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HK Song Spotlight: 緣定今生 (Fate Determined This Life) by Amy Chan (陳秀雯) and Eric Mak (麥子杰)

Hong Kong actress and singer, Amy Chan, starred in numerous television dramas and even participated in the soundtracks for her TV series. Known for her television roles as a pure, feminine, caring, and sacrificial female, Amy also has a semi-hidden singing talent and typically releases her soundtrack songs in her albums. I actually bought her memorable 1995 album, 女人背 Behind All Women, in cassette form back in the 90s. Because of my passion for Amy Chan, I decided to translate one of her songs. In this case, I choose a sweet duet called, “Fate Determined This Life” sung by 陳秀雯 Amy Chan and 麥子杰 Eric Mak. Those who have seen one of Amy Chan’s famous 1996 ATV channel series titled, 《再見艶陽天》 or “The Good Old Days” might remember this song as it was an “interlude” song for the TV series.

I don’t know much about Eric Mak and it was difficult to find a lot of info on him, but from what I see from one of Amy Chan’s concerts, they act like they are very good friends. I love Eric’s voice as well and I wish I knew more about him.

The song, 緣定今, is such an uplifting song with a beautiful and relaxing melody. I can easily listen to this song over and over again. My favorite lyrics are:

碎花紛飛 (Broken Flowers swirl in the air)

As soon as Amy starts off the song, my heart swells up in emotions. Combining her sweet voice with the image of broken flower petals swirling in the air gives me a powerful, sweet, and sad emotion. The lyric really sets the mood for the song.

My other favorite part is:

緣訂今生(Fate determined this life)

This lyric is really drilled in my head. Everything is determined by fate including your soul mate. The words are such a romantic idea that I can imagine what an exciting life to have your romantic fate destined. I start imagining the love story formula for almost every single TVB drama. Man and woman meet. Man and woman fight. Man and woman learn to appreciate each other. Man and woman fall in love. It’s a hate/love relationship, but destiny will always tie them together.

This lyric made me second-guess the whole song:
前望愛漸結果 (Looking forward, love's gradual result)
多麼([is] so pitifully beautiful)

There aren’t many indications that this song is sad except for the first lyric, which describes petals flying in the wind. I guess the lyricist wanted to go back to the original mood where even though a scene is sad, it is also sad in such a beautiful way. The lyricist didn’t have to say “pitifully beautiful” and that last line really makes me think about the possibilities that love is great, yet sad at the same time. For an extra dose of sadness, the second half of the chorus is repeated again with minimal music to reinforce the mood.

With all this in mind, enjoy the song!

Sorry for the long intro in the video. The song starts at 2:09.


作詞/Composed by: 楊紹鴻 
作曲/Arranged by: 陳子鴻


:碎花紛飛 (F: Broken Flowers swirl in the air)
如行隨影ㄧ切也為你 ([how it] moves, following traces, all [of it is] also for you)
盡訴心意再這地 (completely telling the heart’s thoughts [at] this place again)

幸運是我這豔陽來的細膩 (Lucky is I, [that] this beautiful, sun came exquisitely)
願快樂快些趕走痛悲 (Wish happiness [would] hurry up more [in order to] drive out pains and sorrows)

: 碎花紛飛 (M: Broken Flowers swirl in the air)
柔情如妳ㄧ切也是美 (Tender feelings like you-  all [of it is] also beautiful)
共你分享是趣味 (Sharing [it] together [with] you is interesting)

就讓俗世裡妳是唯ㄧ知己 (Let [us] assume within [the] secular world [that] you are [the] only intimate friend)
讓美麗記起心祇得你 (Allowing beautiful recollections, [in my] heart, [there’s] only you)

:緣訂今生(T: Fate determined this life)
真心不會分離 ([A] true heart will not separate)
命運給我  (Destiny for me)
好比ㄧ齣好戲 ([Is] very much compared [to a] good film)
緣份是我與你 (Fate is you and me)
同渡每日每天千億世紀 (Together passing through every day, every day, [a] thousand, [a] one-hundred million centuries)

在這ㄧ生 (In this life:)
精彩得太新奇 (Brilliantly too strange and odd)
大地給我 (Mother Earth gives me)
呼吸清新空氣 ([a] Breath [of] fresh and clean air)
留下讓愛永記 (Leaving behind love [that’s] always remembered)
前望愛漸結果 (Looking forward, love's gradual result)
多麼美 ([is] so pitifully beautiful)


:在這ㄧ生 (F: In this life:)
精彩得太新奇 (Brilliantly too strange and odd)
大地給我 (Mother Earth gives me)
呼吸清新空氣 ([a] Breath [of] fresh and clean air)
:留下讓愛永記 (T: Leaving behind love [that’s] always remembered)
前望愛漸結果 (Looking forward, love's gradual result)
多麼美 ([is] so pitifully beautiful)


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