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HALLYU ZOMBIE DRAMA REVIEW: Emergency Couple Episodes 18-19 (4/4)

Tanya: I think that we have come to the conclusion that this week’s episodes have been the best of the series so far. And about time because we only have one week left!

Karen: As I mentioned in my review, this week’s episodes had the perfect mix of emergency room drama and love drama. It also didn’t hurt that there weren’t too many negative things going on as well. I’m just waiting for that happy ending next week.

Tanya: I really do hope that they all have happy endings… or at least satisfactory endings because not every ending can be happy. We don’t want anyone left in limbo like dramas love to do. So let’s talk about the risque moments this week. There were quite a few actually from the stethoscope scene and the ER patient with his pants down to Jin Hee wearing Chang Min’s shirt and them ending up naked in bed.

Karen: Wow, is this drama trying to push the envelope? Kids, beware. I definitely raised my eyebrows at the stethoscope scene and I’m surprised that was allowed to air. I forgot about actor Kim Kang Hyun who seems to be playing an extension of his character in Unemployed Romance where he plays a sex-obsessed man. Too bad we didn’t get to see the aftermath of his cameo scene in Emergency Couple. While I am not surprised that Jin Hee is wearing Chang Min’s shirt, I am surprised that they end up in bed together. Yikes!

Tanya: What happened to being the knight in Chang Min armor and sleeping on the couch?! I don’t care how much you’ve been drinking. Or put her on the couch before you go to bed. Something. It’ll be interesting to see where that goes at the start of next week. I still don’t understand how they ended up without clothing. They both had it when they passed out…. so what happen?

Karen: I thought that was how the night would go because Chang Min looked so responsible at the time and he didn’t seem to drink that much alcohol before. I think Jin Hee must have tempted him somehow even though she was almost knocked out in bed.

Tanya: Maybe it was all their talk about babies…. drunk and sober. That would be interesting. Don’t you like how they just gave up on justifying why she was in his shirt to Yong Kyu and Kwang Soo? It was hilarious... Especially Yong Kyu’s creeper stare at Jin Hee.

Karen: Yong Kyu was a bit creepy, but maybe he had brotherly instincts. Anyway, it’s not like he didn’t know what was going on. Kwang Soo wasn’t bothered by it at all.

Tanya: He’s not bothered by anything though! After the momentary shock, we got this whatever look and he drank his beer. It was perfect. I want to say I’m proud that Yong Kyu decided to stop being a wimp and made up his mind finally.

Karen: I really don’t buy Yong Kyu’s career change. All I have seen so far are scenes of him putting on headphones and listening to music. He doesn’t play an instrument and he doesn’t seem to sing. He probably means that he wants to get into the management aspect of the business.

Tanya: That we’ve seen anyway. He could be interesting in songwriting or producing. There’s really no way for us to know, but the fact that he has actually made a decision is a step in the right direction. What do you think is going to happen between him and Ah Reum?

Karen: I might be a bit hard for them to meet up regularly, but as long as Ah Reum still enjoys going to clubs on her spare time, I don’t think it would be too hard. Of course, that would give them less time to do normal things like eating out and watching a movie.

Tanya: One of the biggest changes we’ve seen this week was in Chang Min’s mother, Sung Sook. I wasn’t originally buying her change of personality after her husband passing away, but the scene where she wishes Chang Min happiness solidified to me that she really is changing her outlook.

Karen: I’m glad to see Sung Sook mature into an understanding mom now. The fact that she said that she knew everything wouldn’t go her way anyway tells me that she was going to eventually cave in to Chang Min’s wishes. I’m sad for her loss, but I hope she moves on soon and adds Jin Hee back into the family.

Tanya: That’s very, very true. Jin Hee’s mother has also mellowed out a bit but I don’t think it’s nearly as much as Sung Sook. Hopefully she hops on-board this family train and doesn’t cause too many problems. Dr. Shim, man…. That’s all I got. It was difficult? Interesting? I don’t know.

Karen: I really wished that Dr. Shim lashed out at Dr. Gook in real life. How interesting would that be? She has never gotten mad at him as far as we could see and I think Dr. Gook needs a huge wake-up call. Drinking his sorrows away instead of chasing the girl of his dreams is cowardly especially after Chang Min gave Dr. Gook that chance.

Tanya: He did! And I didn’t understand why he didn’t accept the fact that Chang Min was willing to step back. I know that he recognized Jin Hee still has feelings, or at least concern, for Chang Min, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have a chance. He blew it.

Karen: Dr. Gook and Jin Hee seemed boring together. I expected more from them when Jin Hee visited Dr. Gook’s pension house, but I found their conversation a bit dry. On the other hand, Dr. Shim and Dr. Gook’s conversations are always engaging to me.

Tanya: They are definitely a better fit but they have to actually realize that and act upon it. I really hope Dr. Shim leaves and Dr. Gook runs after her.

Karen: The way I see it, Dr. Shim is preparing to go back to the United States and Dr. Gook will be left hanging dry. I just can’t see Dr. Gook getting in Dr. Shim’s way.

Tanya: We’ll have to see… but the guy made progress this week with the postcard to his father, so there is always hope? I’m trying to be optimistic here.

Karen: I think Dr. Gook will go to Africa instead to reconcile with his father first. After a nice long vacation (or will he be volunteering there?), Dr. Gook will then fly to the United States to meet Dr. Shim and her cute daughter.

Tanya: That would be good! The last thing that I want to touch on is the proud moment I had when Young Ae stood up for herself. She’s absolutely right with her statement that she shouldn’t have to put babies first just because she’s a woman. There was a lot of anger feelings towards Sang Hyuk at that point. Just because a woman can be a mom doesn’t mean she has to give up herself for it! His wife wants to have a career. Let her build it, then add babies.

Karen: What I don’t understand is that this couple is still so young. They have plenty of time to think about babies. All of a sudden, Sang Hyuk is obsessed about babies, but he knows that it is very hard to become a doctor so it isn’t reasonable for him to ask Young Ae to skip her internship to have a child for him especially when she is not ready to have a child at this point.

Tanya: And thinking about it practically, he’s still an intern himself. He has a crazy schedule, he doesn’t get much sleep already, AND he wants to add a baby to that madness. If he thinks Young Ae will just takes care of everything on her own while he’s going off to work everyday, he’s wrong. Very wrong. Babies don’t discriminate when it comes to crying and waking you up in the middle of the night.

Karen: Sang Hyuk needs to calm down and think about this issue from a long-term perspective. I think they should both finish their internship and then decide what to do. I hope this couple makes up soon so we can have that good ol’ happy ending with them as well.

What can we expect from the finale of Emergency Couple? Will Chang Min and Jin Hee officially get back together and perhaps have another official marriage? Will Dr. Gook remain forever alone? Let us know what you think and let’s hope for a lot of happy endings!

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