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HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episodes 18-19 (2/4)

Sweet-o! I'm really going to miss Emergency Couple after it ends. I feel like we have rolled past all the major obstacles in this show to get to the sweet and fun moments. Remember how depressing the first two episodes were? Fear not, the drama only gets better and I even want some of the stuff featured in this drama.

Contrary to our previous predictions where we thought Jin Hee needed to bare her soul to Chang Min before she can start accepting him, Jin Hee surprisingly matures and apologizes to Chang Min instead of letting out her frustration on him after she recalled their marriage events from Chang Min's point of view. Jin Hee confesses that she cared about her emotions too much and Chang Min surprisingly and calmly listens to her this time. Sweet.

Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) does not try to start a relationship with Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) because he thinks she's pitying him and his circumstances. Jin Hee counters Chang Min by giving Chang Min fortune cookies that state the definition of pity and she mentions how that is not necessarily a bad thing. Jin Hee should get points for not giving up.

Furthermore, Jin Hee cheats and asks Chang Min to listen to her heartbeat with her stethoscope at their staircase hot spot after she ran several flights of stairs to find him just to prove that her heart is beating for him and not someone else. Chang Min had previously advised her to look for a person who makes her heart thump instead. During those staircase moments, I never noticed the cute 3D cat painting that was on the wall. I rechecked episodes two and four of this drama and the 3D cat painting was always there. I want that painting!

When Chang Min was babysitting baby Gook, Jin Hee just let herself into his apartment. Since when did she have the power to come in without keys? The security guard let her in last time, but I guess Chang Min could have had the door unlocked for her this time.

When Chang Min and Jin Hee were admitting their past health problems during their marriage, Jin Hee mentioned that she lost a huge patch of hair on her forehead. I wondered why Chang Min didn't notice that unless he was too preoccupied with himself. I would have noticed the bald spot if I lived with Jin Hee every day.

Baby Gook has horns! So cute! As usual, I'll miss seeing the cutest baby in the world: baby Gook.

Sadly, Im Yong Kyu (Yoon Jong Hoon) is about to give up becoming a doctor. The news hit me from nowhere. I thought he would eventually brush himself off and get back on his feet, but not pursue music all of a sudden. He obviously doesn't have musical talent, but perhaps he can join the business side of the music industry.

I was interested in the game Yong Kyu was looking at on his phone: Monster Taming RPG aka 몬스터 길들이기. I wish I knew more Korean so I could play since the characters are so cute. This game is available as a Kakao application.

Oddly, I found it odd that Yong Kyu was oblivious to what a fortune cookie is when he popped the whole fortune cookie in his mouth: message and all. It is probably because I am American and the fortune cookie is a part of American culture. I asked my Korean husband if Koreans knew what a fortune cookie is and he said that most Koreans are not exposed to fortune cookies so there is a chance that a fortune cookie is unknown to them. After all, Chinese restaurants in the United States promoted and exposed others to the fortune cookie and the fortune cookie is considered a fun, American snack for restaurant patrons. As an aside, many years ago, my husband tried his first fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant in the U.S. and luckily did not put the whole fortune cookie in his mouth like Yong Kyu did since my husband saw other people cracking it open first to read the hidden message inside.

The spark between Yong Kyu and Han Ah Reum (Clara) as their eyes lock on each other was electrifying. I enjoyed the scene except I was concentrating more on Ah Reum's sexy shoes, which I adore. It is really impractical to wear high heel shoes in the hospital, but I guess some gals make it work. As expected, Han Ah Reum really matured up to the point where she tells Chang Min that she realizes that there is no room for her in his life so even though Zombie Mamma, Tanya, and I were against it in the beginning, I guess it's only natural that Ah Reum continues her relationship with Yong Kyu on the condition that she can handle his career change.

I'm not surprised that Ah Reum got hit on by a pervert. I am surprised that it didn't happen more often or at least, that we know of in this drama. Ah Reum's not even wearing sexy clothing, but male patients are perverts anyway. I think Ah Reum should maintain her plan of telling others that she's married.

This week's episodes brought about the right balance between patient story lines and love lines. I really wish every episode was written this way, but it's better late than never. When Chief Gook Chun Soo (Lee Pil Mo) announced that he has to break the tumor after using the rapid freeze procedure, all I can think of is, "Cool!" How much cooler can Dr. Gook get? I love it.

It really sucks that Dr. Gook can get in trouble for coming back to do an emergency operation even though he is suspended from the hospital. I have a feeling Dr. Ahn is not going to let Dr. Gook get away with it until Dr. Gook gets fired.

I felt sad that Dr. Gook didn't even enjoy his little suspension break, but instead, longs to get back to work. I cheered for him when he wrote a postcard to his father. When Dr. Gook was fishing, did he really have a jacket with goggles attached to the hood? I want that (for no reason at all other than that it is unique)! Still, to combat loneliness, Dr. Gook really needs to get a girlfriend before I use Chang Min's definition of pity on Dr. Gook.

It was unfortunate that Dr. Gook got extremely, depressingly drunk because he didn't have the courage to pursue Jin Hee. He even let Jin Hee misunderstand him when Dr. Shim casually mentioned that she and Dr. Gook slept together. Dr. Gook is really terrible in the love department.

I finally get a chance to see Shim Ji Hye lose her cool this week even if it was only in her thoughts. By the way, I love her nightgown. I thought Dr. Shim wanted Dr. Gook to come back to her, but her thoughts are way simpler than that. She wants Dr. Gook to be first and foremost-- happy. Sweet-o.

Lastly, how can I forget cameos? Brown Eyed Girls singer Narsha and actor Kim Kang Hyun (who recently acted in the SBS drama, You Who Came From The Stars) play a married patient couple where Kim Kang Hyun's character cheated on Narsha's character. Indeed, the results were a bit hilarious.

Coming up next, Tanya and I have our weekly chat again about this week's episodes so don't forget to come back to read our thoughts. Our dear partner, Zombie Mamma, is once again off this week. We'll all be back for the exciting drama's finale next week!

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