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HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episodes 14-15 (2/4)

I'm back with part two of Emergency Couple where our main characters jump to all sorts of conclusions this week. I still think Emergency Couple is an engaging drama even if it is medically boring. Every character seems to have a deeper side to them that is worth discussing.

From our previous posts and drama episodes, I knew that Dr. Gook Chun Soo (Lee Pil Mo) had marriage inhibitions, but this week, he reveals a deeper reason for that, which is the fact that he grew up alone without parents. Even though love rival, Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk), has a variety of family issues, at least he had a family. By not having a family, Dr. Gook had to bear the pain alone, which is unfortunate. When Dr. Gook realized that Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) is a divorcee, their relationship beyond work is pretty much over as Dr. Gook cannot accept a person who divorced in what he thinks is in haste only to ruin the lives of a person's children. Of course, Dr. Shim Ji Hye (Choi Yeo Jin) is an exception because Dr. Gook felt that he forced her towards that path, and technically, Dr. Shim never married the father of her child.

At some point, Dr. Gook will need to take Dr. Shim's advice of locating and meeting his parents for closure because Dr. Gook will otherwise be stuck in limbo, unable to move on. Anyway, love is not something that can be turned off like a light bulb. Dr. Gook will soon realize that he cannot just stop loving Oh Jin Hee at will. Hiding his days away as a resident chief doctor isn't going to solve anything. Now, I know why he frequents the bar so much.

Chang Min seems to have made a grave mistake this week too when he followed Dr. Gook and Jin Hee after work only to harass Dr. Gook in public about dating Jin Hee. Jin Hee never said she was willing to start over with Chang Min, yet Chang Min let his anger and tunnel vision get the best of him, believing that Jin Hee was still his woman just because he once again, realized his own feelings for her. Luckily, Chang Min understood his mistakes and is willing to back off to give Jin Hee the space that she deserves. Chang Min is such an explosive character.

I was surprised at the two karaoke songs Chang Min sang: remakes of "Should I Say My Love To Her Again" originally by Kim Dong Ryul and "Scent of a Flower" originally sung by Lim Jeong Hee.

On the other hand, after Oh Jin Hee came to the conclusion that she cannot restart a relationship with Chang Min because she can't handle it and their families wouldn't be able to handle it, Jin Hee had no problem pretending to be in a relationship with Chang Min in front of the pastor who married them. How come she changes her stance so easily? Furthermore, what is the big deal about telling the pastor the truth?

The mother fight scene was epic. I enjoyed baby Gook's reactions to the fight scene as well. How could baby Gook act so well, looking at whoever is talking and crying on cue? Anyway, it's sad that the fight scene had to be done in such a public place, especially at the work place, embarrassing Jin Hee and Chang Min while dropping a gossip bomb on everyone else.

When Chang Min's father collapsed, I thought it was over for him and I was close to tears. I'm still holding on to hope that Chang Min's father will live. Next episode, please!

As for poor intern, Im Young Kyu (Yoon Jong Hoon), any doctor can make a mistake, but Young Kyu took his experience too much to heart and is having a mental breakdown. Although Young Kyu prescribed the wrong medicine, he is not completely at fault. The patient should know what kind of medication he is on at the time.

Furthermore, there are always warning labels on every drug (at least in the U.S.) that states that a patient should not try to take more than the prescribed dosage at any given time even when a dose is missed.

Lastly, I must talk about Han Ah Reum (Clara) and her growing maturity. She is one character that plays with my emotions. Do I hate her or do I not hate her? After her brutal dumping of Young Kyu, I have turned my back on her, but lately, she has been regaining my favor. Han Ah Reum knows that she does not have Chang Min's heart and she doesn't want to have a relationship with him without it. As the prime mister's daughter, Ah Reum could have been one of those typical rich girls who flaunt their money and power, yet Ah Reum remains mature and respectful towards her parents. Perhaps, Ah Reum can mature into an awesome, cool person like Dr. Shim one day.

Next up: Zombie Mamma takes her turn at reviewing this week's episodes. Check back soon!

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