imagine anybody choosing the familiar option. Anyway, I believe Jin Hee does have feelings for Dr. Gook past a working relationship. Her smile as she walked away from Dr. Gook says it all. I'm sure, at this point, Jin Hee wants to start a new relationship, but this might also be the reason why she might want to return to Chang Min as well. I'm sure Dr. Gook is a funny and cute man, but he seems very stiff when it comes to relationships. I believe it takes a bold person like Dr. Shim to really bring Dr. Gook out of his shell. No matter how much Jin Hee likes Dr. Gook, she might want to return to the fun, explosive, and emotionally-engaging Chang Min.

The dynamic in the Oh Jin Hee family is becoming weird and uncomfortable. In the beginning, Jin Hee's family seemed broken up since Jin Hee's sister, Jin Ae (Jun Soo Jin) ran away and acted irresponsibly, but now that the family is living together, Jin Hee's mother and sister seemed to have patched their relationship up rather quickly. Perhaps, they wanted to keep the peace because of Jin Ae's infant, baby Gook, but whenever two people try to cover up their true feelings, the relationship only gets more explosive as time passes. Also, I'm surprised at how quickly Jin Ae and Kwang Soo got their life back together. Did they really need to move in with the Oh family when it seems as though they can get jobs so easily?

Jin Hee's brother-in-law, Kim Kwang Soo (Park Doo Shik), starts giving Jin Hee relationship advice as he drives her to work. Honestly, I'm not sure if Kwang Soo is even in a position where he is an expert on love. It doesn't seem like he fought with Jin Ae enough times to know what it's like to be on the brink of divorce. Kwang Soo says that marriage is not a failure, but it can be a mistake. I don't agree with that statement simply because everybody's situation is different. People divorce for a variety of reasons, but I wouldn't comment on it to represent everyone's situation. Initially, Jin Hee says that she divorced Chang Min because they were too young, but even that reason sounded like a mere excuse.

Thinking back to the post-divorce scene, Chang Min was a first-class jerk when he tried to give Jin Hee some life advice. He tells Jin Hee to be strong in life and live with energy before coldly driving away in his car. Even Chang Min's mother needed to get her frustration off her chest and accused Jin Hee of ruining her son's life. I guess that if Jin Hee was a stronger woman, she would have told Chang Min and his family to go to hell, but she didn't. It was interesting to see how she never uttered a word the whole time.

I'm also surprised that seven years after Chang Min proposed to Jin Hee, the exact place where he proposed seems to still exist. I thought Korea was a constantly changing world.

On a side note, I love Chang Min's jacket that he wore on his supposed day off and I would love to buy one for my husband.

In a true American fashion, Chang Min's other love interest, Han Ah Reum (Clara), does not mind that Chang Min is a divorcee. She advised Chang Min that she would like to get to know him better and knowing this information allows her to get closer to him. Ah Reum is another cool type of person and I can't wait to see her break that image like Dr. Shim did when she got into the taxi to allow Jin Hee and Dr. Gook some alone time.

Lastly, in other topics, the Emergency Couple patient story lines aren't engaging enough. The possible patient with the Jacobs disease was exciting to watch, but there is little to no follow-up on existing or past patients. I would have wanted to know what happened to the ex-wife who donated her kidney to her ex-husband. There is also a possible hint that Chang Min's father is ill since Chang Min's father is on the ICU patient list.

Check our blogs soon for Tanya's thoughts and another round of hilarious chatting with Zombie Mamma, Tanya, and I. I'm sure we will dig into the romance aspect a little more this now that Dr. Gook has taken steps to pursue Jin Hee. Is there a way Chang Min can recapture Jin Hee's heart? Check back soon for our thoughts on the situation. 헐 Hul!

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