Monday, March 10, 2014

HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episodes 12-13 (1/4)

smoochyTwo men, one woman and enough heart flutters to make me feel like I've just downed a gallon of espresso... That pretty much sums up this week's episodes of Emergency Couple.
let me feed you little burritoSo last week we left Jin Hee in Chang Min's arms as he pleaded with her to stay with him so she could recover from her injury in relative peace. This week picked up right where we all hoped it would, with Jin Hee giving in to Chang Min's request which conveniently gave them some much-needed bonding (or should I say repairing???) time alone together. While I found it extremely awkward to see Jin Hee rolled up into a blanket burrito, being treated more like an infant than an injured adult, I thought the thought and sentiment behind Chang Min's overzealous actions were admirable. His efforts to save Jin Hee from a lethal infection at the hospital were also admirable but what really got me (aside from his honesty in confessing his intentions to start over) was the way he stood up to him mother when it came to Jin Hee. I have a feeling, if Chang Min had had half the backbone he showed us this week, six years ago, Jin Hee wouldn't have suffered nearly as much at the hands of her evil mother-in-law.
she was hurt by youSpeaking of mother-in-laws... Why is it, every stinking evil mother-in-law in Dramaland is so ridiculously selfish and controlling? Do these women have nothing better to do than ruin their children's lives? Seriously woman? Why can't you just let you son live his life the way he wants? He's a frickin' adult yo! LEAVE HIM ALONE! (And now that I've finished my rant, I'll move on...)
it's rainingSo is it just me or is Dr. Gook becoming more adorable with every episode? Oh my giddy aunt! My poor heart can't stand the flutters this man is inducing! Not only is Dr. Gook's crush on Jin Hee absolutely adorable but the way he's choosing to express his feelings, taking Dr. Shim's advice and taking those first baby steps... A text, a smile, etc... He's just too adorable! What's even better is the way Dr. Gook is handling Chang Min's obvious affections for Jin Hee. Instead of getting all riled up and becoming petty, Dr. Gook is treating Chang Min with an even greater level of respect (granted Chang Min is taking steps to actually earn that respect) and calmly humoring him when Chang Min steps up and flat-out tells Dr. Gook to back off. It's totally obvious Dr. Gook has no intention to let Jin Hee go without a fight but the way he's chosen to fight just proves how cool Dr. Gook really is, he's so calm about everything, you can't help but love him.
I'm a fool aren't IUnfortunately Jin Hee isn't the only one interested in Dr. Gook. Poor Dr. Shim is obviously still not over her feelings for him but she's putting into practice everything she's been preaching to Chan Min, letting the person she loves follow his heart, wherever that takes him. She's so cool in the way she handles her feelings for Dr. Gook but there are times I wonder if it wouldn't be better for her to be a little more demonstrative with those feelings. Would it really hurt to let Dr. Gook know that she still loves him? I suppose at this point, it would do more harm than good but I can't help but wonder, if she's let on just a little bit earlier, that she held onto the hope that she and Dr. Gook would get back together, maybe she wouldn't be suffering the heartache she is now. I suppose expecting open and honest communication between Dramaland characters is asking a lot but hey, a girl can hope, right?
almost a smileSo what do you think of this week's episodes? Did you experience the same overwhelming amount of heart flutters that I did or am I just crazy? Who are you cheering for the most at this point? Dr. Gook or Chang Min? Who do you think Jin Hee will ultimately choose? I'd love to hear your thoughts to be sure to share them in the comments below!
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