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Wehaiyo Drive: Beautiful Transformation

I am back this week with our Wehaiyo Drive.

I have not been given too much of a break lately, but I hope to continue finding new content for the second half of the summer. I think I need a nice vacation at this point, but with life going at such a fast pace, I might miss the latest dramas and songs in a blink of an eye.

This is why I must keep on blogging and thank you for your support! Let's bring in more views at the Wehaiyo Drives.

This week's Dramas:

1) What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (김비서가 왜 그럴까)

Watch it on: Viki

The finale is here! I cannot believe I have seen the entire drama already, but I can tell already that there seems to be no more conflicts in the story. However, I felt rushed when the ending was so abrupt for our side characters.

Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) and his beloved secretary, Kim Mi So (Park Min Young) get the ultimate happy ending by getting married, which to me, seems to be at warp speed. Poor Young Joon had to propose four times to get Mi So to accept his proposal. I think having a man who wants to get married throughout the drama is a rare sight. I have tried to plan my wedding in six months and even that was not enough time to get everything ready. However, Young Joon is a rich dude, so of course, everything is easier to implement. It is really nice to see this couple go from a strictly working relationship to a married couple.

As for our side couples and characters, I was a bit disappointed. I really thought there would be a more exciting story for them, but everything was rushed.

Lee Sung Yeon (Lee Tae Hwan), Young Joon's brother just quietly disappeared from the story. After he found out the truth, his character stood still and they gave him the direction to just travel the world alone. That seems to be such a sad ending for me, but at least he is healing.

I wanted to see more development with workaholic Go Gwi Nam (Hwang Chansung) and easygoing Kim Jia (Pyo Ye Jin)'s relationship. Go Gwi Nam initially rejected Jia's confession, but I find it hard to believe that he would just make a quick turnaround by suddenly letting go of his financial goals that he had all drama long just to date Jia, and that he perhaps asked Jia to date him at the wedding just to save money on his first date. He made me doubt his intentions. I am not convinced about Gwi Nam's transformation. Realistically, I think Jia may be in trouble as she would not be used to living the frugal life. However, I wish this couple lots of happiness. Can we possible get a spin-off drama of them?

Bong Sera (Hwang Bora) and her "hero," Yang Cheol (Kang Hong Suk) had a sudden, but happy ending when the entire office already knew that they were dating. They were not that discreet, but it was not obvious that everyone knew about their relationship in the drama. I think Hero Yang Cheol is so cute and I will never forget his karaoke scene, which shows his great vocal skills. I think actor Kang Hong Suk must have a theater background. This couple was cute and over exaggerated.

Lastly, I will miss Park Yoo Sik (Kang Ki Young) and his comedic antics. I want to see Kang Ki Young in more roles, please. His expressions throughout the drama are great and he is a great comic relief to Young Joon's serious character. I was a bit disappointed in the way he quickly made up with his ex-wife, but at least he gets a happy ending.

2) My ID is Gangnam Beauty (내 ID는 강남미인)

Watch it on: Dramafever 

Yay! I started a new drama based on a webtoon. When I saw the above five-minute preview video and I was interested, so I saw this drama shortly after Dramafever released episode one. After watching episodes one and two, I have conflicted thoughts as this concerns a subject about low self-esteem and plastic surgery.

I am used to watching power women and aspire to be a powerful woman, but watching Kang Mirae (Im Soo Hyang) go through numerous timid and weak scenes really turned me off. I understand that this could be a real life story, but I do not enjoy watching this type of character. Furthermore, because she thinks she is ugly and a guy in high school reject her confession, she moves ahead with plastic surgery, and shockingly with her mother's support. I do not know what happened in the past, but it seems that having her classmates and her crush reject her is not enough for me to think that she needs to get plastic surgery to resolve her problems. Another problem is that getting plastic surgery is an easy option in Korea and if a person has a shred of doubt about his or her appearance, plastic surgery  offices seem to be right around the corner. Still, I did not expect her mother to go along with it. I agree with her father's reaction after he found out that she has a new face.

It is clear that after surgery, Mirae attends college with a face full of make-up, adding to her insecurity. The make-up actually makes her look older than she is and even her classmates thought that she was an upperclassman. While I am intrigued about her character, I am also disappointed. Sadly, getting plastic surgery did not make a difference because it did nothing for her self-esteem. Even when she is praised, she doubts herself.

In a cliché story setup, our main, male lead, Do Kyung Seok (Cha Eun Woo), is a quiet and beautiful male who has a depressing family background for unknown reasons. I think we are conditioned to feel bad for our main couple, but it seems very unrefreshing.

My prediction is that with both leads having huge flaws, they will learn to love each other and themselves in this beautiful (inside and out) journey.

3) You're Beautiful (미남이시네요)

Watch it on: Dramafever

I honestly did not expect to watch an old drama, but since I did not really finish this one, I decided to start it again, episode one and two, just to pass the time while I am cleaning up at home. I can't believe Park Shin Hye was so much younger in this drama. Furthermore, she played a rare, meek, nun character, which not the type of character I am used to seeing actress Park Shin Hye play when she is known to play a rising, resilient character.

I thought that this scene in episode 2 was very funny. Go Mi Nyeo (played by Park Shin Hye) is trying to act and cross dress as her twin brother Go Mi Nam in order to secure his place in the band, A.N.JELL. As she was in leader Hwang Tae Kyung's (Jang Keun Suk's) forbidden bedroom, she accidentally bumps into his shelf and knocked down all his CDs and such, which activated the remote for the air conditioner, and subsequently, the music sheets started flying around next to a candle from a tray she brought into his room. Finally, Go Mi Nyeo, while still supporting the half-fallen shelf with her body, while in sweat, resorted to spitting into the candle from afar to try to put out the fire on the candle.

When Tae Kyung came out of the bathroom after showering Go Mi Nyeo's puke off his body from the night before, he was enraged to find out the mess Mi Nyeo made in his room. As he was interogating Mi Nyeo, an award statue from the top shelf fell on Mi Nyeo's head and knocked her unconscious. Just as Tae Kyung was checking whether Mi Nyeo is okay with the statue in his hand, the manager and their bandmates walk in on him and assumed the worst.

This week's Music:

This week is full of good, solo music!

1) Jeong Sewoon (정세운) - 20 SOMETHING (Prod. 멜로망스 정동환, 정세운)

Jeong Sewoon's mini album, "Another," is very pleasant. I am become a steady fan of his music. As a participant of Produce 101, Season 2, I was already interested in his work. I recommend listening to the entire album as it was very enjoyable.

Jeong Sewoon's main track, 20 Something, is a song that I felt I knew the meaning of without going to get the translated lyrics. In the chorus, he was asking himself, "What are you thinking? You're 20 something. 20 something (for God's sakes!)." I added the part in parenthesis just to emphasize the feeling.

There will probably be a time for young people to doubt themselves, but they will have to push on because they have their whole life ahead of them. I have already gone through my twenties and from experience, I was the kind of person who was always optimistic, taking various opportunities because I do not know where they will lead. I spent my twenties learning about me and the world like crazy, which is what I wanted to do before I started having children. I even got married in my twenties, which also made me wonder if that was the right thing to do in my twenties as opposed to later on in life. Because of my motivated attitude, I took every opportunities to try new things and experiences. Therefore, I do not regret much in life.

In Sewoon's lyrics, he tried to make everybody, regardless of their age, have the feeling of being in their twenties to overcome their obstacles and not overthink life. I agree. This song is very soothing and a good pick for people who need to recharge their batteries.

2) Chung Ha (청하)  - Love U 

I swear that I am not purposely listening to songs that are from Produce 101 artists. However, when I heard this song, I was immediately drawn to it and wondered the name of the artist. I did not pay attention to Chung Ha in the past because I did not feel that her music stood out, but this one definitely did. Chung Ha has a hit in her hands and she is now on my Wehaiyo Drive radar.

In the lyrics, she is singing about wanting to love someone (Love you) and then the following lyrics end with  이유 (the reason), which rhymes and is so catchy. She does not know the reason, but she wants to love that person.

I am all for it!

3) SEUNGRI - 셋 셀테니 (1, 2, 3!)

Big Bang's Seungri released a surprisingly great song "셋 셀테니 (1, 2, 3!)" (I'll count to three (1, 2, 3!)). Even more surprising is that his spell of a song has hooked me in and made me go to him for my Wehaiyo Drive. I have not liked a Seungri song since "White Love," and now I have another reason to listen to his songs.

The song is about one man's either wishful thinking or amazing confidence that when he counts to three, the women he has interest in will come to him. 

The music video is also very interesting because it was taken in one shot and I really get a Grease and 50s vibe from the video. Yes, Seungri was doing some wishful thinking by the end of the video. There are also bonus bloopers footage, which is also entertaining to watch.

If you do love this song, I also recommend the multilingual version of the song where Seungri goes into Korean, Japanese, Thai, American English, Russian, Spain Spanish, Chinese, French, Arabic, and German. From what I know about Seungri, he really loves learning foreign languages.

That's all I have for now and I will see you next week.

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