Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"I Hear Your Voice" Mini Reviews Exclusively on Dramafever

Wehaiyo! readers who have been reading my “I Hear Your Voice” reviews may know that I also post weekly reviews on Dramafever. I have compiled all the links to my posts in this post for easy access to my mini reviews.

Thanks to those who have been following me and supporting me on Dramafever. I’m sorry that I haven’t posted a recap for “I Hear Your Voice” in a while. Even though my post is all written up, I have yet the time to post my reviews. Believe me; I have so much Wehaiyo! material I need to publish on Wehaiyo! Since the drama is over, I will start posting the rest of my reviews to the other episodes on Wehaiyo! accordingly.

Episodes 1-2
Episodes 3-4 and Wrap-Up
Episodes 5-6
Episodes 7-8
Episodes 9-10 and Wrap-Up
Episodes 11-12
Episodes 13-14
Episodes 15-16 and Wrap-Up
Episodes 17-18 and Q&A

If you want to read more "I Hear Your Voice" reviews, check out more reviews from my Drama Club partners, Jhon and June, only on the Dramafever blog.

If you enjoyed my Dramafever Drama Club mini reviews, please look for my reviews for "Good Doctor" in the future exclusively for the Dramafever blog.

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