Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Recap: I Hear Your Voice - Episode Two

I am back for more of SBS’s Korean drama, “I Hear Your Voice.” I feel like I picked a difficult series to recap since there are a lot of details that I notice in this drama. I personally gave our three main characters some nicknames: Hye Sung; Female Scrooge, Soo Ha; Loverboy, and Kwan Woo; Boy Scout. I don’t have  a name for Seo Do Yeon yet since I haven't figured her out yet.

I am writing weekly episode responses for the Dramafever Drama Club: I Hear Your Voice along with other writers, JH and itsJuneMarie. Check out my thoughts on the first two episodes here: Episode 1-2 review

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Episode two is all about how Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young) begins her career as a public defender (sounds like a super hero name, doesn’t it?). Hye Sung alienates her colleagues and receives her first case involving Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk)’s classmate, Go Sung Bin (Kim Ga Eun).

WARNING: Please do not read if you don’t want to see spoilers. I am reviewing the story as it progresses.

Go Sung Bin (Kim Ga Eun) enters a classroom alone, cheerfully singing. She plops her cosmetic bag on one of the desks and sits down. She takes out her nail polish bottles one by one and begins doing her nail with fancy add-ons as well.  

All of a sudden, she hears a female scream and moves towards the open window sill behind her. Her classmate Double Nose had fallen to the ground and is unconscious. The students gather around and see Sung Bin looking out the window and immediately accused her of being the culprit.

After official public defender reviews are over, Judge Kim Gong Sook (Kim Kwang Kyu) and two other judges are deciding Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young)’s fate. One judge does not recommend Hye Sung as she has the nickname, Twenty Seconds, as that is how long it takes for her to mundanely finish up her court cases with the same dialogue explaining that her defendant is repenting for his or her actions. The other judge, however, sees potential in Hye Sung due to her childhood story. Kim Gong Sook contemplates how to proceed.

Hye Sung is in her neighborhood, checking out a newspaper with her and Cha Kwan Woo on the front page. A huge banner is displayed next to Choon Shim’s business, which is hilariously called, Hye Sung’s Fried Chicken. The banner states that Hye Sung beat the competition 21:1. 

Hye Sung finds that Choon Shim does not stop there since Hye Sung finds flyers announcing the news stuck on building walls as well. Hye Sung finds her mother, who is putting more flyers on the wall.

Choon Shim happily comments that Hye Sung got the public defender position in one try. Hye Sung wonders if she still needs to pay her mother back. Choon Shim turns to her daughter and tells Hye Sung that Hye Sung has a long and difficult road ahead of her. On the contrary, Hye Sung tells her mother that if it was a long and difficult road, Hye Sung would never apply for the public defender position in the first place. Hye Sung values steady monthly wages from the government and government-assigned cases, which means that she doesn’t have to look for clients. To Hye Sung, being a public defender is a comfortable and easy job. She wants to work a few years and then end her career with marriage. Choon Shim proceeds to hit Hye Sung on the head as Choon Shim always does when Hye Sung makes smart aleck comments.

 Hye Sung tells her Choon Shim that she rented an rooftop apartment with two rooms and a bathroom in the fictional Yeonju city where her job is located. Choon Shim wonders if there are any sunbaes (upperclassmen from school) who can help her, but Hye Sung tells her no in annoyance. Oddly, I find that Hye Sung doesn’t have any friends and seems to remain a loner.

Go Sung Bin is now at the prosecutor’s office, refusing to take the situation seriously. The man questioning her tells Sung Bin that she is accused of pushing classmate, Moon Dong Hee, off the fourth floor. Sung Bin may have been jealous that Dong Hee was scouted on the street by an entertainment agency. Sung Bin counters that she didn’t know Dong Hee was there. The reason why she calls her Double Nose is because she has a nose on top of a nose, meaning plastic surgery. I actually like this explanation the best because it makes sense. 

The man tells Sun Bin that her classmates already made signed statements pointing her out as the culprit. Sung Bin angrily counters back with a whirlwind of curses. We now know that Double Nose’s real name is Moon Dong Hee.

Since when do witness testimonies overpower physical evidence? Sung Bin would have to ruin her drying nails and actually struggle with Moon Dong Hee. So, anybody standing next to a fallen person is presumed to be the attempted murderer?

Seo Do Yeon, our final main lead makes her debut. She walks over to Sung Bin and tries to act friendly by putting her hand on Sung Bin’s shoulder. She tells section chief Yang, the man who was questioning Sung Bin, that she will take over the case. 

Sung Bing laughs hysterically that the person who was questioning her all along is merely a section chief.

The first thing I notice on Do Yeon’s desk is the Hollys coffee cup. We will be seeing this coffee a lot more since Hollys coffee is one of the sponsors for this show. I think the coffee cup is eye-catching, but I think for the most part, the coffee is usually sold in Korea.

Do Yeon looks at Sung Bin’s perfect nails. As mentioned, I would have thought that is strange since Sung Bin was supposedly doing her nails when Dong Hee fell out of the window. Sung Bin offers to do Do Yeon’s nails as well, but they are interrupted when sandwiches arrive at the office.

Do Yeon tries to make light conversation by saying that Sung Bin didn’t look someone who would be an attempted murderer. She asks if Sung Bin bullied her classmate. 

Sung Min explains that Dong Hee is called “Double Nose” because she had double-eyelid surgery as well as surgery on her nose. Do Yeon smiles and then asks Sung Bin if Dong Hee laughed. Sung Bin hesitates. 

Do Yeon says that it’s only a joke if the person that is being made fun of also laughs. If the person doesn’t laugh, it becomes---terrorism. Sung Bin becomes serious. What? Terrorism? I think that sounds exaggerated. That’s why I had to look up the word, terror, on Merriam-Webster: . Sung Bin was merely doing what bad classmates usually do: make pranks and make fun of their target. Section chief Yang recognizes Do Yeon’s tactics and tells his colleagues that Do Yeon started cutting to the chase.

Since terrorism is not a joke,  Do Yeon officially starts the paperwork in charging Sung Bin for attempted murder. Sung Bin is given what is the equivalent of her Miranda rights.

At school, familiar classmates are semi-huddled around Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk). Curly-haired classmate, Sung Hoon, urges Soo Ha to take interest in Sung Bin’s case, which is on the newspaper, but Soo Ha is the least bit interested.  

When Sung Hoon shoves the newspaper in front of Soo Ha, Soo notices Hye Sung’s face on the newspaper and becomes wide-eyed. 

Realizing that he finally found Hye Sung after all these years, Soo Ha starts freaking out and thanks Sung Hoon with a hug. Soo Ha dashes out of the classroom.

Classmate Choong Ki and Sung Hoon have no idea why Sung Bin’s downfall is such a happy occasion and why Sung Hoon needed to be thanked. 

Feeling giddy and grinning from ear to ear, Soo Ha runs out of school without a moment to waste. 

Soo Ha  runs on the sidewalk and is almost run over by a motorist, but he quickly apologizes to the motorist. Soo Ha turns back again to cheerfully give the motorist an extra kiss on the helmet. Aw. Wouldn't I love to be that motorist. The motorist didn’t appreciate the gesture though, appearing disgusted and confused. Fidgeting at stop lights, Soo Ha runs to the courthouse, noting that Hye Sung hasn’t changed at all. If only he knew the truth.

In jail, Min Joon Gook is diligently studying the bible. Another inmate comments that Joon Gook will be released from jail next week. Joon Gook revealed that a reverend has some work lined up for Joon Gook after he is released. The inmate takes Joon Gook’s book and wonders if reading the bible would help. He flips the pages to find a newspaper clipping of the Hye Sung and Kwan Woo article and asks Joon Gook about it. Joon Gook tells the inmate that he has a debt to pay to this person.

Hye Sung suddenly wakes up and had a bad dream. I wonder if the Joon Gook sequence was a dream or if it was real. Hye Sung is annoyed that she would dream of Joon Gook on her first day of work. 

As Hye Sung gets ready to go to work, she tries on many outfits and leaves the house looking like the aftermath of a hurricane. Honestly, my home looks just as messy.

Hye Sung is walking to work when Cha Kwan Woo (Yoon Sang Hyun) catches up to her.  This guy is becoming creepy. Kwan Woo tells Hye Sung that he had been calling her since she got off the bus. Hye Sung frankly tells him that he is not her type. 

Kwan Woo clarifies that Hye Sung left her wallet on the bus. Hye Sung denies that such a thing occurred, takes the wallet, and tells Kwan Woo that she will look for the owner. Haha! Her tactics does not faze Kwan Woo since he already checked the I.D. in the wallet and knew it was for Hye Sung. He doesn’t understand why Hye Sung would deny it, but came to the conclusion that the situation was embarrassing for Hye Sung. I think perhaps Hye Sung wants to avoid him. Oddly, I don’t know why she feels the need to be nasty to people. After all, Kwan Woo helped her out.

The more Hye Sung ignores Kwan Woo, the more Kwan Woo tries harder to find relevance in her life. He tries to revive Hye Sung’s memories about him since the day of the interview. As they walk into the office building, Kwan Woo casually recalls that Hye Sung grabbed him by the collar and asked him for the predicted questions. The strangers around them are alerted to their conversation. 

Kwan Woo gives Hye Sung the elevator eyes and checks her out. He says Hye Sung looks familiar, like a celebrity. 

After moments of thinking, Kwan Woo realizes his answer and shouts, “Jolie!” He was referring to Angelina Jolie with big eyes and big lips. 

The strangers turn around to look at Hye Sung and Hye Sung is embarrassed. When the elevator door opens, Hye Sung speaks between her teeth, telling Kwan Woo to lower his voice. Kwan Woo brushes it off because he think there is nothing wrong with a compliment.

Inside the elevator, Kwan Woo wonders how he should address Hye Sung. Should he call her Miss Hye Jung? Lawyer Jang? Kwan Woo shakes his head. Lawyer Jang is homonymic with “stomach poop.” 

Kwan Woo gives Hye Sung two thumbs up and settles on Lawyer Jjang instead, with Jjang translating to “the best!”  Hye Sung is clearly annoyed. This is a huge warning to guys on what not to do to impress a woman.

Kwan Woo believes Hye Sung’s dream is also to become a public defender, but was shy just like when she denied her own wallet. I’m not sure why our main male leads view Hye Sung in such a good light. They each have dreamy and inaccurate impressions of Hye Sung. Kwan Woo follows Hye Sung out of the elevator and guesses that it is also Hye Sung’s dream to work with Shin Sang Duk, a public defender with forty plus years of experience who is Kwan Woo’s role model.

After they turn the bend, Hye Sung lost her patience and blew up at Kwan Woo. She does not look like Angelina Jolie. She didn’t know or want to be placed with Kwan Woo. She doesn’t want to be called lawyer Jjang. She especially didn’t come here for has-been lawyer, Shin Sang Duk, who goes to court with a set of dentures and a hearing aid. He is not her role model.

As soon as Hye Sung finishes her rant, a pair of dentures fall on the floor. An older man and a younger man stare at the couple. Kwan Woo awkwardly tries to confirm if the older man is Shin Sang Duk. Shin Sang Duk (Yoon Joo Sang) affirms and Kwan Woo immediately apologizes to Shin Sang Duk. Hye Sung, however, does not make a move, saying that she did not do anything wrong. Sang Duk smiles and tells Kwan Woo that it was okay and that Hye Sung only spoke the truth. 

Kwan Woo introduces himself and Hye Sung and the young man next to Sang Duk introduces himself as Choi  Yoo Chang (Choi Sung Joon), the clerk. Wow, Choi Sung Joon is handsome, yet he has a stolid, comical expression!

Sang Duk decides to buy everybody coffee as a welcoming gesture. Yoo Chang stays behind to warn Hye Sung that Sang Duk holds grudges for a really long time. Hye Sung doubts whether she will be treated unfairly after this incident.

Everybody in the office is sipping on Hollys coffee except for Hye Sung, who looks at her plastic, tiny coffee cup, probably from a vending machine. 

Sang Duk is sitting at a circular desk next to Kwan Woo, but narrowing his eyes at Hye Sung. I love every single Sang Duk expression in this episode. He is so comical! 

Sang Duk sees Hye Sung struggling to flip pages and reaches over to his desk to give Kwan Woo a sophisticated-looking rubber thumb instead, all while speaking loudly. Kwan Woo is happy for the kind gesture and uses it right away to Hye Sung’s dismay. 

Sang Duk smiles whole-heartedly, feeling proud of himself. His actions and expressions actually reminds me of a cat. Hye Sung frowns and continues flipping pages the good, old-fashioned way, by licking her thumb.

Yoo-Chang receives a phone call that a client is here. I love his expressions. He looks creepy because when he smiles, the rest of his face remains unchanged. Somehow, that makes him cute as well if that is possible. He gives quick directions and gets up to welcome her. The client is Jo Young Sook, a hearing-impaired older woman who is accused of special larceny and special obstruction of justice.  As soon as she comes in, Kwan Woo starts communicating with her in sign language. Sang Duk is impressed with Kwan Woo, who is also learning Braille on the side. 

Kwan Woo hilariously gives Hye Sung dirty looks while appearing enamored with Kwan Woo. Kwan Woo already has more communication skills than Hye Sung. At this time, Go Sung Bin enters the office and Hye Sung takes her first client.

As Hye Sung communicates with Sung Bin, Sang Duk takes note of their progress with dissatisfaction. Actor Yoon Joo Sang is such a funny guy.

Note the comparison when Sang Duk sees how well Kwan Woo is handling his client.

Soo Ha is in the classroom alone when he notices the mirror hanging near the corner of the wall. Soo Ha starts coming up with ways to greet Hye Sung when he meets her including a Noona (older sister) speech, which he finds tacky. He is so adorable and Lee Jong Suk is a natural actor. I love how he flares his nose at the end. Soo Ha is so adorable during this scene, especially when classmates Sung Hoon and Choong Ki stare at him from the classroom door in disbelief and confusion.

Back in the legal office, Hye Sung tries her typical repenting tactic and practically forces Sung Bin to plead guilty to the charges. Unless Sung Bin pleads guilty, Hye Sung tells Sung Bin that she cannot help her nor is Hye Sung receiving a single penny from Sung Bin. Kwan Woo, meanwhile, proudly tells grandma Jo Young Sook that the truth will win in court. Sung Bin concentrates on Kwan Woo’s words, but Hye Sung snaps Sung Bin back to reality. In a nasty fashion, Hye Sung tells Sung Bin to repent and admit to the attempted murder charge. Does Sung Bin want to be in prison eating rice and peas while her friends are eating pizza? Kwan Woo tries to politely meddle and tell Hye Sung that they are a team, but Hye Sung cuts him off and denies that they are a team. What a scrooge.  

Hye Sung quickly tells Sung Bin that she is not responsible for the results. Ugh. I don’t think I can stand much more of Hye Sung’s impolite and selfish character.  Unable to stand the pressure, Sung Bin yells that she is guilty and breaks down in tears. Yoo Chang walks over to her with a box of tissues and a pat on the back.

Hye Sung stay after hours to finish her attorney’s statement while the men of the office walk towards the elevator. Kwan Woo is still disturbed and asks Sang Duk if he was right to question and meddle in Hye Sung’s business. Were they not a team? Sang Duk affirms the statement, but stays silent when Kwan Woo asked if lawyers should trust their client 100%. I think we are beginning to see Kwan Woo’s ultimate flaw and weakness. 

Inside the elevator, Kwan Woo doesn’t understand why Hye Sung doesn’t trust her client. Shouldn’t lawyers trust their defendants 100%? 

Sang Duk says trust can be poisonous, but Kwan Woo maintains that his defendants don’t lie. Even after forty years on the job, Sang Duk admits that he is still unsure about that and Kwan Woo is disturbed by Sang Duk's statement. I think if we put Kwan Woo and Hye Sung’s personalities together, we’d get the ultimate lawyer. They will definitely need what they don’t have in each other.

While looking over the case, Hye Sung gets déjà vu. Sung Bin’s case of denying the charge reminds Hye Sung of what she went through ten years ago.

Soo Ha waits outside the lawyer building for Hye Sung. To pass the time, he takes out his phone to read more about the public defender profession. Public defenders are one percent of the lawyer population. They work for the poor, underaged, mentally disabled clients as well as anybody else who can’t afford a lawyer. Public defenders are the “guardians of human rights.” They do not work for money. Ha! Hye Sung does not fit the role, but Soo Ha believes Hye Sung is such a person, thinking about Hye Sung’s bravest moment while swearing to tell the truth at the witness stand.

Soo Ha catches Hye Sung leaving the building, but she kept walking around the revolving door, deep in thought. Soo Ha decides not to bother her, but reads her thoughts. Hye Sung is trying not to think about Sung Bin’s case, but is still bothered by it. 

Soo Ha discreetly stays behind Hye Sung as she finally leaves the building to catch the bus. Hye Sung falls and Soo Ha catches her. In a daze, Hye Sung thanks Soo Ha, but does not turn around to look at his face. So she is capable of having manners after all or at least half-manners. Soo Ha continues smiling at Hye Sung, but Hye Sung doesn't notice. How could she not notice? The man is in love.

When Hye Sung reaches her neighborhood, she stops, thinking that the streetlights are still not fixed and she would rather take the long way home than to go down a dark path. Soo Ha reads her thoughts and looks at the dark pathway.

Hye Sung walks past her landlord who asks if Hye Sung likes the apartment. Hye Sung sarcastically remarks, “Do you think I would like it?” Geez, Hye Sung is really getting on my nerves. What did the woman ever do to you? Scrooge-syndrome. The landloard rambles on how she kept getting the runaround when she calls to complain about the streetlights. Hye Sung doesn’t bother to listen to the rest and leaves. 

A hilarious, random moment occurs where the landlord’s son comes out and announces that a drama is starting. The landlord freaks out and rushes in to watch it.

Hye Sung enters her home and Soo Ha is on the street watching her like a stalker except he is smiling. And smiling. And smiling. The boy is clearly in love.

Choon-Shim (Kim Hae Suk), Hye Sung's mother, calls Hye Sung and asks how Hye Sung’s first day of work went. Did she meet any love interests? Hye Sung gets annoyed, but sounds depressed. Choon Shim notices immediately and asks if she needs to come over. Hye Sung says she is okay, looks towards the window and says that the lack of streetlights made her uncomfortable since she doesn’t like the darkness. She looks out the window for the second time and is surprised to see the streetlights turned on.  Hye Sung mentions that she has her first court trial the next day. 

After her phone call, Hye Sung walks out to the balcony and sees Soo Ha walking away. Soo Ha turns around and grins before leaving. He is so cute! 

Hye Sung thought that Korea’s civil servants are more reliable than she thought since the problem was solved after work hours.

Proud of himself, Soo Ha walks down to the subway station grinning the whole time. At the subway platform, Soo Ha notices Sung Bin sitting on a bench, clearly upset, but almost ignores her by putting on his headphones. Fortunately, he heard Sung Bin’s suicidal thoughts and yelled across the platform to get Sung Bin’s attention. Sung  Bin thinks nobody is on her side and nobody will believe her. Maybe suicide is the answer. She also wonders if Soo Ha would care that she dies. Soo Ha screams at Sung Bin and asks her to stay right there as he runs up the stairs to get to the other side of the tracks. A subway train pulls closer. Sung Bin moves closer to the edge of the platform and Soo Ha dives to save her in time. They both are on the floor and Sung Bin ends up crying on Soo Ha’s shoulders.

They go to a playground to talk, which I don’t understand. Why do drama characters always go to the playground to talk? Sung Bin wants to know if Soo Ha believes in her and Soo Ha says that he does believe in her. Unconvinced, Sung Bin thinks that Soo Ha is lying, but Soo Ha repeats himself to ease her mind. The next thing Soo Ha wants to know is who Sung Bin’s lawyer is. This lawyer might need a beating if that is what it takes to obtain justice. Worried, Sung Bin tells Soo Ha that her lawyer is Jang Hye Sung. Soo Ha is at a loss for words.

Soo Ha enters his luxurious home and directly goes to his room. Nice home! Who owns it? Does Soo Ha live by himself? He’s only 18 years old. Sung Bin’s words roll through his mind once again. Sung Bin tells him that she will suffer a longer sentence if she doesn’t admit the charge. Soo Ha thinks that there must be some kind of misunderstanding.  His hero would never align herself with injustice.

On court day, Sang Duk is prepping Kwan Woo with last minute questions on how he should act during his court session. Kwan Woo sees Hye Sung go through security and greets Hye Sung by calling her lawyer Jjang. He asks her to come watch his trial if she doesn’t have anything to do. Hye Sung’s trial is in the afternoon.  Kwan Woo wants to show Hye Sung how strong a public defender can be when there is trust. I think Kwan Woo is going overboard. 

When Kwan Woo mentions Hye Sung's name, Sang Duk acts like he was about to get an aneurysm.

Sang Duk ignores Hye Sung, but cheers Kwan Woo on.

During the court hearing, for the special larceny charge, Kwan Woo tries to argue that the defendant Jo Young Sook stole the donation money because of her mother’s hospital bills. The prosecutor frowns and tells the judge that Jo Young Sook’s mother died seven years ago. Kwan Woo looks at Jo Young Sook in disbelief. Jo Young Sook does sign language to tell Kwan Woo that her mother is alive in her heart. For the obstruction of justice charge, Kwan Woo tries to argue that his defendant felt sexual assaulted by police so that is the reason she flung the fruit knife. The prosecutor frowns again and tells the judge that all the police officers are female. Kwan Woo’s mouth hangs open. Jo Young Sook tells does sign language to tell Kwan Woo that although female police officers arrested her, they were as strong as males. Major fail. By the end of the court session, Kwan Woo's hair becomes frazzled. I can’t believe Kwan Woo didn’t look at the facts before his court case. Did he trust his client’s words that much? That’s just stupidity, but hilarious to watch. Hye Sung, who was watching from the gallery, gets up and leaves the courtroom.

Outside, Hye Sung tells Kwan Woo that if she learned anything, it is how dangerous it is to believe in everything a client says. Kwan Woo slouches, sighing in defeat while Hye Sung insults him before leaving Kwan Woo and Sang Duk with her head held up high. Kwan Woo's hair is in all directions.

Sang Duk is upset once again, but does not say anything. Once out of earshot, Kwan Woo tells Sang Duk how poor his client is because she is living in poor conditions. 

Sang Duk tries to put some common sense in Kwan Woo’s head. Are poor people automatically nice people? Are all poor people innocent? What if a guilty poor person comes to Kwan Woo? Kwan Woo does not have any answers and looks at Sang Duk, perplexed.

Soo Ha is at the bus stop, but doesn’t see Sung Bin come out. He is worried that she decided not to show up. Soo Ha calls Sung Bin and Sung Bin answers him on the phone, but is also behind him. Soo Ha doesn’t believe what he sees. Sung Bin had removed her trademark blond hair and dressed like a proper student. She is finally taking her situation seriously.

Prosecutor Seo Do Yeon (Lee Da Hee) walks through the courthouse building. Sang Duk, Kwan Woo, and Hye Sung try to get into the elevator, but it is too full. Sang Duk uses an unwritten rule that the last person entering the elevator has to step off and pushes Hye Sung out. Hye Sung reaches to press the elevator button again, but another finger is also reaching for the elevator button. Hye Sung and Do Yeon lock eyes and they finally meet again. I was wondering why the girls never met again after ten years. I guess it is possible that they went their separate ways.

Both women are shocked. Hye Sung notices Do Yeon is a prosecutor while Do Yeon notices Hye Sung is a public defender. Sung Bin shows up with Soo Ha to establish their connection to each other.

Hye Sung goes to the restroom to make sense of things. She takes out her files and sees that the prosecutor is indeed Seo Do Hyun.  I’m not sure why this is a surprise. Kwan Woo and Hye Sung are true rookies, not studying their cases before going to court.

Hye Sung comes out of the restroom and tells Sung Bin that she wants to chat with her privately. Soo Ha obviously didn’t get the hint and kept following them. Hye Sung wonders who this boy is and Sung Bin explains that Soo Ha is her friend. Hye Sung tells Soo Ha that she needs to speak to Sung Bin privately. They leave with Soo Ha trailing after them. This scene reminds me of when little Soo Ha kept following Hye Sung even after Hye Sung told him to stop following her. It’s in his nature not to listen to her.

Hye Sung tries to give Sung Bin notes on what to say, but changes her mind and tells her to says yes to everything Hye Sung says during the court hearing. Sung Bin refuses and Hye Sung tries to force Sung Bin to admit she is guilty once again. This time, Soo Ha sees that Sung Bin is not lying, that Hye Sung seems to be a corrupt lawyer, forcing Sung Bin to plead guilty when she is really innocent. Sung Bin tells Hye Sung that she will plead innocent, but Hye Sung refuses and says this will reflect badly on Hye Sung. Soo Ha tells Sung Bin to wait for them inside and he hauls Hye Sung away  on his shoulders, caveman style.  

When they are far enough away, Soo Ha puts Hye Sung down and Hye Sung threatens him that his actions were caught on CCTV. Soo Ha tells Hye Sung he is Sung Bin’s classmate and wants Hye Sung to prove Sung Bin’s innocence. He even tells Hye Sung that Sung Bin tried to kill herself yesterday, but Hye Sung doesn’t give Soo Ha a reaction. Hye Sung explains that she cannot prove Sung Bin’s innocence without evidence. Soo Ha boldly tells her that he has evidence. Hye Sung waits for him to speak, but Soo Ha stares at Hye Sung. 

Soo Ha zones in on Hye Sung and decides to show Hye Sung his true power. He reads Hye Sung’s mind and says every word Hye Sung intended to say. Then, tells Hye Sung what she was thinking two more times. Hye Sung moves back in shock. I was shocked myself that Soo Ha decided to tell Hye Sung his power so early in the story. He just met her again and now she knows his secret.

Do Yeon is sitting a desk and looking over the case. I guess she can’t believe she has to face Hye Sung ten years later.

Hye Sung stands far away from Soo Ha. Hye Sung is scared, but Soo Ha tries to explain that he is not a monster and that there are all types of people in this world, but he can read minds. He suddenly gets agitated and tells Hye Sung that he is not an alien, and was born on earth. Incredulously, Hye Sung asks if Soo Ha read her mind again. I didn’t catch this part the first time around, but it was funny. 

Hye Sung tells Soo Ha to stop reading her mind, but Soo Ha tells her that he can’t help it. The trick is that he can read minds when he looks into a person’s eyes.  Hye Sung covers her eyes with her hand, wondering if she should report this and I wonder to whom?  Hye Sung tells him that this is worse than an invasion of privacy. 

Soo Ha says that Hye Sung can lie with her mouth, but she cannot lie with her mind. I love that quote! Still, Hye Sung says she doesn’t have evidence. Even if Soo Ha takes the stand, there is no way to verify his mind-reading abilities as the truth. Soo Ha remembers what happened when he tried to reveal his mind-reading ability ten years ago in the courtroom and it backfired on him. Hye Sung tries to leave when Soo Ha shouts to get her attention. Soo Ha asks Hye Sung if the truth wins in court. Hye Sung says matter-of-factly that Soo Ha has the order all wrong. She says that the truth doesn’t win in court, but what wins in court is the truth. Basically, how the judges view the truth is what wins the court. Hye Sung is unfortunately right, but I wish she didn’t have to break everybody’s heart.

Soo Ha angrily throws out his (or is it Hye Sung’s) journal in the trash after thinking about his vow to protect Hye Sung. He never knew Hye Sung’s true personality so he must be disappointed. He walks away, but returns for the journal.

Hye Sung is back in the bathroom. Again? She tells herself to concentrate on Do Yeon and Do Yeon conveniently appears next to her. They still don’t have anything to say to each other ten years later. Do Yeon follows Hye Sung out and asks Hye Sung whether or not she is going to plead innocence for Sung Bin. Hye Sung tells Do Yeon that her report on Sung Bin barely has any loopholes so it is well written. Who would want to go against that argument? Do Yeon tells Hye Sung to try anyway. There might be something Hye Sung can do about the situation. At this time Park Soo Ha catches up to Hye Sung. Hye Sung thinks Do Yeon’s words are a trap and tells Do Yeon that Hye Sung would not try to embarrass herself in front of her classmate, Do Yeon.  Do Yeon looks at Hye Sung one final time and tells Hye Sung that she really looks like somebody. Hye Sung asks who, but Do Yeon says it’s nothing and walks away.

Hye Sung sees Soo Ha and shields her eyes from him immediately. She suggests that they don’t meet again, but Soo Ha asks her who Do Yeon is and the fireworks incident. He had read Do Yeon’s mind. Suddenly, Hye Sung is very interested in what Do Yeon said and makes him tell her everything.

Hye Sung is once again walking continuously around a revolving door. Judge Kim Gong Sook (Kim Kwang Kyu) and two other judges see Hye Sung. Hye Sung thinks about what Soo Ha said. Do Yeon thinks that Sung Bin’s situation is similar to Hye Sung’s situation ten years ago. The judges recognize Hye Sung and talk about her bad grades and sob story. Hye Sung starts screaming inside the revolving doors and all three judges are alarmed. Hye Sung stomps her feet and vents a mouthful of bad words out loud. Judge Kim defends that Hye Sung looked nice—at the time.

During the court case, Judge Kim and the two judges from before are present. Seo Do Yeon officially charges Sung Bin with attempted murder. Hye Sung notices Sung Bin’s hands shaking. Hye Sung looks at Soo Ha and starts thinking. Surprised, Soo Ha listens to her thoughts. Hye Sung asks him if he is sure that Sung Bin is innocent and if she can trust him. Soo Ha solemnly nods. Judge Kim Gong Sook asks Hye Sung if the defendant accepts the charges. Hye Sung gets up with her prepared file in hand and hesitates. She looks at Do Yeon.  

Tossing her file aside at the last second, Hye Sung firmly states that she denies the charges for Sung Bin. Soo Ha is once again enamored by Hye Sung’s righteousness.

Wow, and we end in the middle of a court case! I’m guessing Soo Ha will help Hye Sung gather the evidence now. I’m glad Hye Sung decided to do the right thing. I really couldn’t stand Hye Sung’s actions, but when she decides to do the right thing, she is awesome. She is still a female scrooge in my heart.

See you all in the next episode!


  1. Hi! Do you know what lipstick brand Jang Hye Sung used on episode 2? Tnx!

    1. Hi Hyekyo, I'm not sure what lipstick brand she was using.