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HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episodes 14-15 (3/4)

too many feelsLast week Oh Chang Min made my heart skip more beats than a scratched CD and this week he broke it into a thousand pieces! I'm really not sure what next week will hold but I can tell you this, Emergency Couple has found a way to tug at every single one of my heartstrings and I'm on the verge of a total feels meltdown!
stare downWe left off last week, with Chang Min burning with jealously as he watched Dr. Gook drop Jin Hee off at home so, of course, that's right where we picked up this week. I would have felt a little bit bad for Chang Min, having to watch Dr. Gook make those first innocent moves on Jin Hee, if Chang Min hadn't barged in on and ruined what has got to be the cutest scene in this entire drama so far... Dr. Gook dragging Jin Hee out to eat, just because he thought his bad day would improve if he spent a little time with her. Seriously, that entire scene had me squealing like a crazed fangirl as I watched Dr. Gook, in all of his adorable awkwardness, try to spend a little quality time with Jin Hee and I wanted nothing more than to slap Chang Min for waltzing in and ruining everything! Grr!
i can't stand youThe only upside to Chang Min's interruption was that it forced Dr. Gook to straight-up admit his feelings for Jin Hee which is something I don't think he would have ever had the courage to do otherwise. The down-side to this whole debacle, at least from Chang Min's perspective, was that it forced Jin Hee to say some very harsh, albeit honest, things to him that I'm sure he immediately wished he'd never heard. I mean who wants to hear that the person you love honestly can't stand to be around you? I'm pretty sure no one wants to hear such harsh words, let alone a man desperately trying to win back his ex-wife. I wanted to feel sorry for Chang Min at that moment but honestly, I think it was good for him to hear the painful truth. Only after understanding where Jin Hee is coming from can Chang Min hope to move forward. If he's only focused on himself and his feelings, he's never going to understand why Jin Hee can't move forward with him. At  least now he's got an idea of where he stands with her and how impossible it seems, at least at that moment, for them to be together.
going their own wayFrom that moment on, Chang Min went from causing my heart endless flutters to causing it endless pain. Every time he appeared on-screen after that, he was so downcast and dejected and pathetic, I just wanted to cry! I think it's just because the reality of his situation and the hopelessness he's feeling at the moment is so plainly written across his face, it hurts me to look at him. I know that really he's being a bit melodramatic but he's trying, in his own way, to give Jin Hee the space she needs and I just want to hug him for that.
only after you've healedBut Chang Min isn't the only guy needing a hug this week. Turns out Dr. Gook has quite a painful history he's been hiding and now that we know the truth, how can we not love him? Abandoned and rejected for most of his life, with no one around to love or support him, Dr. Gook has spent far too many years alone and suddenly I find myself hoping he'll end up with Jin Hee. Well at least until he gets all self-righteous about his stance on divorce. Yes, I understand where he's coming from. It was his parents' divorce that ruined his life. I get that. But the way he went all cold towards Jin Hee, treating her like just another intern the moment he learned she was a divorcee... Not cool Dr. Gook. Not cool.
i'm divorced tooAt least Jin Hee was brave enough to finally admit she'd been married before. I'm sure it took a lot of guts to admit something as scandalous as being a divorcee but I think things at work will be better for her in the long run. It's been too hard for her and Chang Min to live like they're strangers. Now that everyone knows the truth, they can all get their two minutes of gossip in and then move on with their lives which is a good thing, especially if you're Yong Kyu and Ah Reum.
take my hankieAs much as I don't like Ah Reum, she really isn't the worst person in the world. It seems like she's finally come to accept the fact that Chang Min really does like Jin Hee and there's nothing she can do to change his mind. (About time!) But what really softened my opinion of Ah Reum was the way she treated Yong Kyu this week, as if she actually cared about him, at least as a friend. I was surprised to see that Ah Reum really could be a decent person if she wanted to be and I was glad to see her trying to help Yong Kyu deal with rather traumatic ordeal.
ptsdPoor Yong Kyu! As if living the life of an unrequited lover wasn't enough, he had to go and make a nearly fatal mistake in the treatment of a patient and ruin all of the confidence he once had in himself. As depressing as the men in this week's episodes were, I think Yong Kyu takes the cake for being the most pathetic. I felt so bad for him, seeing him go pale and break out into a cold sweat at the very thought of messing up again, I just wanted to give him a hug and tell him to press on because, being human, we're all bound to make mistakes from time to time. (See, there are a lot of guys who needed hugs this week!)
should we just watch him dieBleak though this week may have been, it wasn't until the end of Episode 15 that I actually felt like my heart was breaking. Watching Jin Hee and Chang Min try to save his father... Oh my word! The tears could not be stopped. The previews for next week make it look like he doesn't die at the exact moment they ended things this week but that doesn't mean he won't die soon! Ugh! The very idea makes me want to cry! I wanted Chang Min's dad to be the one to bring Jin Hee and Chang Min together but not because he dies! The very idea breaks my heart...
wake up fatherSo what did you think of this week's episodes? Did our dueling doctors make your heart flutter or break? What about Yong Kyu? Do you think he'll be able to snap out of this post-traumatic funk? Do you think Ah Reum will be instrumental in bringing him back to normal or will he find his way on his own? What do you think of Ah Reum? Do you think she's really going to give up on Chang Min, now that she knows he's never going to come to her, or will she hang on until the end? And how about Chang Min's dad? Is this really the end of him? I'd love to know what you think so be sure to leave me a comment below!
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