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HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episodes 10-11 (1/4)

Flashbacks! Memories! Jealousy! Rejection! Welcome to a brand new week of Emergency Couple, episodes 10-11, with Karen. The drama is progressing along well as our main characters continue to take major steps towards love. This week's episodes are probably my favorite episodes so far because it is so romantically exciting. Where will love take everyone on Emergency Couple?

The big exciting moments of the week start with Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) as he pursues his former love, Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo). This week, the viewers get to see three kisses, spoon feeding, and a back hug from the couple. Dang! What's more, Chang Min and Jin Hee visit each other's home.

Continuing from our Hallyu Zombie chat from last week, Chang Min took my advice and tried to take Jin Hee away from the hospital for some alone time. While his efforts were a bit forced on Jin Hee, the night still ended up badly when Jin Hee fractured her collarbone from her seat belt and her purse chain after Chang Min suddenly hit the brakes in his car. Although they went back to the emergency room, Chang Min once again took my advice last week and decided that he has to start over with Jin Hee before planting down a kiss on her unconscious self.

I definitely sensed several zaps of manly tension between Oh Chang Min and his love rival, Dr. Gook Chun Soo (Lee Pil Mo). I'm surprised at how directly Chang Min asked Dr. Gook if he liked Jin Hee and how directly Dr. Gook answered him. Still, Chang Min was super petty when he spilled Dr. Gook's drink on Dr. Gook's jacket that was a gift from Jin Hee. Even worse, Chang Min ended up stealing the jacket afterwards. I can't back Chang Min too much when he resorts to such petty tactics.

Amazingly, it seems as though Jin Hee likes Dr. Gook and she also admitted it to Chang Min. I saw the gleam in her eyes when Jin Hee looked at Dr. Gook after her collarbone fracture.

Dr. Gook, however, seems to be hovering between Jin Hee and ex-girlfriend, Dr. Shim Ji Hye (Choi Yeo Jin). I believe Dr. Gook is leaning more towards Dr. Shim though. Did Dr. Gook wear the jacket Jin Hee gave him because Dr. Shim mentioned that he looked good in it? Dr. Gook practically ran out of the bar to look for Dr. Shim after Dr. Shim's U.S. phone call took longer than expected. Furthermore, Dr. Gook still kept his past birthday pictures with Dr. Shim for six years. Once he knew Dr. Shim's secret, he became super curious about Dr. Shim's past and whether she still kept contact with the father of her child.

Speaking of Dr. Shim, she took a long time to confess what I thought since last week: she has a daughter and she is a single mother. I knew Dr. Gook wasn't the father of the child and there's no reason why Dr. Shim should hide the fact if Dr. Gook was indeed the father. By the way, the child actors look amazing in this drama. Dr. Shim's daughter, Ji Min, is really cute and pretty.

Story line-wise, I had a problem believing that Jin Hee would find Chang Min's bag of meningitis notes and medicine in the garbage can one day after he threw them away. I would have thought that the hospital would empty their garbage cans at least once a day, if not every few hours. Also, what are the chances that Chang Min's bag would still be on the top of the garbage pile a day later?

Intern Han Ah Reum (Clara) and Dr. Shim have something in common. Unlike Chang Min, they don't seem to be that jealous toward their loves. Ah Reum saw the kiss mark on Chang Min's coat and continued to be playful with Chang Min. Dr. Shim didn't bat an eye when she saw Dr. Gook try on the jacket Jin Hee gave him. Dr. Shim even said that she is honored to be Dr. Gook's one and only girlfriend and she is happy enough to be by his side. Are these women really mature or do they want to play it cool?

Shockingly, Han Ah Reum is scary when she's mad. She starts spitting out American English with an accent at amazing speeds. I'm not even sure if I can speak English that fast when I'm upset.

While Oh Jin Ae (Jun Soo Jin) believes that, for her, love is not an accident and therefore really pure, I hate the way Han Ah Reum handles her love relationships, especially with unwanted ones. Poor intern Im Young Kyu (Yoon Jong Hoon) had to tear through Ah Reum's brutal honesty as she tells him that mistakes happen and that she still wanted to be friends with him. Anyone can tell, with the huge amount of effort Young Kyu put in, that his confession is clearly not a mistake. I think Young Kyu needs a hug right now. He really fell for the wrong woman.

What do you all think so far? We're halfway through the drama and I'm wondering if there are more major obstacles waiting for us in the second half of the drama. Visit our blogs soon as Zombie Mamma and Tanya have their turn at energetically reviewing this week's drama.

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