Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Wehaiyo! Drive: Love Flutters

Hello Wehaiyo! Readers,

I do not know if you noticed that I decided to update my blog a bit. I am going to focus more on this blog and try to write and communicate with you all more often. I often think about what I can do with this blog that would suit my readers.

I decided that my Wehaiyo! overall blog will be dedicated to Edutainment (Education plus Entertainment).

I decided to start a weekly series called the Wehaiyo! Drive where I will mention basically the dramas and music that influenced or "drove" my life this week. This could be new or old content.

My husband mentioned to keep my post short. I suppose he is trying to say that I am long-winded. Heh. You have an entire week to read about my Asian Entertainment life. I'll try to make my descriptions short.

This week's Dramas:

1) About Time

Watch it on: Viki

I started this drama this week, episodes 1-4. Usually, I would wait until there were more episodes, but I became more and more curious about the drama. I will continue as Lee Sung Kyung and Lee Sang Yoon's character have an interesting chemistry. It may backfire if Lee Sung Kyung keeps showing up wherever Lee Sang Yoon would be to stalk him, but in this case, we can clearly see he eventually becomes interested in her, so she was lucky that he did not call the police on her. How can anybody hate Lee Sung Kyung? Oh wait, I forgot about Cheese in the Trap where Lee Sung Kyung's character was crazy. Lee Sung Kyung and Lee Sang Yoon's characters fall in love within four episodes and somebody mentioned on the discussion section on Viki with the theory that Lee Sung Kyung's character may be draining Lee Sang Yoon's character's time clock as she gains time on her life clock whenever her heart flutters. I hope not, but then will our main couple die by the end of the drama?

2) Here to Heart

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Wow. I finished 46 episodes. It was a somewhat torturous experience because the ending seemed forced, unrealistic, and unnecessary. Do not read my thoughts if you did not watch the ending yet and do not want me to spoil it. I could not understand the actions of Zhang Han's character. He tries to go through a fake marriage ceremony just to hope that Janine Chang's character would show up to interfere with the wedding ceremony. He was lucky because what if Liang Dawei's character did not show up to break up the wedding to claim his love, Jenny Zhang's character, the bride, back?  It's fine that the wedding was called off, but it was highly unnecessary for him to go into hiding for six months. I know he's rich, but it's unrealistic to cut off relations with everyone and his own company. I know he must have contacted his mother since his mother knew where he was, but he waited 46 episodes and seven years to be with Wen Nuan (Janine Chang). Also, Nanxian (Zhang Han)'s mother suddenly found a voice recording pen from Nanxian's late father that allows her to finally forgive Wen Nuan based on Nanxian's father's wishes. Is this for real? They resolve this big conflict so easily, which could have been resolved at any point in the story. I agree with most viewers that there were too many heartbreaking scenes between our main couple and not enough sweet scenes to show us their undying love for one another.

3) Rich Man, Poor Woman

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It has been a week to start new dramas, and I feel hasty because now I have to wait for each new episode. I saw six episodes over the weekend and now I am stuck waiting for more. Initially, I thought this would be a boring drama because it did not seem as though Suho and Ha Yeon Soo match well as a couple. I also assumed Suho cannot act because of that time when I saw him in pretending to drink beer in an episode of the Happy Together variety show in 2016. 

Suho Drinking Beer Suho Drinking Beer - Happy Together Trusty Young Idols and Actors Special
Suho pretending to drink beer for a beer commercial 

He also did not seem to be too enthusiastic to make a heart sign with Ha Yeon Soo at the Rich Man, Poor Woman press conference.

This Week's Music:

1) NCT 127 - "Chain"

I am feeling crazy here as I probably listened to this song a hundred times. I cannot get sick of it. It took me a few listening rounds to realize that this is a Japanese song. I heard the word 今 or "ima," which means "now" in Japanese mentioned in the lyrics every now and then. There are quite a lot of English lyrics mixed in. Also, I would like to extend a big congratulations to NCT 127 for topping the Oricon chart at number one on 23-MAY-2018. I hope this achievement starts a "chain" reaction to even more success.

2) Pentagon - "Shine"

I know this is not a new song, but I started listening to it again and got hooked on the entire song. I am not too familiar with Pentagon, but I am really digging the song. When they were promoting, I was too lazy to look up the "찌질이 찌질이" (Jjijiri Jjijiri) part and what it meant, so I spent a while wondering what they were talking about, but it sounded interesting. I thought they were going dizzy with love, but the word actually means "loser." After checking the song translation, I am hooked once more on replying this song several times a day.

3) The East Light - "Love Flutters" 

How can anybody not like The East Light? Their songs are so bubbly, light, and fun. I seem to have a "lover flutters" theme this week. As soon as this song was published on Youtube on 24-MAY-2018, I was replaying this song whenever I had a chance. I even sent it to my husband and he likes The East Light too! I want to reserve my summer time for The East Light.

Thanks for reading about what drives my life this week. I hope you enjoyed reading the post and I wish you all a great week too. Please let me know what makes your heart flutter this week.

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