Tuesday, April 8, 2014

HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episodes 20-21 (2/4)

Well, as they say "all good things must come to and end." That's now the case for Emergency Couple as its last two episodes aired, but I am left feeling content overall. The struggle of these characters over the past 11 weeks didn't necessarily make sense at first, but once you look past the minor details you can definitely enjoy the storyline. Let's jump into the last two episodes.

I am just going to start off and say that Chang Min and Jin Hee get their happy ending. At least, kind of. We are left with both of them being content to just be together without the pressure of marriage, which I think is a smart move considering their past. They still have a lot to learn about each other and they are both still in the middle of their internship. There is going to be a lot of stress on both of them, so it's good that they will be able to maintain the space they might not have if they were married and living together. After all, it's hard to work and live together.

Which brings me to Young Ae and Sang Hyuk. We were able to see exactly why working together is difficult when you are married through these two. They started the series in-love, however by the last episode they were seriously considering divorce over the baby issue that came up a few episodes ago. Young Ae still stuck by her opinion that she needs to have a career before getting pregnant, especially after that scare, and Sang Hyuk still didn't want to listen. They obviously came to a compromise because at the end they announce that they have decided to work it out and stay married, at least through their internship.

While Dr. Shim and Dr. Gook didn't make significant progress, they came to an understanding. Dr. Shim gets released from the hospital and told to go back to the US. Dr. Gook is of course upset, but Dr. Shim pretty much tells him that until he's ready to completely move on from Jin Hee nothing will ever happen. After seeing Jin Hee with Chang Min, he decides to let go. In another scene, her receives a letter from his father and suddenly decides to rush to the airport to say goodbye to Dr. Shim. He doesn't ask her to stay, but he does tell her to return, which in Drgookinese is close enough.

As far as hospital staff, that leaves us with Yong Kyu and Ah Reum. Yong Kyu does actually leave the hospital to persue music, which is a great adventure. Good luck! Ah Reum finally decides to give him a chance and ends up asking him out on a date. They share kimbap at the Rainbow Bridge and Yong Kyu gets up the nerve to give Ah Reum a kiss on the cheek. Adorable to the end.

Lastly, I just want to say that I am happy that the mother have come to terms that their children are adults. While meeting over tea, they both admit that while the past is hard, the kids can handle it for themselves, and that's exactly the way it should be!

Where you satisfied with the ending to Emergency Couple? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and join Karen tomorrow when she shares her take!

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